Find The Differences Beach Brain Teaser

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Find The Differences puzzles are one of my favorite fun things to do in the comic pages of the newspaper. So much so, I decided to make my own for the fun of it.

Find 10 Differences between the two images. #findthedifferences #brainteaser

Printable link below. Answers at the bottom.

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Find 10 Differences between the two images. Find the differences brain teaser. #findthedifferences #brainteaser


ANSWERS: Top of umbrella, Sunglasses on Towel, Book Bag has whale on it, Ball missing by book bag, Ball missing by umbrella,
Ball now by boogie board, Leg is missing, Shadow is smaller, Beach towel has sand on it, Flip Flops are different.

Find 10 Differences between the two images. #findthedifferences #brainteaser

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