Menu Plan 25 Including Cubed Steak & Gravy

Menu Plan 25 includes my Cubed Steak and Gravy meal which my hubby is thrilled about. It’s true southern comfort food.

I learned to make Cubed Steak and Gravy when I was much younger and just learning to cook. This is one of those meals you don’t cook often so we look forward to it when it makes the menu plan.


Oven Baked Smothered Cubed Steak served on a bed of rice.Recipe and directions at

It’s been a while since I treated my hubby to Cubed Steak and Gravy so now is the time! This is one of the most popular recipes on the blog. My step by step tutorial recipe is exactly how I’ve always made it. 


Momma's pork chop casserole served. Fine the recipe at

Pork Chop Casserole is an easy one dish dinner for a busy. This is my mother’s recipe. I grew up eating this meal. We will likely have bread with it and that’s all because this is a meat and potatoes stick-to-the-ribs kind of meal.


Grilled Chicken & Black Bean Warm Salad served with corn chips and a dallop of sour

My Grilled Chicken & Black Bean Warm Salad is a rib sticking, flavor packed one dish dinner.


Broccoli Bacon & Raisin Salad. easy ingredients.Recipe at

Broccoli is one of our favorite vegetables and one of the tasty ways we enjoy it is in our Broccoli, Bacon & Raisin Salad.

Thursday 59

Steamed Squash & Onions seasoned with bacon

Steamed Stewed Squash & Onions with Bacon along with some Waffle Iron Cornbread! Yum! It’s not a heavy meal but it’s very satisfying and one of our favorite vegetables to make a meal with.


Broccoli, Yams, Mushrooms, Onions & Chicken Thighs Foil packet dinner are easy to cook and even easier to clean up

Foil packet meals are easy one dish dinners. I want to incorporate broccoli into another meal this week and sweet potatoes are always good so Chicken, Broccoli & Yam Foil Pack Dinner is our Friday night dinner at home.


We have a birthday party to attend on Saturday so Yay, no cooking at our house. Well, truth is that after we enjoy our coffee on the porch Stacy will cook us a nice breakfast, probably bacon and egg sandwiches since we have bacon in the house for several menu items this week.

We’re easing into our fall foods season since we are nearing genuine fall weather! Fall means casseroles, soups and stews which is our favorite kind of meals. I enjoy fall food more than summer food, do you?


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