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Make This Easy Autumn Mug As A Beginner Cricut Project

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

White coffee mugs with a Fall saying in front of a Coffee bar on a kitchen counter

Set the mood for Fall in your kitchen by making yourself a couple of cute Autumn coffee mugs. These adorable coffee mugs are a beginner Cricut project made using Dollar Store Mugs and the right vinyl. Getting three colors in one design is much easier than you think.

How long have you owned a Cricut and still not using it to it’s full potential? Don’t answer, I get it because I’m right there with you. I am ready to start with a simple project like these mugs and keep making things with my Cricut Maker until there is nothing left to make. That will be never, right. There is always something to make.

Beginner Cricut Project

I consider this to be a Beginner Cricut project since I am a beginner. It’s simple, just choose your vinyl design in Cricut Design Space, cut, weed and apply. Let’s do it!

Cricut crafting supplies

Supplies for making a Dollar Store Fall Mug using Cricut

Beginner Cricut User Tools, Supplies and Materials

Once you own a Cricut, you will find that you really only need to buy the tools once. Hopefully you won’t lose your weeding tool or scraper in the craft room, not that I would do that. ~wink~

You can shop at the Dollar Store for a plethora of items to personalize to use in your home or office. You can find; wood craft signs, pizza pans, candles, vases, coffee mugs, charger plates, dishes and wine glasses, lots and lots of plastic bins and so much more at Dollar Tree.

You will also begin to accumulate materials like vinyl that you can continue to use. For this project, there is lots more space on each of the three colors of vinyl sheets I used so that I can use them again and again for other projects. It’s economical and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Cricut Design Space

Hello Autumn design in Cricut Design space

I was smitten by this gorgeous Hello Autumn design I found while browsing Cricut Design Space. I immediately realized it uses three colors and thought that would make my new Fall mugs look more elegant.

Hello Autumn design in Cricut Design space

Once you select your Design, it will open in the Edit window as seen above. You can make all sorts of changes here but since I love the design as is, the only change I made was to resize it to fit the side of my coffee mugs.

Now answer the prompts on the screen. Cricut has thought of everything and they walk us through it step by step. We will tell our machine what type of material we are using which in this case is vinyl. Then it tells us which tools we need. See, easy peasy.

Crafting in Cricut Design Space

Next you will prepare your design following the easy instructions on the screen. It is okay to get excited now because your new project is almost visible!

Because my project uses three colors of vinyl, you see three cuts on the left of the screen. Once one is finished, you select the next one. Right underneath the square with the number is the word ‘Edit’, use that option to move your design around on the screen to match an empty spot on your vinyl in case you have already used that piece of vinyl before. You mat has numbers on all sides which match the numbers on the screen. This will help you easily move your design to an empty spot on your vinyl before making the cut.

The cuts are made and it is time to weed which basically means carefully remove the lettering or design from it’s backing.

Weeding vinyl on a Cricut design

Weed this design carefully. The lettering gets really narrow in places so if you are not careful, you could tear the vinyl in the wrong place.

Applying a Cricut vinyl design to a coffee mug

Apply your vinyl design carefully. My choice of vinyl is Permanent and has an excellent grip so I tried to be super careful to apply it to the right place. Here, I used the weeding tool to place the tip of the design, then I used a finger to press down the rest of that piece.

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A Fall designed coffee mug sitting in front of hot tea and coffee supplies on a kitchen counter

We are loving our newest addition to our Fall home decor especially since we get to sip coffee, hot tea or hot cocoa from these mugs as we enjoy that crisp Fall air in the evenings on the porch.

These Hello Autumn coffee mugs were so easy to make, I’m already planning my next project and you will be the first to know!

We L-O-V-E it when you share our projects to Pinterest so go ahead!

A Cricut maker machine and a set of Fall design mugs

More Fall Decor DIY Projects You Can Make

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Sitting in my crafting space with craft paint is therapeutic sometimes. Painting this gorgeous Pumpkin stencil onto a drop cloth garden flag I made was one of those kinds of projects.

Are you a fan of Scarecrow decor in the Fall. This one has brought us much joy and it’s another Dollar Store project too. He has lasted for years!

Another Dollar store Fall decor project is this Scarecrow Fall Wreath. The straw is wispy in the breeze and almost brings this happy fellow to life greeting anyone at the front door.

Thank you for sharing!

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