9 Free & Easy Bedroom Storage Hacks

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9 Free & Easy Bedroom Storage Hacks

John from Brosa is our guest host today on the blog sharing his best bedroom storage hacks.

“Brosa was born from a discontent with the status quo and a desire to change the designer furniture industry.


Please give John a big welcome by heading over the the Brosa site and browsing some beautifully made and unique furniture ideas after you read his 9 Free & Easy Bedroom Storage Hacks of course!

Our bedrooms are supposed to be a sanctuary from society, but they can often become cluttered. To protect your bedroom from clutter, you must take the proper storage steps. These nine key storage tips can free up your bedroom, and make it easy to access your stuff when you need it.

Pictures on your shoeboxes


If you have significant shelf space, but limited shoe storage, you can save your shoe boxes and place them on the shelves. To make the shoes easy to access, take a picture of each pair of shoes, and place the picture on the front of the shoebox.

Get a console table for your bed

Many bedrooms are simply too small for a desk. A console table can serve as a shelf at night, but it can be pulled forward to serve as desk space when you need it.

Get risers for your bed

This is an old dorm room trick but it can easily be adapted to your bedroom. Slip store-bought risers (or even wide bricks) under your bed for added height. By putting your bed on risers, you will change your perspective on the room and add valuable under-the-bed storage.

Consider skipping the headboard


Headboards are nice, but in a cramped room they can take up too much space. Skipping the headboard, or even mounting your headboard to the wall can add valuable space to your bedroom oasis.

Be sure to check out the Design-A-Bed page on the Brosa site.

Optimize your closet storage space

Brosa Organize your closet space

The more efficiently you use your closet or walk-in-robe storage, the less space your belongings will take up in your bedroom. Check your closet for unnecessary dead space.

Look up

Brosa add storage space on the walls

You may think of your home in terms of just square footage, but the walls of your bedroom are an asset. Consider putting up higher shelves or getting a large bookcase. Thinking vertically can save you valuable space.

Reorganize your drawers

Every drawer is an asset for storing your goods. Check your drawers to ensure that they are well organized. This includes properly folding all your clothes and making sure each drawer serves a specific purpose. Every six months, you should check your drawers to ensure they are serving their intended purpose.

Perform a wardrobe cleanse

Everyone has clothes they never wear but few people take the time to clean out their wardrobe. Once a year, take time to clean your closet of clothes you are no longer wearing. You can give these clothes to charity and add space to your bedroom.

Find the right nightstand for you


If you only keep a few objects near you while you are in bed, then a basic nightstand will do, but if you need a significant amount of storage, then you might want a drawer. The wrong nightstand will let clutter pile up around your bed, making you look really disorganized.

Getting the bedroom you deserve is not difficult, but it requires you to follow the right organizational steps. By following these tips, you can keep your bedroom organized and extremely functional. 

What is your best bedroom storage tip?

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  1. I have always wanted to get risers for my bed so that I can store things underneath that are not in season clothing wise. You inspired me to go ahead and do just that!

  2. These are wonderful tips and hacks. My bedroom seems to be the neatest from all the other rooms in my home. I’m guessing because the kids are not in there..

  3. I’m going to use some of your tips to try to organize my bedroom. My space is so small, if I were to get rid of my desk, that would free up some space I could use for something else.

  4. These are some awesome idea’s!! I am a fan of shelves! I think they can do wonders for sure! I am a sucker for a good book case and multiples of them! hehe! The shoe idea is pretty cool too! Smart!

  5. Such great ideas. My bedroom is one place I really lack storage so these are some really great ideas I’d love to try.

  6. I love these tips and I find it hard for me to release clothes I no longer wear…thinking I may wear them again, especially after I get rid of them. I know my closet needs cleaned out, but procrastinating on getting rid of ‘old’ clothes.

  7. Wardrobe space is always at a premium over here! We keep everything boxed and labeled, and when we purchase new clothing we donate the same number of items that we purchased. This way we keep the clutter under control and can access the things that are important to us.

  8. Optimizing closet space is my big thing. It’s so important for me to have a well organized closet or it just gets out of control.

  9. I love the idea of having pictures of your shoes if they’re still in a box. We try to keep organizing our house because we do have a very small house and if we don’t it’s very cluttered. We use a storage box that you have mentioned on here.

  10. Awesome ideas. The nightstand idea is so true. I need ones with dawers! I also love the idea of keeping a small console table in the room for functionality.

  11. Excellent! I love the shoe idea. The only problem would be putting them back in the box ..lol.
    A closet cleanse is on my to do list … There is just too much and I don’t seem to wear it all

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