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Fairy Garden Ideas

Fairy Garden Accessories are a must-have to create just the right amount of fairy garden whimsy! Have you made a Fairy Garden yet?

Gnomes, Toadstools and whimsical Fairies create fun little Fairy Gardens

Gnomes, Toadstools and whimsical Fairies create fun little Fairy Gardens. You can make a large outdoor Fairy Garden setting like the one seen  here nestled along the fence. The most popular Fairy Gardens are miniature ones created in a variety of containers for fun.


  • Fairy house for your little fairy to live in
  • Attractive door for great curb appeal to your fair house
  • Flowers to attract the butterflies and for the fairies to hide behind
  • Accessories of course!

Fairy Garden Accessories

Accessories are the key ingredient to making an enchanting fairy garden. I’m sharing a few here to inspire you to create your own and have fun with it!

Share your Fairy Garden photos with us on our Facebook page in the comments of this video I shared making a couple of simple little whimsical Fairy Garden settings. 

Fairy house wheelbarrow DIY by elowezil.blogspot

This adorable Fairy Wheelbarrow is made with wire, a walnut and a cut twig for the wheel. It’s too cute! By Elowezil.blogspot

Fairy Garden decorating ideas. How to turn a vintage mushroom salt and pepper set into Fairy Garden Mushrooms. DIY Fairy Garden accessories. Simple ways to make your own oversized Fairy Garden Accessories. #fairygarden #fairygardenmushrooms #fairygardentoadstools

Make large Fairy Garden Mushrooms using Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers. It’s just a matter of paint and imagination plus a trip to the thrift store. 

Fish Hook Chandelier for your Fairy Garden

Make your fairies a Fish Hook Chandelier. This shabby chic design is fashioned with a painted fish hook and crafting jewels. It is simply adorable.

DIY toadstool ideas for your fairy garden.

These cute little toadstools were created by Crafts Unleashed. Would you believe they are made with doorknobs! I love creativity, don’t you?

DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

There simply must be a door in every fairy garden, don’t you think? Anathemum.blogspot created this ornate fairy door with scraps!

Recycled-Water-Bottle-Fairy-Garden-Well-. DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

You would never know this fairy garden well is created by recycling a water bottle! My Pinterventures shared the tutorial for this project including her completed Fairy Garden.

Fairy Garden Containers

Fairy Garden made in an old drawer

Kristen created this lush Fairy Garden in an old dresser drawer. 

Rusty wagon fairy garden

Miss Bloomers created her fairy garden in her son’s old rusted wagon. It’s one of my favorite fairy garden containers so far!

Fairy Garden in an old boot

This fairy house is a splendidly repurposed old boot. Pinterest.

Faerie House. Fairy Garden Ideas

Genuinely a stick-built fairy house by Juise with a complete step-by-step tutorial.


The important thing to consider is location. Plants tend to be particular about sunlight and shade.

  • Try to select plants with similar requirements for light and water.
  • Select the dwarf versions so they won’t grow too tall for your accessories
  • Notice how tall each type of plant will get

I started out doing some research to make my own Fairy Garden. The next thing I know, I’d created a Pinterest board and got lost in it. 

See my Fairy Garden Tour which includes a list of the plants I used to create a hidden fairy garden.

Make you own miniature Fairy Garden Decorations and accessories

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More Fairy Garden Ideas For Your Home & Garden

Fairy Garden miniature DIY decorations you can make for your outdoor Fairy Garden. Fairy Garden ideas. #fairygarden

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. These are so cute! I hadn’t heard of a fairy garden. I am swamped this year with the new vegetable garden and adding a deck but this would be a cute addition next year. The kids would love it!

  2. I just learned about fairy gardens recently and they are so cute. I shared this with my cousin because I know that she likes them too. Thanks for sharing at #AnythingGoes.

  3. Oooooooh, such charming fairy gardens! I want to go visit every one! Unfortunately, I live in an apt. and don’t have any yard… But I would love to have one of my very own.

  4. Oh Shirley I am so glad I am not the only one that loves a good fairy garden. I often had fairies in the garden when my kids were little. Love your post so thanks for sharing on #wednesdayswisdom

  5. I love this roundup! Thank you so much for including my fairy garden well. I have to make that wheel barrel and chandelier…too too cute! I’m planning on making another garden so this is perfect timing!

    1. Your fairy garden well is fabulous, one of the best DIY fairy garden projects I found. We will probably make one. It may take us all summer to complete our project. It will be fun though.

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