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29 Recipes for Casseroles And One Pan Dinners

This collection of best casserole recipes includes easy casserole recipes with ground beef, simple casseroles like meat and potatoes, family favorites like Pierogi and Meatballs and so much more.

Simple casserole recipes make dinner easier when life gets busy. Casseroles are great comfort food any time of the year.

The List of 29 Recipes for Casseroles

These 29 Recipes for Casseroles and One Pan Dinners include:

Meat and potato casseroles which are the ultimate comfort food,

Casseroles with vegetables which Mom loves to serve the kiddos,

Stick-to-the-ribs Pasta casseroles like Easy Lasagna,

Meat and veggie casseroles in the form of sheet pan meals,

Chicken casserole recipes, beef and pork recipes, and even a super duper popular recipe for made-from-scratch Sloppy Joe’s.

29 Casseroles And One Pan Supper Recipes

Casseroles and One Pan Suppers have been a mainstay for busy cooks for many years. Stews have been around since Ancient times. If you ask me, it is because we all want a short cut in the kitchen but we are not willing to sacrifice flavor in the process.

Save the casserole recipes you like the most, print the recipe card and enjoy easy weeknight meal ideas for years to come at your dinner table.

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Cooking From Scratch

During the Covid shutdown of 2020, it became necessary to practice cooking from scratch. Thankfully at my age (ahem!), I learned to cook from scratch from the beginning of my cooking life. There is such a thing as a ‘cooking life’, right!?

It was later when all of those ready-made mixes hit the market that we liberated ourselves in the kitchen by using these welcome shortcuts.

Cooking During Extended Stay At Home

As I write this I have not personally been inside a grocery store in nearly a month. My husband has gone for us, list in hand to quickly find the basics and get out as fast as possible.

We are surviving in our new normal meaning we do not go to the grocery store on a whim for one or two particular ingredients or because a TV commercial made us want to grill something. Instead, we are planning ahead.

Use A Meal Plan

Sit down with a pen and paper and make a meal plan using what you have on hand. Be creative. You’d be surprised at what we can put together to make a meal if we really need to.

Visit our Meal Planning page for lots of ideas and printable meal plans.

Create your own casserole recipe

Move some things around on your pantry or cabinet shelves and see what may be hiding back there.

Chicken or beef can be cooked in a plethora of different ways in a casserole. There are many ways to make a pan of lasagna using a few or lots of ingredients. It all depends on what you have on hand at the time.

Dried peas and beans are important to keep on hand during times of hardship like our shelter-in-place orders right now. My new goal is to see how long we can make it without going into a grocery store. Those dried peas and beans are going to help us with that. Hoppin John is one of our favorite meals so we are not upset that we are eating it right now!

If you are looking for Casseroles and One Pan Supper recipes we have rounded up 29 from some of our favorite food bloggers. Chicken, Beef, Pork and Sausage recipes included. Some with rice, some with potatoes and some with noodles. Lots of meal ideas. #casseroles #onepansupper #onedishdinner #intellid

Thank you for sharing!

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