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How To Make A Trunk or Treat Candy Cottage

Updated 9/18/2020
A Trunk or Treat design made to look like the Candy Cottage from Hansel and Gretel

What is Trunk or Treat?

The popularity of Trunk or Treat and Fall Festivals has grown in recent years. I wrote about it and you can Go here to find out more about what is Trunk or Treat.

We created this Candy Cottage for our church Trunk or Treat event several years ago, before I ever started blogging. It was a huge hit with all the children. My mother may have had more fun than anyone. She sat in a chair next to the exit and laughed all night. Such fond memories.

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Trunk or Treat Design Idea

The idea for our Candy Cottage was born out of the fact that my husband’s parents had this wonderful giant box from having just purchased a new stove. We all know how much children love to play with boxes.

We decided to dress up the box in a way that all children would enjoy and make a Trunk or Treat design that was a little different.

We wanted to keep our design fun, colorful and, friendly. 

From the child’s perspective, it’s all about filling their bucket with candy so why not make a candy cottage!

The candy cottage was intended to be as cost efficient as possible. 

Supplies for making a Candy Cottage Trunk or Treat

You can certainly use your imagination and decorate any way you choose

Step By Step Directions

A box becoming a toy with the door cut out

Step 1 The Door

Carefully cut away the flaps from the bottom of the box and set aside. You will be using those as part of the roof later.

Then cut the door out using those sharp box cutters. A rounded top to the door adds a bit of whimsy. We cut two doors on opposite ends from each other. An entrance and an exit. 

a stove box being cut to make a toy

Step 2 Window for handing out candy

On the back side of the box you will cut a window just larger enough for you to be able to hand out the candy to the children as they pass through.

Our car is a hatchback, so my husband just sat in the trunk and handed candy through the window. If you would rather sit in a chair to hand out the candy, make your window low enough for that purpose.

a box being cut

Step 3 The Roof

It is time to cut out the roof pieces. First remove the top lid flaps.
Then score for so you can cut two triangular shape pieces to create the ends for the front of the house over the doors. 
You will use two flaps uncut to make the front and back of the roof. 

Roof bracing

These are a couple of very sturdy cardboard pieces which were inside the stove box to hold it steady.  There were perfect for making support beams for the roof. We used those on opposite ends from each other.
Cut some corner braces as shown  from the bottom lid flaps you removed earlier. Tape and or glue them into place as shown.
The roof is taking shape. We used every scape from the box to create the roof.
Now, it looks more like a roof. Lots of tape and Elmer’s glue were used to hold the roof together. We set it aside to allow all of the glue to dry before adding the top pieces.
After allowing all the bracing (roof trusses) to completely dry, glue those top flaps you saved earlier into place as the ‘shingles.’

Decorating Your Trunk or Treat Candy Cottage

Step 1 Wrapping

You have not had fun yet until you have wrapped a stove box with paper!
Wrap the entire box with brown wrapping paper. Don’t wrap tight.  Leave the paper just a little loose around the door to allow for opening.
Cut out the door and window following the previously cut lines. Leave excess paper around the window so you can fold the paper in and tape down the edges to the inside for a finished look.
A basket of ball pit plastic balls

Step 2 Making a candy roof

This was an extremely budget friendly project. The ball pit balls were the most expensive item we purchased. We used about 13 of them. You can find bright pretty colors on Amazon right here. 
a plastic ball cut in half
Cut each ball in half with a sharp tool. You will glue them onto the roof to resemble hard candy after you have covered the roof in decorative paper.
We covered the roof in the brown paper which was then painted white.
Entrance to the Trunk or Treat Candy Cottage

Red and White Whimsical Stripes

Step 3 Decorating the outside of the candy house

The red & white striped corners are wrapping paper tubes. Cut them in half lengthwise. Wrap each piece with your choice of wrapping paper. I had the red and white in my stash. Glue them to the side of the house.

Use construction paper for to create a fake front facing window, flowers, grass, door hinges, door knobs, and hearts.

Door Decorations

The candy canes on the entrance door came from the Dollar Store. Sadly, Christmas decorations are in stores in October.  

The Enter and Exit signs are made with construction paper and hung with yarn from my stash.

We used Elmer’s glue for this project and were quite pleased with the results. Elmer’s helped to keep this project budget friendly.

Candy Cottage sitting in the Trunk or Treat line at the Fall Festival.www.intelligentdomestications.com

Giving out candy at Trunk or Treat event

The Candy Cottage sits perfectly in place behind our little Prius hatchback. My husband sat in back of the car and handed candy through the window as the children came through.

There was a long line the entire time. Most children came through the candy cottage twice. We planned ahead by bringing lots of candy to give out.

Visit our Trunk or Treat Pinterest board for more ideas

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