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My 2015 Fall Home Tour

Welcome to our 2015 Fall Home Tour!

I finally finished crafting, repurposing and upcycling my fall décor! Whew! Fall décor will adorn our home until after Thanksgiving so I’m telling myself it’s fine that I  finished decorating before November.

There are quite a few ‘new’ additions this year as a result of my Frugal Fall Décor Collection.

Our tour will cover the kitchen, living room, dining room and den. Let’s begin in the kitchen, come on in.


Fall home tour 2015. Tablescape.intelligentdomestications.com

This is our kitchen table where we eat most of our meals.

The dishes are part of my vintage Avon Cape Cod collection.

The floral dessert plates are part of a collection I’ve been working on for years. They remind me of a set of Dime store dishes my mother had when I was a small child.

For the centerpiece, I filled an antique dough bowl with faux fruits, corn and pinecones, keeping it simple.

The plaid napkins are favorites of mine which have never been used for their intended purpose because I love them so much in décor. 

I picked up the glass amber leaf dishes from a thrift sale. I thought they would be great to use as butter dishes.

The leaf imprint rust color tablecloth was an after season clearance find.

All of the elements are part of a collection or have been thrifted for many years, nothing new. Use what you have is the common thread in my Frugal Fall Décor this year.

Fall home tour 2015.Kitchen decor 1.intelligentdomestications.com

My vintage Thanksgiving round metal tray is a personal favorite among my fall décor. It’s always going to make an appearance somewhere in the kitchen or dining room.  Our turkey gravy boat is too fun to only use for the real deal. Truthfully, he has never served gravy!

The elements of the candle were rounded up and include the vase, candle, popping corn and the wooden stand it sits on. I finished off the rustic look with jute twine.

Fall home tour 2015.Kitchen decor Cookbooks.intelligentdomestications.com

Cookbooks are a fun addition to any fall kitchen décor especially when you select books related to the season. Don’t be distracted by the candy in the glass pumpkin! We love to spoil our grandchildren. Yep, that’s who gets all the candy.

Fall home tour 2015.Kitchen decor 2.intelligentdomestications.com

Obviously I like to incorporate books from my collection in the fall kitchen décor. My favorite cookbooks are vintage which tend to have hard to find recipes and cooking tips.

The cute little Tiffany impersonator lamp was my Mom’s and I think it creates such a cozy glow nestled next to the vintage Mason and Le Parfait jars. The jars are home for butterscotch hard candies, suckers, almost all gone instant cappuccino, and peppermint candies.

What would fall be without Brazil nuts? They bring back fond childhood memories for me plus we love eating them!

Living Room

Fall home tour 2015.Bar decor.intelligentdomestications.com

The bar between the kitchen and living room has always been a coveted dining spot for the grandchildren. These cute pumpkin and sunflower placemats are perfect for the space. One of my favorite things is cloth napkins, I just love them! I really like folding them into fun shapes too. Those you see here actually match the tablecloth on the kitchen table where I chose to use plaid napkins instead. The cute pumpkin is a ceramic addition we picked up on vacation in the Smoky mountains last year.

Fall home tour 2015.Framed fall print.intelligentdomestications.com

A free Autumn printable from Pinterest, here found it’s way into our Frugal Fall Décor this year! Notice the Scentsy warmer above the frame. I absolutely love to burn Scentsy Pumpkin Marshmallow this time of year. This vignette sits next to the pumpkin placemats on the bar.

Fall decor.intelligentdomestications.com

I made this pair of paisley pumpkins last year when I was first learning to sew. Ceramic leaf dishes are among my favorite fall décor items. They simply must hold some candy, right? My baby girl found the Thanksgiving story book among our children’s books and insisted it be on display to remind us of our American history. 

Plaid coasters upcycled from button up shirt.intelligentdomestications.com

The marble top end tables were inherited from my parents. Mom purchased them new so many years ago. I know they have dings and scratches but I love them just as they are right now. Our plaid coasters came from my Upcycle Plaid Shirts project, part of my Frugal Fall Décor Collection.  Our little wagon is another thrift find filled with faux fall leaves also thrifted. Last year’s Thanksgiving issue from Southern Living is simply a must have addition to our usual roosting place!

Fall Decor on the book cabinet.Fall home tour 2015.intelligentdomestications.com

Our Scarecrow Centerpiece was a Dollar Store project I shared on the blog last year. He really enjoys sitting atop the burlap covered curio cabinet nestled amongst the Pothos.

Velvet Pumpkins Table Decor at intelligentdomestications.com

I’m in love with Velvet Pumpkins! I will be making more. They are really easy to make and you can find my tutorial HERE. They are also part of my Frugal Fall Décor Collection. My ‘new’ Velvet Pumpkins are spilling out of the horn-of-plenty on the dining room table.


