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How To Make A Pumpkin Topiary

How To Make A Pumpkin Topiary using Dollar Store pumpkins. My new Pumpkin Topiary set matches my fall garland and is a perfect fit for the fall mantle.

How To Make Your Own Pumpkin Topiary for mantle decor. DIY Dollar Store Pumpkin Topiary tutorial

I made a set of Two Pumpkin Topiaries for my fall mantle décor. Have you seen the price of Topiaries? This is my third set of DIY Topiaries this year! All of mine are dollar store projects! Cha ching, I love saving money! The first two sets are Mini but my Pumpkin Topiaries are full size.

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Supplies for Pumpkin Topiary

All of the pumpkins were purchased at the dollar store. Each topiary is made up of four pumpkins in graduated sizes. Click the links (affiliate) to see the actual product I used where links are available.

Crafting home decor is so fun so let’s get started!


Add Texture

I am sure you have seen those bright orange Styrofoam pumpkins at the dollar store. They are just begging for a makeover! 

They have a seam down the middle which I hate. For this project I decided to cover them with paper towels using Mod Podge not only to cover the seam but to create texture as well.

Normally you want to peel the layers apart when decoupaging with napkins or paper towels. In this case I did not do that because I wanted the double thickness. I knew I would be painting them and feel confident the paper towels won’t peel off.

Add the paper towels to the pumpkin using Mod Podge as you go to create a layer of texture to the outside of the pumpkin.

Painting the pumpkins

Each pumpkin got two coats of chalk paint for good coverage. The bigger pumpkins were painted white first as a primer. It takes some effort to hide that bright orange. Experience is the best teacher and because I have made over these same dollar store pumpkins before, I know that orange will bleed through.

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I love those DecoArt Chalky paint colors! Heritage is the orange color which is gorgeous for pumpkins and Timeless is the creamy color. See the affiliate links in the Supplies list to view the products.

The large Styrofoam pumpkins which create the bottom of the topiary were painted with a two base coats of the Heritage and then a top coat of the Bronze Age Metallic.

Pumpkin Stems

How To Make Your Own Pumpkin Topiary for mantle decor. DIY Dollar Store Pumpkin Topiary tutorial #pumpkins #falldecor #fallmantle #pumpkintopiary #topiary #stackedpumpkins

Leave the stems on while painting because you can use the stem to hold the pumpkin. You will remove the stems for stacking the pumpkins. They pull out very easily.

Do not remove the stems from the two smallest pumpkins which will be the top of the topiary. Cover those with jute using hot glue. Aren’t those tiny pumpkins just adorable with the Heritage paint and a jute stem! 

Stacking the pumpkins

How To Make Your Own Pumpkin Topiary for mantle decor. DIY Dollar Store Pumpkin Topiary tutorial #pumpkins #falldecor #fallmantle #pumpkintopiary #topiary #stackedpumpkins

After all the paint was dry I turned on my hot glue gun and played with stacking the pumpkins until I was satisfied with how they would fit. Each one has a few drops of hot glue to attach them all together.

I love the way the Heritage paint shows through the shimmer of the Bronze!

The gold glitter pumpkin is the only one I did not paint. I selected it mostly because of the size as it would fit with my topiary. I was pleasantly surprised it blended well matching the yellows and golds on my mantle garland.

Adding the Berries

How To Make Your Own Pumpkin Topiary for mantle decor. DIY Dollar Store Pumpkin Topiary tutorial #pumpkins #falldecor #fallmantle #pumpkintopiary #topiary #stackedpumpkins

The last step is adding the berries. The Fall Berry stems are wired and very bendable. Use wire cutters to take the stems apart. Then fit the correct size in between each layer of pumpkins and use hot glue on the back side to hold it into place. I made sure to add the hot glue on the back side of the topiary.

All done and a perfect fit for my Fall Mantle this year! They match well with the garland we found at Hobby Lobby last year. 

Our home was built in 2007 and the mantle is huge which was the style at the time. It is a challenge to decorate but it’s one I enjoy! There will probably be more topiaries in the future. They are fun to make! 

My new Pumpkin Topiaries are sitting atop a candle holder we found for half price at Hobby Lobby. I just cannot pay full price for anything and I love crafting my own decor! 

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Thank you for sharing!

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  1. Shirley, A Pumpkin Topiary is a great way to use those Dollar Store pumpkins. They look beautiful on your fall mantel decor. I like to use candle holders to display decor items too. Great way to meet the Dollar Store Craft Challenge! Pinning

    1. Thank you Laurie. The mantle has a little more decor coming. It’s the old style with the giant opening for those old big televisions. I plan to fill the inside with pumpkins on candlesticks.

  2. I love how these turned out, Shirley. Using the paper towel for texture was a great idea. I just bought items to make a topiary yesterday. They are fun to make and using dollar store pumpkins is the way to go. Pinning to my fall decor board.

  3. You’ve become an expert at making topiaries, Shirley! They are all so lovely, but I think I like the pumpkin ones best! I love the idea of placing them on your candle holders. They add a unique and wonderful fall look to your decor!

  4. How pretty! Thank you for the tip on mod-podging (is that word?) the paper towels to the pumpkin. That adds a lovely texture the large ones. Your mantle looks beautiful! pinning -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Thank you Marci. I’m sure the good folks at Mod Podge would love for us to make their name into a verb. It is actually decoupage but Mod Podge is the most commonly used product. Decoupage is so fun to do! You have to try!

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