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How To Build The Ultimate Indoor Fort

Build a Box Fort or Indoor Cardboard Playhouse for indoor play. Hours of entertainment if it is a rainy day, cold day, or too hot to go outside.

How To Build The Ultimate Indoor Fort for indoor play. Rainy day fun inside. Save that big appliance box and make an indoor box fort for the kids. #boxfort #cardboardplayhouse

What could be better for cozy indoor play than building a fort with blankets, pillows, and chairs? Building the Ultimate Indoor Box Fort is even better.

Our Cardboard Box Fort is placed next to the dining table which has been covered with sheets to create that super fun indoor fort all children enjoy making. 

We draped the sheets as shown above on the table and used two clothespins to create an opening for the children to crawl under the table. 

Why Build A Box Fort?

It encourages pretend play!

A box playhouse generates indoor creative play on rainy days, cold winter days or blistering hot days. 

Because it is fun! Expect the children to want you to crawl in there with them. By cushioning the floor with blankets and adding a couple of pillows for comfort, your children will want to stay in the personal space for hours! 

Ways To Add Lights!

Get out a few strings of your white Christmas lights and put that Duck Tape to use under the dining table. The tape comes back off easily.


Battery Operated Lanterns.

Small Lamp.

Once you add the lights, the kids will stay under there for hours! 

How To Build The Ultimate Indoor Fort for indoor play. Rainy day fun inside. Save that big appliance box and make an indoor box fort for the kids. #boxfort #cardboardplayhouse

What Goes Inside The Indoor Fort

Books, board games, baby dolls, action figures, coloring books and crayons, Etch-A-Sketch, puzzles, pillows, blankets, bean bag chair, flashlights, snacks, and most anything your child enjoys doing in their quiet time.

Printable Instructions Below

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How To Build The Ultimate Indoor Fort for indoor play. Rainy day fun inside. Save that big appliance box and make an indoor box fort for the kids. #boxfort #cardboardplayhouse

How To Build The Ultimate Indoor Fort

Yield: One Bodacious Indoor Box Fort
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours 10 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate

Create hours of indoor play time using a box, craft paper and some tape. Add pillows, blankets and books then hope the kiddos fall asleep while they are playing.


  • One large box (we grabbed this at Home Depot, under $2)
  • Blankets
  • Sheets
  • Pillows
  • Duck Tape
  • Colorful craft paper
  • Decorative Thumb Tacks or Double sided tape
  • Decorative Drawer pull set
  • Decorative fabric


  • Box cutter or sharp knife
  • Straight edge such as a yard stick
  • Pencil


  1. Cut the box apart at one side seem so that you can open it out into one big piece.
  2. Turn the box inside out so the words on now on the inside.
  3. Cut off 2 of the box top flaps from the bottom of the box and set them aside. These will form the roof eve.
  4. Tape the remaining two flaps together. These will form the floor. We didn’t remove these also because they help maintain the integrity of the structure.
  5. Now tape that open side seam together.
  7. Use the flaps at the other end of the box to make the pitched roof. Using a straight edge like a yard stick, draw an angle as shown in Step 1. Cut along the lines to remove the excess.
  8. Now fold the side flaps up and use the Duck tape as shown to tape them to the pointed piece in the front and back.
  9. Those 2 flaps you cut from the bottom of the box are used now to close the top of the roof. Lay them out side by side and tape them together as shown in Step 3.
  10. Now add those 2 flaps you just taped together to the very top of the roof and tape them into place.
  12. Using a pencil and the straight edge, draw three lines to create a top, bottom and side which will become the door. Leave a couple inches at the bottom of the door uncut to create support for the structure.
  13. Now cut the door open along your lines using the box cutter.
  14. Cut a back door which will not be decorated. This is the access point for the children to get under the dining table after they enter the front door. If you will not be placing your Box Playhouse next to the table, do not cut a back door.
  16. Tape or pin whole sheets of pretty craft paper onto the roof. Overlap or layer to make them fit. You can trim where necessary as well.
  17. Our front door is covered with fabric which we happened to have on hand. It is attached with tape. You can use decorative craft paper or whatever you have on hand.
  18. We also had in our stash a decorative knob which was used to create a door handle.
  19. The sewing room is a wealth of supplies so we raided some Tulle and piping to add trim.
  20. All Done! Time to play!


Use what you have on hand for decorating the outside of your new Cardboard Box Playhouse.

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How To Build The Ultimate Indoor Fort for indoor play. Rainy day fun inside. Save that big appliance box and make an indoor box fort for the kids. #boxfort #cardboardplayhouse

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Updated 11/06/2021

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  1. Oh this is so cute! I am going to have to snag this and make it with the little ones that I watch during the week.
    They would love it if we created their very own fort.
    Too much fun!

  2. What a great idea. My kids would love a fort like this in the house! Especially my boys who try to make them all the time out of short blankets and they fall apart so quick!

  3. What a super cute and easy to make indoor fort! My kids love to make forts inside and this one looks awesome. The kids can also get involved and help which is awesome.

  4. Looks like you found the perfect detergent for your family! I really think this is a fun craft that the kids will absolutely love. I should do this for my daughter, I’m sure she’ll go crazy over it!

  5. I should have saved my moving boxes and done something like this. It’s funny how the boxes and bubble wrap are often more of a hit than the actual gift during holidays and birthdays.

  6. Thanks so much for visiting!!
    What a cute play time idea!! I remember using a folding card table with a sheet over it that I made ( a Fort) for my son’s when they were young…..

  7. Wow! This is a pretty great fort! I bet the boys would love something like this…that is before they decide the fort should be moved or otherwise destroyed! Being a mom of boys sometimes is hard because doing neat things like this end up being something else lol

    1. Oh I understand. We have 5 grandchildren, four of them are boys. They love indoor forts. This one is mobile, it can easily be moved to sit in front of the table, a card table, some chairs or whatever. Just be sure to check out the all free clear detergent for nice clean fort blankets!

  8. Forts are seriously the best! I love that you didn’t spend a fortune on something but used creativity on this. I’m sure kids will have an awesome time in that fort. I made one when my kids were little that was a spaceship. They loved it!

    1. You can’t beat $2 for fun which will last through the winter months and lots of rainy days. It can be moved easily also. I bet the spaceship still brings fond memories!

  9. You are always so creative when it comes to building stuff. I know my kids would love something like this – what kids doesn’t? They are always taking all our blankets and creating forts but you took it a step farther. Love! And yes, All Free and Clear is one of our top buys for our kids sake!!

    1. Yes, Zan I’m sure your three little one’s would love an ultimate indoor fort, especially once the snow starts to fall and outdoor play is less. I’d love to see your creation too! all free clear has been our detergent for many years now, love it.

  10. How cute, I think kids can have more fun in a box than they can with a toy. My son waited patiently for a stove box one time to make a fort from. How fun!

  11. This sure is the ultimate indoor fort! My grandkids would have hours of fun hanging out in this cool fort. Cardboard boxes are the stuff when it comes to entertaining kids. What a fun project to work on with the kids!

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