Cozy Throw Pillows from upcycled plaid shirts.intelligentdomestications.com

Another new addition this year from my Frugal Fall Décor Collection is my Plaid Button up Shirt Envelope Pillow Covers.  These are a really fun and frugal repurpose project. Plaid button up shirts are no longer safe around me!

Upcycle plaid shirt sleeve into placemat.intelligentdomestications.com

Would you believe I created this cozy end table placemat from the sleeves of one of the plaid shirts? Go HERE to see the tutorial. It matches one of the cute envelope pillow covers.

Sofa arm cover upcycled from button up plaid shirt.intelligentdomestications.com

We have two cats who love perching on the arms of the sofa. It was an aha moment when I realized I could make sofa arm covers as part of the Frugal Fall Décor collection while upcycling the plaid shirts. I love having matching accessories to the plaid envelope pillow covers.

Cornucopia Wreath 2015.intelligentdomestications.com

Our ‘new’ Cornucopia Wreath is hanging over the mirror over the fireplace in the den. I repurposed most of my fall faux fruit into the wreath. Find all the details here. It’s an easy repurpose and Dollar store craft project.

Fall home tour 2015. Mantlescape.intelligentdomestications.com

Our fireplace décor and mantlescape is all part of this year’s Frugal Fall Décor Collection. The DIY No Sew Banner tutorial can be found here. The Dollar Store Copper vases and the Mod Podge napkin vase tutorials can all be found here in my Mod Podge & Heat Bond post.

The velvet pumpkin is perched atop a matching copper blanket on the vintage ladder back chair.  The basket is overstuffed with purple plush blankets. Another vintage Mason jar holds a bouquet of fall flowers.

Fall home tour 2015. Den.intelligentdomestications.com

I shared our Home Remodel project recently which you can find here. We replaced all of the flooring in our home and repainted the interior. The den used to be a decorator red color. I do not miss those red walls!

Our Fall Home Tour 2015.intelligentdomestications.com

Thank you for stopping by for a peek at our 2015 Fall Home Tour. We would be terrible hosts if we didn’t share a treat before you leave. Find our Santa’s Candy Sleigh treats here!

Find tons more ideas for a fun and cozy fall at my Fall Frolics, Food & Fun Board

  Follow intelligent domestications’s board Fall Frolics, Food and Fun on Pinterest.

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. Shirley, your home looks lovely with all of your autumn decor elements. It’s so full of warmth and looks so inviting. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday and showing us all lots of inspiration! Pinned and Tweeted.

  2. Hi, Shirley ~ Your home looks so lovely and festive! I love that your daughter found that Thanksgiving book! I have a vintage “First Thanksgiving” book, and it’s one of my favorite items to put out each year. I also love those shirt pillows. So cute!

  3. I love how it all came together and you were frugal too. I am all about repurposing and reusing items found or already owned. It’s a big job. Well done!

  4. I always love seeing ways to make a home seasonal and cozy using what is at hand and you’ve accomplished that so well ! Had to laugh at your comment about plaid flannel shirts not being safe around you.

  5. Hello Shirley,
    What a wonderful and cozy home you have created! Love the books used in your decor. I adore your velvet pumpkins and the button up shirt pillows are adorable! So glad you shared with No Place Like Home! Have a lovely first week of November.

    Autumn blessings,

  6. I’m IN LOVE with the pillow covers and I’m thinking you should make some for me. 🙂 They are awesome. I love decorating for fall and your home is beautiful! Thanks for inviting us in for a tour. Now, about those pillow covers . . .

  7. My favorite saved to Pinterest tugs at my heart for a special reason: I still after 2 years am holding onto some of my husband’s [of 54 yrs] personal belongings waiting for the perfect repurposing idea…This is it! We will have a few of Pop’s shirts turned into used/displayed decorative pillows. Thanks!

    1. I had fun making those pillow covers! I will probably do a few more when I ever have time. I do love those vintage cookbooks and never get tired of reading the recipes in them! Thank you Amanda.

  8. So beautiful! I don’t think I have ever seen a tour of your home. I love it and all the frugal pieces. Wow, just stunning. Love the mantle, too!

    1. Thank you Zan. It’s my first time sharing a home tour. I guess I was feeling brave! I will admit to being quite nervous about it. We’ve been in our home for almost 16 years now and we love it. It’s not a big house, no bricks, no close neighbors, nothing fancy. We’re out in the country away from everyone and don’t even know our neighbors, can’t see them. We don’t really decorate the outside at all, no one would see it but us, LoL. Thanks so much for your kind words.

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