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12 Family Friendly Party Games

Every good Christmas Party begins with some laughter invoking competitive party games. Nothing like good friendly competition, right?

You don’t have to wait until Christmas to play these great party games. If you get a group of people together, start having some fun no matter the number of guests.

These are not board games y’all. Nothing wrong with a good family board game night but these are party games for the family.

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Scroll through this list and find games you can play in your living room with the whole family.

12 Family Friendly Party Games

There are fun Christmas games included like the Reindeer Antler Game which is a very popular game for groups.

You will find family-friendly games for many occasions. Play these indoor party games for birthday parties and Christmas. Great ideas include indoor games for family gatherings at any time of the year.

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1. Pin The Carrot On the Snowman Game

Pin the Carrot on the snowman game

The original blogger who shared this game seems to have given up the website with the instructions. So I will share that info with you. It’s pretty simple. Play this game for a Christmas party or even a winter birthday party game.

You need: Construction Paper and tape

Cut-out shapes for the hat, lots of orange carrots and a few black buttons.

Tape them to a space on your wall or a door as shown.

How To Play

Blindfold the participant. Spin them around a few times to get them good and disoriented. Let them attempt to Pin the Nose on the Snowman in the correct place.

The winner is whoever gets the closest to the right spot. Younger kids and adults will enjoy this game.

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2. Pink Elephant Slinky Game

Pink elephant slinky game found on youtube

The object of the game is to get your slinky to sit in place on your forehead. Attach the slinky to a wide headband. Perfect game for those with a competitive spirit.

A great game for a large group. Set up teams, and do a relay. See which team wins. Surely someone will inevitably bomb and never live it down.

3. Junk in the Trunk party game

Junk in Your Trunk Ping Pong Game

Junk in the Trunk Game is a great family game. So much laughter as each person swings their hips to try to expel the ping pong balls out of the tissue box.

Get all the game details for Junk in the Trunk Game right here.

Add this one to your family reunion games! You may have also heard it called Twerk Pong.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

A great Icebreaker game to use early in your party. This simple game can also be used in between active games for a chance to sit down and rest while still playing party games.

Needed to play

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • A hard surface for writing would be nice, like clipboards

Hand out a clipboard with a pen and slips of paper to each participant.

Have all of the guests write down three facts about themselves, 2 truths and 1 lie.

Go around the room, one at a time, having each guest read aloud the 3 things they have written down.

One at a time, the remaining guests will guess which fact is the lie. Those who guess the lie correctly achieve 1 point.

Complete the process with one person before moving on to the next person.

The guest with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

5. The Toilet Paper Party Game

A good party game for groups and a nice icebreaker party game.

Need: 1 roll of toilet paper

To do

As guests arrive, have them tear off as many sheets of toilet paper as they may need to play a game. Don’t tell them what the game is about. Just tell them to tear off as many sheets as they think they may need.

How to play

Once everyone has arrived, have them all sit in one room together, preferably facing one another.

Explain the rules of the game. We will go around the room one at a time and tell something about ourselves. However many sheets of toilet paper you have are how many facts you must share about yourself!

Another good idea for an icebreaker game. You are going to hear some of the best stories from those who tore off too much toilet paper.

6. Baby Rattle Game

This is a fun game to play for a baby shower, Christmas party or a group game for family gatherings.


Transfer all the gum balls from one bottle to the other before your opponent. Can be played in teams.


  • 4 clean empty 2 ltr. bottles
  • Duct tape
  • Enough gumballs to fill 2 bottles half full

How to play

Fill 2 bottles half full with gumballs. Place the bottle with gumballs on a table. Tape an empty bottle onto the one with the gumballs at the spout such that the gumballs can be transferred through the 2 spouts.

Repeat the process with the second set of bottles. You will have 2 sets for team competitions.

Have contestants pick up the bottles with the gumball bottle on the bottom. They will turn them over and begin to shake the gumballs into the empty bottle.

Play as a team relay game. The game ends when all members of each team have completed the task.

The winner is the person or team who has transferred all the gumballs first.

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7. Moving On Up Party Game


  • 39 plastic cups all the same color
  • 1 plastic cup in a different color

The object of the game is to be the first one to move all the cups from the bottom of the stack to the top in 60 seconds. Contestants must use alternating hands each time to move the cups up.

Stack all 40 cups into one tall stack. The top cup should be a different color from the rest.

Use fewer cups for family games nights at home. There will always be one person who is determined to beat another family member. They may even sneak around to practice. ~wink

8. Hanky Panky Game

Need: Multiple boxes of tissue (160 per box) depending on how many people will be playing.


In Object of the game is to completely empty a box of 160 tissues before your competitor.

How to play

To accomplish this, you must pull each tissue from the box one at a time until the box is empty. Tissue boxes are filled so that after one tissue is pulled the next one becomes available to pull, keep that pattern running smoothly for the win!

Have a big bag handy to clean up the mess!

9. Reindeer Antler Game

The Reindeer Antler Game is an all-time family favorite party game. Intended as a Christmas party game, but fun to play any time of the year. Imagine two teams playing games for a family reunion. It’s better than relay races!

Yes, those are ladies’ pantyhose on their heads! It’s a hilarious party game.

You can play this game even with a small group. We had less than 12 people to play together and we let the young kids play too.

10. Paper Plate Party Game

Paper Plate party game

The Paper Plate Game is another good sit-down party game. It’s a good party game for groups and an especially fun party game for couples. They will compete with one another!

11. Stack The Tree Game

Stack the Tree game

Stack The Tree Game is a fun way to keep little kids occupied at a family party. Big kids, eh hum, I mean this is an adult party game too. Again, it brings out the competitive spirit in all of us.

Needed: 36 Solo Cups per player. Get two different colors. For small children, you can use 21 cups.

How To Play

Begin with all 36 cups in a single stack. Each player must stack their cups into a tree formation without them falling over. The first player to complete their tree in one minute wins the game.

12. Pom pom Snowballs Snowman Game

Singing Snowman with pom pom snowballs

Make a Pom pom Snowballs Snowman Game and then put it away. Play this family game at home at Christmas and all winter. It will retain the novelty and fun the kids look forward to.

This is a good party game for toddlers or a party game for kindergarteners. Teachers, you can make one for your classroom.

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Use these family game ideas for the Christmas season, Thanksgiving games, a family party, the next family game night, and even birthday party games.

You are going to have so much fun with any of these party games for groups. These are all fun game ideas for your party.

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12 Family Friendly Christmas Party games for all ages. Get ready to laugh! These games are tons of fun for children and adults. Relay Games. Timed games. #familygames #games #partygames #Christmas #Christmasparty #partyideas

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