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Mini Terracotta Pot Snowman Kids Christmas Craft

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clay pot snowman Christmas ornament hanging on the tree

We always make Kids Christmas Crafts at least once during the holiday season. It’s a family tradition we have been upholding through several generations of kids. This year we are making these adorable Mini Terracotta Pot Snowman Ornaments.

Welcome to Day 4 of the Fourth Annual 12 Days of Christmas Series!

Christmas wreath

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It’s Day 4 and we are sharing Kids Christmas Craft Ideas!

Terracotta clay pot Christmas ornament hanging on the tree

These adorable little Terracotta Pot Snowmen are a quick Kids Christmas Craft using hot glue, paint, felt and those fun little googly eyes. Except for waiting on the paint to dry this craft is pretty quick to make.

Moms, you could easily paint the pots prior to your crafting party and make the process quicker.

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clay pots and googly eyes and other craft supplies


mini clay pots painted white and red felt strips

We will turn the pot upside down to create a cute little snowman craft. I found my terracotta pots at Hobby Lobby in a pack of six for only $1.99 which is about .34 cent each, cheap enough.

Begin by measuring the felt around the rim of the pot and cut slightly longer to create the scarf. The width of the scarf should be almost exactly the width of the rim.

Paint the pot white and allow to dry. 

 Kids Christmas Craft

Cut a small slit in the scarf as shown above. Then loop around and pull one end through the slit to create a round scarf.

Now wrap the scarf around the rim of the pot and straighten. Use a dab of hot glue to hold the scarf into place. Carefully cut little slits in the ends of the felt to create a fringe on your scarf.

Use a dab of hot glue to attach the googly eyes to the front of the pot. 

Kids Christmas Craft

Measure and cut a chenille stick which will serve double duty. It will be a part of the ear warmers as well as the hanger for the tree. Use a little dab of hot glue to attach each end of the chenille stick to the pot. Then glue the pom pom balls onto the ends of the chenille sticks to be the ear warmers. 

Mix and match the chenille sticks and mini pom poms for fun.

a close up look at a Terracotta pot snowman Christmas ornament

Last but not least, let’s give him a nose! Snip the end from an orange toothpick. You know those round party toothpicks. Buy those, they are great to keep in the craft room for lots of little things.

Dab a little hot glue onto the end of the toothpick and stick it into place on your snowman’s face.

One of these snowmen has a nose that pokes straight out and the other has a nose glued down across instead of out. You know how the kids will say to one another “I’m going to make mine like this” and the other will suddenly know they have to do theirs different. Yeah, well either way is fine. 

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a snowman Christmas ornament made from a clay pot and felt with googly eyes

All done. Isn’t he just adorable! Be sure to let the children write their name and the year on the inside with a marker because you will enjoy sharing the memories of making these.

Keep scrolling after you Pin it! There are so many more Kids Christmas Crafts below from my fellow the 12 Days of Christmas crafters!

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  1. What an adorable craft! I love how you used those little pots to make snowmen. I’ve seen those at Dollar Tree. Now I need to go back and pick some up!

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