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Thanksgiving Trivia Free Printable

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Test your Thanksgiving knowledge with our fun Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz!

Grab our free printable Thanksgiving Trivia page for some fun at your Thanksgiving celebration.


Shouldn’t you study before taking a quiz? Well, you don’t have to but if you really enjoy reading history, come back up here and visit these links for our sources and more information about Thanksgiving in the U.S.

What was on the menu at the first Thanksgiving?

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade history.

The world’s largest pumpkin pie according to Guinness World Records.

National Wild Turkey Federation Wild Turkey Sounds

Who is the mother of Thanksgiving and why?

Proclamation of Thanksgiving.

Green Bean Casserole: The Thanksgiving Staple We Love or Loathe


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A little kids game I created using cardboard boxes sits in my attic until we have the gang over, any time of the year but especially during the holidays. I call it Cardboard Snowman Bean Bag Toss Game. Use old boxes to make it.

Have you played The Reindeer Antler Game? It’s stinking hilarious and a must have for a lively party! You will also find Decipher The Canticles, an old favorite to test your knowledge.

Another free printable for you is our Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt game. You can turn this into a competition.

Halloween BINGO Printable Set

Christmas BINGO Printable Set

Grab this Free Printable Thanksgiving Trivia page and try to stump your friends and family.




More Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving ideas including; recipes, tablescape ideas, prayers of Thanks for the children and more.

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  1. I love all things trivia. The Sunday before Christmas, we have Sounds of Christmas at our church. The entire service is Christmas songs and I MC the event. I ask lots of Christmas trivia questions and give out little prizes to the first one who answers correctly. It’s always so much fun! I probably need to brush up on my Thanksgiving trivia before I try and answer all these questions. 🙂

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