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Make The Perfect Cup Of Apple Cider Hot Tea

Make yourself a cup of this delicious Apple Cider Hot Tea when you love the smell and flavor without the actual cider. My recipe will help you make the perfect cup every time.

A cup of Hot Apple Cider tea with whipped cream on top
Apple Cider Flavor Hot Tea with whipped cream topping

Ingredients for Apple Cider Hot Tea without the Apple Cider

  • Republic of Tea Hot Apple Cider Tea
  • Water
  • Sweetener of your choice
  • 1 tsp. Apple juice, optional
  • Whipped topping, optional
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon, optional
  • Fresh apples for garnish, optional

How To Make The Perfect Cup of Hot Tea

photo tutorial for making hot tea

Always begin with fresh water.

Boil the water to a full rolling boil. Your whistling tea kettle will let you know when the water is ready.

Measure the water according to the size cup you are using.

The instructions on the tea package will tell you exactly how much water per tea bag to use. Here’s the thing about that. Our mugs are not 6 oz. mugs. They are much larger. Most tea bag instructions are for 6 oz. so use my simple formula to get your measurements correct.

The formula for Correct Tea bags to Water Ratio

Get out your 2 cup measuring cup. Fill it with water and then pour the water into your cup or mug you will be making your tea in. It won’t all fit unless you are using a 16 ounce mug.

Subtract the number ounces of water left in the measuring cup from 16. (2 Cups is 16 ounces)

If there are 4 ounces of water left in the measuring cup, your mug holds 12 ounces.

So, if the tea container instructions say use one bag per 6 ounces of water, use 2 bags for your 12 oz. cup.

If you like strong hot tea, use more tea bags or let it steep a little longer.

How To Steep Tea Bags

When making a single cup of tea you will add your tea bags to the cup or mug first. Slowly pour the boiling water over the bags.

Allow the tea bags to simply sit in the hot water until the tea reaches your desired amount of color or strength. The longer the bags stay in the hot water, the stronger the tea will be up to a point where it’s time to remove the bags and enjoy your tea.

Herbal teas need to steep a little longer than black tea. 6 minutes compared to 3 minutes generally for herbal tea. It depends on your personal preferences for how strongly you enjoy your hot tea.

You can generally expect individual-flavored tea bags to be a little weaker.

Hot tea with apples floating in it in a clear glass cup
Did you know apple slices will float in hot tea?

Set the mood for sipping Hot Tea

Don’t you just love creating a mood to enjoy a cup of hot tea. I do. So I light a delicious fall smelling candle and let that fragrance permeate my space.

Use a pretty cup and saucer. It makes you feel special.

Invite a friend for a conversation and tea in pretty cups.

Grab that book you are not quite finished reading.

Turn on a Hallmark movie and snuggle up on the sofa with your sweetheart while you sip your hot tea.

Better yet, pull a comfy chair up right next to a window with a view and gaze and daydream while you sip your hot tea.

A cup of hot apple cider flavored tea with apple slices floating in it
Apple Cider flavor Hot Tea with Apple slices

Hot Tea and Whipping Cream

The good news is that whipping cream has no fat. The even better news is that is delicious and piled onto a cup of hot tea. It will last longer than you think floating on top of hot tea.

After brewing your cup of hot tea, use the canned whipping cream with the fun nozzle to pile up the whipped cream on top.

Then sprinkle with cinnamon if you want. I love the cinnamon and whipped cream stirred into my Apple Cider Hot Tea. It’s such a fun and tasty treat.

Make yourself a good cup of hot tea with your sweetener of choice. Invite someone special to enjoy a cup with you.

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A cup of Hot Apple Cider tea with whipped cream on top

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