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Outdoor Frog Statue Makeover Before and After

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Is your resin lawn ornament fading in the hot sun? See this outdoor frog statue makeover before and after for ideas to give yours new life.

Bright painted Frog Statue in the yard

My Mom’s little frog resin statue needed a makeover after years of baking in the sun. I knew I could restore this resin statue with a little TLC and some acrylic craft paints.

This little frog greeted guests with a smile on Mom and Dad’s back porch for many years. Maybe I inherited my love of whimsical décor from my mother. This frog statue is even more whimsical with his new coat of paint.

Faded Resin frog porch stature in need of new paint
Outdoor Frog Statue Before Makeover

I think we can agree his Before picture proves his need of a makeover.

He appears to be holding a lily pad over his head as an umbrella. It’s the perfect spot for a small amount of water for butterflies and bees on this yard decoration.

I’m sharing with you how I did my garden statue makeover so you will be encouraged to do the same with yours. We can make them look new and get more years of pleasure from them too.

Why Makeover A Yard Decoration?

This price of everything has gone out of control. I subscribe to the belief to use what I have and make the best of it.

I also like doing thrift store makeovers. All you really need is the ‘want to’ and some paint most of the time.

Painting things in my craft space is therapeutic for me. So, there’s that too.

Outdoor Frog Statue Makeover


I began by cleaning the little fella. You can do this using mild soapy water and a soft cloth.

If your plastic garden ornaments have little nooks, crannies and crevices, use a soft toothbrush to get the dirt out.

Allow your clean statue to completely dry before beginning the painting process.

Frog statue in the process of being painted

Select the craft paint colors

You can paint poly resin using acrylic craft paint. DecoArt has a vast selection of colors to choose from. It’s the brand I prefer for both the color selection and quality of the paint. Visit the DecoArt Amazon store here.

I selected my colors after doing some quick research.

picture of a frog with orange feet
Frog with orange feet

It was his ‘fingers’ I really wanted to be different from green. After a quick image search of frogs I discovered some types of frogs have orange feet. See photo above. I love it, that’s whimsical, right?

For my frog statue makeover, I used several different shades of green on his body.

A bright orange made his feet stand out. They almost make him look like a Florida Gator fan but not quite.

His coat simply needed to be formal in my opinion and his tie had to match his eyes.

I chose bright blue for his eyes to make him attractive. The red eyes on a frog are rather menacingly and I’m going for fun.

Frog statue partially painted
Frog Statue partially painted

How Many Coats of Paint?

My frog decoration makeover has three coats of paint in most places. How did I decide that? I based it solely on how good it looked when the paint dried.

The statue has a rough surface so paint doesn’t get down into it especially well. Three coats gave him a nice even look.

I wanted his black coat to really stand out. The coat is a large area so I did it first which gave me an idea of how this paint project was going to go.

Painted Frog Statue Makeover After pictures
Frog Statue Makeover After picture

Frog Statue After Makeover

Mom’s resin Frog Statue looks as good as new now. He has been washed, painted and sprayed with protectant. I think we can enjoy him on our porch a few more years now.

You will never believe what he is holding in his Lily pad umbrella!

Frog statue holding a bar of Irish Spring soap on. an outdoor table
Frog Statue holding a bar of Irish Spring soap

Does Irish Spring Soap repel flies?

I saw this on Facebook and thought, why not give it a try! Yep, no more flies pestering up as we enjoy a little porch sitting in the evenings.

That is a Citronella plant behind the frog so maybe the Irish Spring and the Citronella work together. I don’t know but I know I’ve not been swatting flies since I sit that soap on my frog.

Resin Painting Questions Answered

Can you repaint a painted resin statue?

Yes. You can even be creative and change the colors if you like.

What kind of paint can you use on resin statues?

Acrylic craft paint of good quality works fine on resin statues. Be sure your yard art is resin and not plastic. Paint may not adhere to a plastic surface.

Should you use a protectant on painted outdoor resin statues?

Yes you should use a protectant. After you have painted your resin yard decoration and the paint has completely dried, apply protectant. Preferably use a spray on polyurethane product that states specifically that it provides UV protection.

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Resin Statue Makeover. Before and After pictures

Don’t toss your old faded resin statue in the trash. Give it a makeover. All it takes is a little cleaning and some acrylic craft paint. Use my ideas as your inspiration.

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