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Teal and Orange Fall Tablescape

This year I went with a teal and orange fall tablescape. The place settings are simple.

A simple fall tablescape celebrates the Autumn season with pumpkins and acorns in fun colors.

Teal pumpkins. Fall Tablescape

I paired the traditional colors of Autumn with teal and shades of orange for a vibrant color scheme in this year’s Fall Tablescape in my dining room.

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How to create a cozy Autumn feel

Creating beautiful fall tablescapes is a great way to give your home that cozy Autumn feel that adds so much fun to the season. The dining room is a nice focal point of the home for family gatherings. Decorating the dining room with fall touches is a nice way to make everyone feel happy as we transition from the end of summer.

While I love traditional fall colors and feel like they give a classic look, I wanted to use teal in my dining room for this year’s fall season.

We had our dining room painted back in the spring from a dark and dreary brownish color to a bright cheerful vibrant shade of teal. Some folks might call it turquoise. I love it because it gives the dining room a happy feeling.

So I wanted to do something completely different this year and to create a beautiful tablescape with non-traditional fall colors.

Teal and Orange Autumn Tablescape

Layering the table decorations

A beautiful tablescape is layered beginning with the tablecloth. Because my color scheme for my dining room fall decorations is teal, cream, and orange, I decided to anchor the table with a cream-colored tablecloth.

My tablecloth is a washable fabric with a common pattern so it can be used any time of the year.

I found the teal velvet scrunched fabric used in the center of the table in the Hobby Lobby sewing department on sale. You will see below that I used a matching piece for my side table as well.

simple white porcelain pumpkin centerpiece


I wanted to use white pumpkins in my fall table setting but I also wanted to use orange pumpkins.

My final decision was to decorate my sideboard using traditional orange pumpkins, as you will see below, and use my ceramic white pumpkin as the fall centerpiece this year. The cream color ceramic pumpkin pulls together the center of the table with the salad plate and the tablecloth for a cohesive look.

Wood slices, burlap cut-out fall leaves, faux acorns, and battery-operated candles also complete decorations in the middle of the table.

My ceramic light up pumpkin came from here.

Place Setting

I knew I wanted to use simple place settings with cream and orange colors incorporated. It is fun to see what I already have and how I can use it differently.

The simple woven placemat is always a good option to anchor a plate stack. You can find these on Amazon, right here, in just about any color you can imagine.

Hobby Lobby is the best place I have found to buy charger plates. Their prices are less than anywhere else I have looked and there is always a good variety. So I picked up four of the burnt orange ones for this table and I love them on the bottom of this simple plate stack.

My napkin rings were a happy find at the HomeGoods store. They match the burnt orange charges perfectly.

The cloth napkins were originally white and I tea-stained them to match this Thanksgiving tablescape several years ago.

Fall place setting

Orange and teal are not common colors to use together so I decided to use those blue dishes that I already had in the center of the plate stack. I refuse to buy new dishes because I have so many already.

Even though they are not really a teal color, they have the antique look to the edges that match so well with the dessert plate on top and the tea-stained cloth napkins. I have used them once before in this Fairy Garden Tablescape.

The bird and leaf pattern plate on top was found at Hobby Lobby this year for half price.

Walk in the woods glasses

These fun fall tea glasses have been used in my home for many years. Y’all, I got these on clearance after the season at my grocery store dirt cheap. I pack them away and use them for a few weeks once a year. This is my first time adding them to a tablescape.

Notice the glasses are the only thing on the tablescpae with a pattern. Everything else is solid colors so I felt like they would be perfect.

Turquoise and Orange Tablescape for Fall

My table decor is really simple for fall this year. It’s the vibrant colors with the teal that make it so fun.

Sideboard decorated with orange pumpkins and faux mums for Fall

Traditional fall colors in the dining room

The sideboard is where I decided to use traditional orange pumpkins. If you enjoy decorating your home for Autumn, you are sure to have a collection of small faux pumpkins. You can find them anywhere.

I used a large tabletop gazebo in the center filled with orange and yellow faux mums. See how I used the gazebo in my foyer several years ago.

pumpkins and mums spilling from a cornucopia

On one end there is a cornucopia spilling out lots of fall flowers, colorful leaves, pinecones, and mini pumpkins.

pumpkins and mums spilling from a farmers market basket

On the other end, an apple basket is spilling out matching faux natural elements. Notice there are even a few of my painted pine cones included.

I pulled the faux flowers off their stems to use them in this setting. Each item is individually placed.

Side table decorated with teal pumpkins in the dining room

Teal pumpkins decorate a side table

The side table on the wall opposite the sideboard has a small side table where I usually add a few seasonal decorations. This fall it is covered in teal pumpkins to match the dining table.

We do have dinner at this table occasionally. What fun would it be if you can’t actually use it? I confess, I use different dishes for eating but nothing else changes.

All of our main living areas are decorated for fall this year. The front porch, the foyer, the living room, the breakfast room, and the dining room are all decorated. Late November, it will all be changed into the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas decorations, and I look forward to it. In the meantime, we are slowing down and enjoying Autumn.

Fall home decor

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