9 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

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Do you enjoy looking for Christmas tree decorating ideas? Browse these gorgeous Christmas Trees and gather ideas for decorating your own tree.

I am sharing how I decorate the same artificial tree every year to look completely different from the previous year.

There is currently one real tree in this collection and the story behind why we got a real tree that year. Decorating it was a challenge for me.

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Scroll all the way down to read my 9 tips for decorating a Christmas tree. Visit each tree post to get all the details and tips for that tree theme and how I decorated it.

These trees begin with the most recent Christmas and go back in time. Save this post to your Christmas board.

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Candy Cane Themed Christmas Tree decorations.intelligentdomestications.com

1. Candy Cane Theme Christmas Tree

Using many of the same ornaments and decorations from the Elf Christmas Tree, I created the Candy Cane tree theme.

This was a really fun Christmas tree full of whimsy. The mantle decorations match the tree.

I created a completely different topper decoration for this tree. Even though we love the Snowman hat tree topper, I felt like the Candy Cane tree needed something different.

A Christmas tree decorated in bright red and green colors with whimsical Elves

2. Elf Theme Christmas Tree

Our Bright Red & Green Elf Themed Christmas Tree was probably the most fun tree with a specific theme I have done thus far. This was our 2020 tree.

Almost every one of the tree branches is covered with whimsical ornaments.

This Elf Theme Christmas tree really creates a lot of holiday spirit and shows my personal style which is whimsical.

Red and white polka dot ball ornament on a Christmas tree

The decked-out Snowman Hat is one of my favorite Christmas tree toppers.

The tree skirt is two Santa theme blankets I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby.

Red Volkswagen with a Christmas tree on top
A Christmas tree decorated in silver, gold and white ornaments placed in front of a window.

3. Silver and Gold Decorated Christmas Tree

This Silver and Gold Christmas tree color scheme was a challenge for me. It was my first time tackling monochromatic Christmas decorations.

I was determined to create a simple elegant tree using these colors but the challenge was fun.

gold and silver decorated Christmas tree

Gold baubles, silver ornaments, floral stems, and unique ribbons were fun to work with though. The oversized white ornaments are silk poinsettias found at the craft store.

I used a queen-size white fluffy blanket as the tree skirt.

red and gold decorated Christmas tree

4. Festive Red & Gold Christmas Tree

A Red and Gold decorated Christmas tree adds a lot of festive feeling to the room. Burlap ribbon adds a natural element to this artificial tree.

The perfect mix of red and gold ornaments creates a festive and beautiful Christmas tree. Christmas balls remind me of my childhood and that is part of the magic of Christmas.

Traditional Red and Gold ornaments decorated Christmas Tree. I decided to make life simple to remind me of Christmas past when we only used glass balls to decorate our Christmas Tree.

This is our upstairs tree which occupies a small space but creates a festive atmosphere in our bonus room.

The whimsical tree skirt was a clearance purchase at CVS many years ago.

tall Christmas tree decorated with red and black ribbons and bows
Plaid theme Christmas tree

5. Plaid Decorated Christmas Tree

This Plaid Decorated Christmas tree shares my love for plaid Christmas decorations without spending money on lots of new ornaments, use ribbons, and bows. Plus, if you enjoy plaid Christmas decorations but don’t really want buffalo plaid, use mixed plaids.

This was my second year decorating a large tree and I do think I made the entire tree look completely different from the previous year. That was my goal.

Ribbons and bows on a Christmas tree
Small scrappy bow for Christmas tree

Go Here to see The Easy Way I Make A Bow

Santa blankets are the skirt.

Those Santa blankets get a lot of use. Once the gifts are under the tree, they disappear.

A tall Christmas tree decorated with red and gold ribbons, bows and ornaments

6. Christmas Tree Decorated with Ribbons and Bows

Our first year using this 9 ft. artificial Christmas tree. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough ornaments to cover the tree. My previous tree was a 6 foot. The answer to the problem is a Christmas tree decorated with ribbons and bows.

The ornaments on this tree are what we call traditional ornaments and are all from our collection through the years.

The next tree is our upstairs Christmas tree from the same year. I call it our Red and Gold ‘Traditional Tree’ which is also completely covered in ribbons and bows.

red and gold ribbon on a Christmas tree

I made so many bows this year and was still vacuuming up glitter in June!

This was the first year I used the clearance find, Santa blankets for a tree skirt.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon and Bows. Red and Gold Christmas Tree decor using ribbons, bows and gold balls #Christmastree

7. Our Traditional Christmas Tree

If you are looking for Christmas tree decorating ideas with ribbon, stop here.

Lots of ribbons is a great way to hide flaws in an artificial tree. It’s also a great way to cover a lot of space without using a whole lot of ornaments.

Red and gold ribbon on a Christmas tree

All of the mixed and matched red and gold ribbons made a beautiful Christmas tree.

The tree skirt is the same one used in the Red and Gold Christmas tree.

Blue and White Christmas Tree Decor. Royal Blue, White and Silver Christmas Tree Decorations. Trimmed with three garlands and white lights.

8. Blue and White Christmas tree decorations

Our Blue and White Christmas tree is a family favorite Christmas memory. It is also very popular with my readers and Pinterest followers.

It’s an upstairs, bonus room Christmas tree. That is where the guest room is so our daughter and her family enjoyed this elegant blue and white tree on their Christmas visit.

Blue and White  decorated Christmas Tree

A big fluffy white blanket made the tree skirt and it was the perfect touch for the bottom of the tree.

Traditional Red Ornaments and Plaid Ribbon Christmas Tree. 2017 Christmas Tree Blog Hop

9. Traditional Red Ornaments and Plaid Ribbon Christmas Tree

We have been using an artificial tree for many years. It was a 6-foot tree. This year we were excited to be in our new home so we went with a real tree!

FYI, I haven’t done the real tree since this one. It’s much larger than it looks in the photo y’all. It stood 12 ft. tall and really wide.

Christmas tree with colored lights

The small tree we use in the bonus room upstairs is only 6 ft. tall. It’s the one we were using in our old home. I was not accustomed to decorating such a large tree.

The skirt is a way too small buffalo plaid blanket. It was completely hidden once we started adding wrapped gifts under the bottom of the tree though.

2 decorated Christmas trees

9 Tips for Decorating A Christmas Tree

  1. Begin with a theme and yes, Traditional is a theme.
  2. Always take plenty of time to fluff and shape the branches of your artificial tree.
  3. Decorate your Christmas tree in layers.
  4. Lights go on first. It is okay to add more lights to a pre-lit tree.
  5. Hang ornaments with ribbon instead of wire hooks.
  6. Be creative using floral picks from the craft store.
  7. Add a few oversized ornaments to make a bold statement.
  8. Use ornaments that will reflect the lights and place them strategically near a light bulb.
  9. Create layers using garland, ribbon and ornaments.

Fluff the branches, add the lights, then the topper, next add the ribbon, and finally add the ornaments last.

Turn on the lights and enjoy the festive holiday spirit you just created in your home for the holiday season.

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