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Rec Room Cordele Ga. On The Hot Dog Tour

Rec Room Cordele, Ga. on the Hot Dog Tour

Join my husband, Stacy and I as we enjoy the best local hot dogs on our journeys! Do you have a favorite local hot dog place? We are not world travelers. Truth is, we don’t stray too far from the deep south. But no matter how far we roam, we look for the local hot dog joint! Tell us where your favorite local hot dog place is and we may just drop in! Visit our Hot Dog Tour page to see where we have been.

Our tour stops today at The Rec Room in Cordele Georgia also known as ‘the pool room’.


We stopped in Cordele on our way to ride the Sam Shortline last year on a Christmas journey to Plains, Ga. which is the home of former President Jimmy Carter. You can read about our train ride here. We will definitely be riding the Sam Shortline again!

If you are thinking that the Cordele Rec Room, or Rec Room as the locals say, looks a bit like a ‘beer joint’, you may be right. At first glance, my thoughts went back to my Momma saying not to go into places like that. We have friends who live in the area who recommended the hot dogs from the Rec Room though so through the door we went. It wasn’t so bad. There are some pool tables inside but mostly just folks eating hot dogs.

Rec Room chili dog
  • Chips are single serve.
  • Cola’s are in the bottle.
  • Slaw is not a choice
  • They won’t win any awards for ambience.

The folks keep coming for the ‘dogs’ though! They even have a walk up window out front for those who do not wish to come inside and it has a steady stream of visitors.

Rec Room inside dining


The Rec Room is located in downtown Cordele which is located just south of the middle Georgia area. You could slip out of the I-75 traffic and be at the Rec Room in minutes!

Let’s talk about their hot dogs!

The chili is what makes the ‘dog’ at the Rec Room. Unfortunately they boil their wieners *gasp*. Boiled is our least favorite way to enjoy a good hot dog. That being said, we would likely stop in again when we go back to ride the Sam Shortline.

Do you prefer your hot dogs boiled, fried or grilled?

Take the tour with us:

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. 60++ years ago I was born in Cordele, moved to Tifton, then Colorado and now Florida. The Pool Room,( only name I remember calling it), hot dogs were the best. I’m not sure women were allowed in the pool room or not, at that time, but the window was there then and the only place we ever picked up the hot dogs. I never went inside, even when I went back to visit relatives. The first thing when I go back is I WANT A POOL ROOM HOT DOG, and within 30 minutes my cousin is back, to my delight, with my childhood memory of the Pool Room Hot Dog!!! I’m sure they have had a few turn overs in personnel since I was a kid, but give it a try…..Now since I’ve rambled on, next time I’m in Cordele, I’M GOING INSIDE! ONE MORE ITEM OFF MY BUCKET LIST! Have a Wonderful 2015….. V.

    1. Vicki, I really enjoyed your story of the Pool Room in Cordele. Probably when you were younger, nice girls didn’t’ go inside. I sure hope you enjoy your hot dog when you go. We enjoyed ours when we were there. Thanks for stopping by and sharing you story.

  2. Sounds like a great time. One thing I miss from living in Virginia is their hot dogs. They were always delicious, even if we picked one up at the local gas station. I think the secret was the chili and coleslaw relish. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

    1. You hit the nail on the dead with the chili and coleslaw! Most folks want either one or the other. It is my understanding that gas station hot dogs may actually be good! We will have to try that out for sure. Thanks for stopping by, Shari.

  3. What?!? They boiled their hot dogs?! I think a dog should be grilled. I loooove a grilled hot dog. There’s a place in Raleigh called Steve’s you should try if your ever in NC… Now I want a hot dog..

  4. I love that you and your husband are such big hot dog fans and that you’re posting reviews of hot dog places you visit! What fun!

    I’m a fan of a good grilled hot dog, personally, and I absolutely love when they’re topped with chili. Mmm. So I’d definitely give this spot a try if I were in town, even though boiled hot dogs aren’t my favorite…

    1. Boiled are not our favorite either but you would be surprised how many people still boil them. I grew up eating boiled hot dogs, didn’t know there was another way until I was grown 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, Erin.

    1. We grill ours at home but enjoy the many ways they are cooked when we area out and about! Some places even deep fry the wiener! We prefer beef which is what we buy at home. We both like a variety of toppings on our ‘dogs’ though.

  5. You were in my old stomping grounds. I grew up eating Cordele pool room hot dogs (that’s what the locals call them). We thought they were the best in the world. I haven’t had one in years, so I don’t know how they taste now, but boy, are you bringing back the memories.

    I grew up a few miles from Cordele and worked there and hung out there in high school. Every once in a while an old classmate will share a pic of them eating those pool room hot dogs and it makes me crave one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I was wondering if you had been there, Alli. It isn’t too far from us but not close either. It was convenient to stop in when we went to ride the SAM Shortline. If we lived in that area, they’d probably be our favorite place to get a ‘dog’. Wish they had slaw!

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