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Easy Painted Wood Slice Ornaments In Bright Colors

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Bright Green and Red Wood Slice Ornaments with Faith words

How I painted my Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments in bright glittery colors to match my whimsical tree decorations this year.

Welcome back to year 6 of our Festive Christmas Event where we team up with oodles of our talented blogging friends we admire to bring you a plethora of creative ways to celebrate your holiday season.

You will find new ideas every Monday and Wednesday between Oct. 19th through Nov. 18th. Scroll all the way down to find all the ideas linked at the end. Today we are sharing DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas.

This years Festive Christmas Ideas so far:

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A fun DIY Gift idea for teachers, friends, co-workers or anyone is this Elf Cam Mug. It’s stinking adorable.

Our gift to our readers is this free printable Christmas BINGO game. There are 12 different cards with call out sheet.

Now onto making these pretty wood slice ornaments.

O Holy Night Painted and Decorated Wood Slice Ornament

Where To Buy Wood Slices for Crafting

You can find wood slice ornaments in a variety of craft supply stores online and in the store. Mine came from this online store along with quite a few other Christmas crafting items the site has to offer at reasonable prices.

You can make your own with large limbs or even from your live Christmas tree trunk when the season is over. We used our first live tree in the new home to cut the trunk off after the season was over. Be sure to let it dry out completely before cutting. We let ours dry until the next holiday season.

Supplies for Painted Wood Slice Ornaments

I like to keep it simple and use Mod Podge for a sealer because I always have it on hand and it works great for these small craft projects.

NOEL Wood slice Christmas ornament hanging on the tree

Drill A Hole For Hanging

Drill a hole at the top for hanging the ornament on the tree. The size of your hole is up to you. Keep in mind that if you want to slide a ribbon through the hole, it will need to be large enough.

Stages of painting and decorating wood slice ornaments
Stages of painting and decorating wood slice ornaments

Paint Your Wood Slice

This project was fun and I stretched it out over a few days because I was in no hurry plus I was working on multiple projects in my craft room at once.

Because these wood slices are unfinished wood, they soak up the paint quite well. I gave mine 3 coats of paint allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. It dries really fast so it doesn’t take too long at all.

applying Galaxy Glitter paint

After the paint dried, I applied the Galaxy Glitter with only one coat and allowed it to dry before adding the vinyl letters. My expectation is for the lights on the Christmas tree to make the glitter shimmery.

My paint colors are in the supply list above along with affiliate links to make it easier for you to order online.

Decorating Wood Slice Ornaments with Vinyl

Cricut lettering on the Cricut website
Words and Font for making Wood Slice Ornaments using Cricut Maker

These wood slice ornaments are super duper easy to decorate using your Cricut or any vinyl cutting machine. I chose the words and selected the font myself. That being said, there is plenty to choose from in Design Space if you wish to go that route.

I wanted Faith words for my wood slice ornaments and made two each with these words;

  • Noel
  • Hope
  • Joy
  • O Holy Night

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The word HOPE on a red wood slice ornament


The Font I used is Kristen ITC. My size is 65.2 but that may not work for you. More about Sizing below.

I selected Kristen ITC because I wanted a skinny whimsical font and this one caught my eye. There are a gazillion fonts to choose from on the Cricut so don’t drive yourself crazy, just settle on one.

Font Sizing

If you are using genuine wood slices cut from real trees as I am, there is no standard size or shape because God made trees to each be different like you and me.

You will have to size your letters based on the size of your wood slices. This is why Cricut added those handy dandy rulers to the sides of all their mats and you see those rulers on the screen as well as you are designing. You know what to do. Measure your wood slices and go from there. Be sure to not make your lettering too large but large enough to see and read on the tree.

No Mirroring

I’m wild like that. No mirroring for these. If you are experienced with your Cricut and love to mirror, go for it! I don’t mind. I skipped it and simply weeded and applied to the wood slice after they were all painted. I am not worried that the vinyl will come off because I gave these all three coats of sealer.

Applying Mod Podge as a sealer to a wood slice ornament
Applying Mod Podge as a sealer on a wood slice ornament

How To Seal Wood Slice Ornaments

My sealer of choice is Mod Podge which is a decoupage glue which dries clear. Since I love doing decoupage projects, I always have Mod Podge handy in my craft room. It’s quick and easy to use with no strong smell.

These ornaments all got three coats of sealer, allowing each coat to completely dry before applying the next. I achieved a thick shiny look with the glitter paint underneath which is what I was going for.

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Wood slice ornament on the Christmas tree that says JOY

Paint and decorate wood slice ornaments to match your Christmas decor. You can add Faith words using vinyl lettering cut with a Cricut or any other cutting machine.

Simply drill a hole to hang, paint, add the words, seal and hang on your tree. Have fun Christmas crafting!

Festive Christmas Virtual Event Info

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Bright Green Wood Slice Ornaments with Faith words
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  1. I know you had fun making these adorable wood slice ornaments, Shirley! It’s a fun way to personalize your tree with inspirational words – something we really need right now! Plus they give off a beautiful rustic vibe, too! I’ve never seen the Galaxy Glitter used before and it seems quite interesting to use on craft projects!

  2. Great idea and very colorful. I love that you can customize everything about these to fit your home.

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