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Thanksgiving Turkey Cheese Ball

My Turkey Cheese ball for Thanksgiving is a cheat recipe to make Thanksgiving appetizers more fun.

Thanksgiving Turkey Bacon Cheese Ball

A good appetizer for Thanksgiving is this Turkey Cheeseball with bacon for feathers. It’s stinking adorable and fun to eat on the big day.

Thanksgiving traditionally means the biggest meal of the year here in the great U.S. of A.

Some folks, like my family, have our Thanksgiving dinner ready in the afternoon rather than at noon. That means we need some appetizers to hold the crowd off from grumbling about being hungry.

Enter one of the most popular appetizers of all time, a good cheese ball. But I have made this one super fun for the big day. Leftovers are good with cheese balls too.

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Turkey Cheese ball Ingredients

This is one of those cheat turkey cheese ball recipes so there is no cooking involved. Of course, you can make your own cheese ball if you like.

  • Cheese ball from the produce department
  • 6 thick bacon strips, cooked and drained
  • 1 piece of Candy corn
  • Edible Candy eyes
  • Toothpick
nut covered cheese ball with crackers

Directions for making a Thanksgiving Turkey Cheese Ball with Bacon

Step 1

A classic cheese ball from the grocery store is perfect for this. You can make one if you like but we are cheating in an effort to save time on Thanksgiving.

Begin by inserting the cooked and drained bacon strips into the cheeseball using toothpicks to create the turkey tail feathers.

Step 2

Add the turkey eyes using those fun edible candy eyes. Use a toothpick to scrape the spots where you want the eyes and use a bit of cheese for your glue.


Your turkey will quickly lose its bacon turkey feathers and its face when the crew begins to dig in. I like to make the face sort of towards the top of the cheese ball as if he is looking up at us.

Turkey cheese ball with candy eyes and candy corn nose

Step 3

Finally, place the piece of candy corn onto the front of the cheese ball for the turkey beak. Use a toothpick to scrape some of the nuts away and use the cheese as your glue just as you did with the candy eyes.

Serve and enjoy! It is great for a cheese and cracker turkey platter.

Cheese balls are easier to cut into at room temperature using a small cheese knife.

Cover any leftovers of your Thanksgiving cheese ball with a piece of plastic wrap for storage in a small bowl in the refrigerator.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cheeseball with crackers on a tray

Everything is better with bacon, isn’t it? Now you can make the most fun Thanksgiving appetizer too, a cheese ball that looks like a turkey. Gobble Gobble!

Add this cute turkey cheese ball to your cheese board or appetizer plate for Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect centerpiece and the perfect appetizer for Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving day is such a fun day with parades to watch, family to enjoy and a big meal to share. Your cheese ball turkey is the perfect Thanksgiving appetizer.

What To Serve With A Cheese ball

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