DIY Hydrangea Door Decor

Today I’m sharing a DIY Hydrangea Door Decor easy project which anyone could do. If you want a gorgeous arrangement on your door, hydrangea’s always deliver the wow factor.

I made this Hydrangea Door Decor for my precious friend, Mr. Moore. We met more than 17 years ago when Mrs. Moore hired us to clean their home. After the two of them shared more than 60 years of marriage, she went on to be with the Lord about 10 years ago. 

Mr. Moore is about to turn 93 years young on May 7th. Prior to last fall, he continued to live alone in the home where he and Mrs. Moore had lived for many years. They shared a lifelong love affair with one another choosing not to have a family but focus their love on one another. I watched as he devoted such care and attention to his bride as her life was drawing to an end. 

Hydrangea Door Decor for my sweet and precious Mr. Moore

An avid flower gardener, Mr. Moore’s yard was quite the showplace with a plethora of Beared Iris, Daylilies in every color, many he propagated himself, Knock-out Roses, Hydrangea and Crepe Myrtle. The manicured yard and gardens were maintained by Mr. Moore up until later last year just before he took a nasty fall. We noticed his memory wasn’t quite as sharp as it once was but at 92, anyone would be inclined to forget a fact or two! 

That nasty fall meant several weeks of hospitalization followed by several months of rehab for my sweet Mr. Moore. We all realized he would never be able to live alone again. It took some time for him to come to accept that fact. The best thing we could all do was be good listeners.

Mr. Moore is a WWII veteran, having served in the boot of Italy as a Medic. He met and married his lifelong sweetheart before being shipped out to serve.

He served God and his country, loved his wife and has been devoted to all of his nieces and nephews. At almost 93, he has outlived the majority of his family. During our visits, he shares loving stories with us of the people in his life who have meant the most to him. Occasionally he gets a little confused when telling those stories. I know all the details of each having heard them many times but I ask questions to encourage the storyteller as if it’s the first time I heard that story. He enjoys laughing and listening to music. Lately he enjoys watching the birds and squirrels partake of his new bird feeder right outside the window of his new home. Having finally settled into a luxurious assisted living facility in the city he has called home for so many years, Mr. Moore has adjusted well. 

I wanted to put something pretty on his door during the Christmas season last year but he told me not to. He wasn’t quite resolved to his new home yet at that time.

Mr. Moore is like a Granddad to my husband and I. For many years, we cleaned his home on Saturdays just so we could both go. I cleaned while Stacy sat and visited. We often toured the flower gardens before leaving. It wasn’t unusual for us to leave with a new plant for our own yard.  Through the years he has shared so much kindness and wisdom with us, like a loving grandparent. We still enjoy our visits and recently realized he has finally settled into his new home away from home.

He was ready to have something pretty on his door! I discussed it with him first, got permission to make something and asked if he wanted flowers. Of course he did! I chose the purple hydrangea because he has a few of those in his yard at home.

I knew I wasn’t going to make a wreath. He needed something different. Most of his neighbors doors are decorated with wreaths. Mr. Moore is in the minority, being one of only a few males in his building. I shared this picture on my Instagram from his first day. He had no idea who this lady was but she was so sweet and welcoming making him feel more comfortable in his new surroundings. He’ll be attending her 90th birthday celebration in a few days. They are neighbors and friends now.

Supplies for this project

  • Wire basket container. I found this one at Hobby Lobby. Use your 40% coupon, I did!
  • Moss Ribbon
  • Silk Hydrangea branches
  • Silk Greenery for filler
  • Brick foam insert
  • Hot glue

Hydrangea Door Decor supplies

I got lucky and found silk flowers for half price at Joanns! 

Hydrangea Door Decor Oasis in container

I trimmed a tiny bit from the edges of the bigger brick foam insert to make it fit. I did not glue the foam into the container so it can be removed and replaced someday with a new arrangement.

I used hot glue to attach the moss ribbon onto the bottom of the foam which could be seen once the arrangement is finished.

Hydrangea Door Decor in progress not finished yet

Cut the stems into the lengths needed for your project. Begin by placing the hydrangea stems symmetrically into the foam. I always start with placing the stem which will be centered at the highest point and then go from there taking care to manage similar heights. 

I do not use floral pics, choosing to stick the stem straight into the foam. 

I used two bunches of silk Hydrangea.

Hydrange stems added. a few hydrangea leaves tucked in and beginning to add the greenery

Then I tucked a few of those gorgeous huge Hydrangea leaves in here and there. They are essential in a pretty Hydrangea arrangement! I also selected greenery which would cascade just a bit to extend  the shape of the arrangement down.

Assisted Living Hydrangea Door

A snip here and a tuck there and you are done! Easy peasy! Anyone can make their own Hydrangea Door Decor! 

Assisted Living Door Decor Easy DIY Hydrangea Basket with instructions at

Mr. Moore is an important person in our lives. He is a kind hearted and thoughtful person who deserves flowers, visits and hugs.  Indulge me as I share a fun story while he was in rehab.

A lady from his church came to visit while I was there one day. She situated herself on the side of his bed stretching one arm across his waist and leaning in close to talk to him. They enjoyed a lively visit full of smiles and laughter. Before she left, she leaned in and kissed him on the lips a few times. He gladly accepted and squeezed her tight. It was almost a little steamy! After she left, I asked Mr. Moore. what her name is. He said, “I don’t know but she sure is sweet!” I burst into laughter and couldn’t wait to share that story with his niece and nephew!

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  1. Great post Shirley! I enjoyed it. I think the door hydrangea basket is beautiful! Pinned and tweeted to share. We sure appreciate you taking the time to stop by and link up with us for Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  2. Love that Mr. Moore has made some friends and gets ‘steamy’ visits 🙂 He must really enjoy when you come to visit. BTW – great idea to add moss to cover the foam inserts.

  3. Thank you Alli. We have been blessed to have Mr. M in our lives. He is indeed a fountain of wisdom. I must confess to asking him tons of questions through the years and hanging on his every word when he answers.

  4. What a sweet story. It has got to be hard to move away from all of your memories after all of those years. I am glad he is feeling more at home and how nice of you to help him make it feel a bit more like home!

  5. That is the funniest story about the woman from church. How sweet of you and your husband to “adopt” Mr. Moore as an honorary grandfather. The door decor is so pretty and perfect for a flower lover. I imagine he was thrilled. I love hearing stories from Seniors who have lived a long, happy life. They impart so much wisdom and we could all learn a thing or two from them.

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