Menu Plan #22

Menu Plan #22 is our first menu for September but the temps are still too hot for fall food just yet.

I sure am looking forward to fall food, aren’t you?


3 Ingredient Party Meatballs are ready in the Crockpot in just a couple of hours. Great party food or served over a bed of rice.

I’m going to toss these 3 Ingredient Meatballs into the Crockpot while I’m getting ready for church and dinner will be ready by the time we get home. I’ll just cook some rice and serve the meatballs over rice. Easy peasy.



Only 7 ingredients in this Meat and Potato Casserole and you can easily personalize the recipe to your family's taste.

This Meat & Potato Casserole recipe has been in our family for many years and has always been a family favorite. It’s only 7 ingredients and can easily be adapted to add additional favorite ingredients. We usually just have rolls with it. I like mine heavy on the pepper.


If you have been reading my menu plans for long, you already know I like to cheat and use a Taco Kit on Taco Tuesday so you know what to expect. My hubby loves those Taco Kits and who am I to rob him of that joy? 


Sloppy Joes and French Fries are an easy weeknight meal

Sloppy Joe’s and Oven Baked Homestyle Fries. I use our favorite brand of canned Sloppy Joe but I make those fries from scratch. 

Thursday 59

Baked Chicken served with succotash on a bed or rice is a nice weeknight dinner idea

Baked Leg Quarters with Succotash served on a bed of rice. 

I season my leg quarters with salt, pepper, sage and paprika. Then I place them in a foil lined pan and bake covered at 350° for about 25 minutes , remove the foil and continue to bake until done. Total cook time is about 35- 45 minutes.


Enjoy a bowl of Crockpot Black Bean Chili topped with shredded cheese and sour cream. Recipe at

My Crockpot Black bean Chili is easy to prepare and delicious. It’s perfect for a quiet Friday night at home. I’ll be sure to make enough so we can have leftovers on Saturday.


Leftover Black Bean Chili from Friday.

Menu Plan #22 at

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