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Waffle Iron Grilled Tomato & Avocado Sauce Sandwich

Our Waffle Iron Grilled Tomato & Avocado Sauce Sandwich is a new creation thanks to the heat of the summer! Don’t you just love sandwiches in the summer?

Grilled Tomato & Avocado Sauce Sandwich with MozerellaIt is always fun to use a waffle iron in the kitchen, isn’t it?  I can’t remember the last time I actually made waffles in it though! I’ve been plotting using it for sandwiches for quite some time and summer menu planning provided the perfect chance.

Sliced tomatoes on a white place. Sliced avocados on a cutting board. A loaf of bread nearby

Make The Avocado Lime Sauce

You’ll need my Avocado Lime Sauce recipe for these sandwiches, you can grab that here. It’s only 3 ingredients and a few minutes to make using fresh avocados.

So here is how this sandwich recipe came to be. I had made the Avocado Lime Sauce to use on Shrimp Burritos and had plenty left over. Not one to waste, I decided to create a sandwich recipe I could use it on. It was summer and we had tomatoes so the rest as they say is history.

Avocado Lime Sauce with a sprig of Cilantro in the center in a bowl

Slice The Tomatoes

I use a Mandolin to slice the tomatoes really thin and so they will be uniform in size. By using the mandolin I am able to make four sandwiches with one tomato which is perfect.

Tomatoes sliced thin on a white plate

Mozzarella Cheese

Slicing mozzarella cheese is fun, isn’t it. Maybe your grocery Deli has some already sliced. That would be nice.

How To Slice A Mozzarella Cheese Ball

There area couple of ways; use a very good serrated knife and hold the cheese ball gently. Use the dental floss method in which case you still have to be gentle with the cheese ball. 

Mozzarella cheese ball with a Basil leaf

Waffle Iron

Does it annoy you too that the Waffle Iron serves only one purpose and that is to make Waffles which we rarely do. I want to keep my Waffle Iron for those rare occasions but it needs to work harder to earn a space in my cabinet. 

Please tell me what you are cooking in your waffle iron besides waffles. I also make Waffle Iron Corn bread in mine, here is that recipe.

Open Waffle Iron

A grilled tomato, avocado and mozzarella sandwich wrapped in a red and white paper on a white plate

One of the great things about these sandwiches is the super foods used to make them, avocado and tomato not to mention how tasty it is!

Sliced tomatoes and avocado cut open on a plate next to a sandwich grilled in the waffle iron
Waffle Iron Grilled Tomato & Mozzarella with Avocado Lime Sauce Sandwich

We have been enjoying sandwiches all summer and even though BLT’s are a favorite, we wanted an Avocado and Tomato sandwich. I think we have created a winner with this one!

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Waffle Iron Grilled Tomato & Avocado Sauce Sandwich

Waffle Iron Grilled Tomato & Avocado Sauce Sandwich

Yield: 4
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes

Make a sandwich packed with super food flavor and grilled in the waffle iron.


  • Sourdough bread
  • 1 large fresh Tomato sliced thin
  • Fresh Mozzarella sliced
  • 3 Tbsp. melted butter
  • Avocado Lime Sauce (recipe linked in Instructions)


Prepare the recipe for Avocado Lime Sauce and place in the refrigerator. (Recipe here)

Baste the bread with the melted butter.

Cook two slices of bread in the waffle iron until lightly brown.

Pull bread slices apart while still hot to prevent them from sticking together

Spread the inside of the bread with desired amount of Avocado Lime Sauce

Top sauce with sliced tomatoes then mozzarella

Serve and enjoy!


We slice our tomatoes and mozzarella thin, if you prefer thicker slices you may need to buy more of each.

A word of warning about making the sandwich then grilling in the waffle iron, expect the avocado sauce to drip onto the iron and need to be scraped off. That is why we prefer to grill the bread first. Mozzarella does not require melting to be enjoyed.

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  1. What a great idea to use a waffle iron to grill a sandwich! And this sandwich looks good to me, must be the avocado. Yum!
    Blessings, Leigh

  2. I have never used a mandolin before and I don’t have many kitchen gadgets except the usual. But the seasons do cause us to invent new recipes, don’t they? I will have to try making a waffle iron sandwich!!

  3. I rarely use my waffle iron anymore, but I LOVE all things avocado-so I’m definitely going to try your YUMMY sandwich! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. I’m regretting donating my waffle iron a few years ago when I had one of those “get rid of everything you haven’t used in 6 months” moments. I’m craving your sandwich. It looks delicious and has a all of my favorite things.

    One night my daughter said she was going to use my mandolin and I told her to use the safety feature thing to hold the potato into place. She didn’t think she needed it and cut her hand. That’s the last time she’s used my mandolin. I”m always super careful when I use it because, like you, I’m convinced it will cut my hand off.

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