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Make Your Own Mini Wreaths for Kitchen Cabinets for Christmas

Quick and easy Mini Wreaths for kitchen cabinet for Christmas. Video tutorial included.

Green miniature wreaths hanging on kitchen cabinets

One of the most simple and frugal ways to decorate your kitchen for Christmas is by hanging pretty Mini Wreaths on your kitchen cabinets.

Let’s be honest, adding touches of Christmas spirit around the house can get expensive. Making your own is much more frugal and that is the only way to go for me! Christmas has a way of bringing out the DIY spirit in all of us!

These easy-to-make kitchen Christmas wreaths are mostly a Dollar store project. It’s also very versatile so you can tailor the look to match your Christmas decorations.

supplies for making a mini wreath

Supplies for making a mini kitchen wreath

  • Mini garland from Dollar Tree
  • Jute from Dollar Tree
  • 4″ Embroidery hoop from the craft store

The garland and the Jute for hanging both came from Dollar Tree. You can find the Jute in the area where tools are located.

Did you see my adorable Witches Hat Wreath made with Dollar Store supplies? GO HERE  for the quick YouTube video. 

Christmas garland is a seasonal buy at Dollar Tree but you can always order online and pick it up in-store or have it shipped directly to you from Dollar Tree? 

wrapping green garland around a small embroidery hoop

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How To Make Mini Wreaths for Kitchen Cabinets for Christmas

Step 1

Begin by wrapping the garland around the embroidery hoop which only takes a few minutes. 

See the video below for a couple of tricks to make the wrapping process a little easier. It took me about 3 minutes to wrap the garland around the hoop. Now that is a quick DIY Wreath!

There is no need to paint the hoop. It won’t be visible after being completely wrapped in garland. My preference is green but you can use any color garland that strikes your fancy.

a finished mini garland wreath to hang on the kitchen cabinet

Isn’t it just a cute little Wreath and perfect for kitchen cabinet doors? The 4″ embroidery hoop is the perfect size for my cabinet doors. 

I am happy with the touch of greenery to add that festive Christmas spirit to my kitchen for the holiday season. I do however reserve the right to add a red bow if I decide to later.

Step 2

Decorate the wreath.

If you are planning a minimalist look as I did this year, leave the wreath plain and use jute to hang it. This look adds a subtle festive touch of greenery to the kitchen for the holiday season.

Ribbons and bows in bright or whimsical colors will work too! Use whatever you have to spruce up your wreath and hang it with.

The second-year I used these, I hung them with red and white stripe ticking fabric which I cut into strips for the purpose. 

How To Make Mini Garland Wreaths for Christmas in the Kitchen #Christmas

How To Hang A Mini Wreath On Kitchen Cabinets

Masking tape is all you need to hang these festive little wreaths because they are made of lightweight materials. No need for nails to puncture your cabinet doors. 

You could also use Command strips which could stay in place year-round. I love using Command strips because they are such a hand tool. See Easy Way To Hang Outside Window Wreaths.

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How To Make Mini Garland Wreaths for Christmas in the Kitchen #Christmas

Make your own small Christmas wreaths for your kitchen cabinets and add a festive touch to your kitchen this holiday season. Our tutorial uses mostly Dollar store supplies and is ready in minutes. No glue is needed. 

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Have yourself a DIY Christmas and save lots of bucks.

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Updated 11/02/2021

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  1. I did something similar last year in my kitchen, I love the embroidery hoop idea because I have to totally reshape all of my wreaths again this year. I might have to do this so they keep their shape year after year! #12DaysofChristmas2018

  2. Love your mini wreaths. Idea: instead of masking tape to hold in place…..command hook on inside of cabinet door. Simply attach it upside down and tie loop in end of twine to hold in place. Hook stays for next year or some other seasonal wreaths throughout the year.

  3. I love the look of wreaths on cabinet doors. I did that for the first time last Christmas and loved it. Yours look great and give a festive look to the space.

  4. The mini wreaths look so pretty on your cabinets. What an easy way to create beautiful decor. These would look pretty on my cabinets too, maybe I’ll have to make some. #12daysofchristmas

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