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Simple And Easy DIY Nativity Christmas Ornaments

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Our new Nativity Christmas Ornaments for the tree was really simple and easy to craft in only a matter of minutes. It is just a matter of waiting on the paint to dry. 

Two thin balsam wood pieces cut into a Nativity silhouette design for a Christmas Ornament. One is painted black with a shiny silver star. The other is not painted.
Paint these Balsam wood Nativity ornament Cut outs to match your Christmas Tree decor


Making changes to your Christmas decorations can quickly become costly. Ever since moving into our new home a few years ago, we have been challenged with decorating a large tree at Christmas. The tall ceilings in the living room warranted more than our little 6 ft tree. Having never decorated one larger than 6 ft made the task a challenge for me. 


The first year, we opted for the real tree and a trip to the Tree farm. We came away with a 12 ft. tree. I went very traditional with lots of glass ball ornaments from my collection.  It took me three days to decorate it. The ribbon served to add a little depth. I felt like I could have easily added another hundred ornaments but exhaustion had set in.  Take a peep right here.


In year two, we purchased a 9 1/2 ft. fake tree, on sale. I had to help my hubby get that 12 ft tree in and back out of the house the previous year and did not want a repeat performance of that event! I’m all in for this fake tree for a while. I wised up and decided to use lots of bows as I had seen in the Christmas stores on vacation. In year two I went with red and gold. There was lots of glitter left behind from the bow-making but the tree was gorgeous which you can see here.


I need more ornaments! But that can get expensive so DIY is the solution.

Because I loved the ribbon and bows so much, I’m doing that again but my color scheme is different. I want to use some buffalo plaid but not too much and incorporate red and black. Part of my solution is to incorporate these adorable balsam wood cut-out ornaments and paint them black.

We wanted to add some Nativity Christmas Ornaments to our tree this year and were excited to find these faith-inspired,  affordable easy to decorate ornaments right here.


Unfinished Wood Nativity Silhouette Ornaments (from here)

Unfinished Wood Joy Nativity Ornaments (from here)

DecorArt Acrylic Paint Ebony Black (found here)

DecorArt Acrylic Galaxy Glitter Silver (found here)

Balsam wood Nativity Christmas Ornament painted with the paint colors in the background. Black and silver

Unfinished Balsam Wood Nativity Christmas Ornaments

I love the rustic look and charm of the wood and the simplicity of the ornament. 

They all come with a jute hanger but I removed those on a few and replaced it with a small ribbon to match the bows I created for the tree. 

Paint these JOY and Nativity Christmas Ornaments for your Christmas Decor. These unfinished wood ornaments are a quick and easy Christmas Craft. Use them for gift tags or as ornaments on the tree.

Pulling Off Black Christmas Ornaments

I decided to paint all of the ornaments black because I love the silhouette look and I knew it would blend well with the ribbon colors I selected for my Christmas tree this year. Black is not an easy color to add to a Christmas tree but these faith ornaments allowed me to do that gracefully. 

Some of the stars are also painted black and highlighted with the DecoArt Galaxy Glitter in Silver. The white lights on the Christmas tree make the stars over the Nativity Ornaments shimmer as I imagine it did when the Three Kings were following it to baby Jesus.

Paint these Nativity Christmas Ornaments for your Christmas Decor. These unfinished wood ornaments are a quick and easy Christmas Craft. Use them for gift tags or as ornaments on the tree.

DecoArt Galaxy Glitter

I L-O-V-E- the new Galaxy Glitter paint from Deco Art. (link in Supplies list) I also did a couple of red unfinished wood ornaments with it and think they turned out really pretty on the tree. I only used one coat of the Galaxy Glitter paint on each ornament so the process went very quickly and they all dried fast.

You can use these ornaments on the tree or as gift tags on packages. Adding them as gift tags allows you to give an extra special hand-painted gift to the recipient.

Wood BELIEVE Christmas ornament painted with red glitter paint hanging on a Christmas tree

Painting ornaments is therapeutic and fun for me. If I had dozens more, I’d keep on painting. You can’t have Christmas without the tradition of making ornaments. It has always been one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season.

Does your family make Christmas ornaments each year too? Scroll down for dozens more DIY Ornament Ideas you are sure to enjoy! 

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Black painted balsam wood Nativity Christmas tree ornament with a silver glitter star displayed on a burlap background

More Christmas Ideas from my house

Paint these Nativity Christmas Ornaments for your Christmas Decor. These unfinished wood ornaments are a quick and easy Christmas Craft. Use them for gift tags or as ornaments on the tree.

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  1. These are beautiful ornaments .I need more nativity ornaments for my tree. These have inspired me to make my own also.

  2. I think the black ornaments look so classy! I’m putting up a black tree again this year. Black at Christmas can be hard, but if you do it right it looks really classy!

  3. This is the second ornament idea on the tour that had been choking up. When I was a very young child my dad made a life size black silhoutte of the nativity scene and placed it on our roof at Christmas. I don’t know whatever happened to it but your ornaments reminded me so much of those days. Thanks for taking me on a trip down memory lane, Shirley! xo

  4. I need more nativity ornaments for my tree and these are so pretty! I like the simple black on the ornaments and the galaxy paint was perfect for the star. Yes homemade ornaments are the best.

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