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No-Churn Ice Cream Chocolate Toffee Flavor

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Homemade Ice cream chocolate swirl being dipped from a pan

No Churn Ice Cream

No Churn Ice Cream is one of those special sweet treats Mom’s come up with to amaze their family with their kitchen skills. We will never tell our secrets, will we! Let them think we have been working hard most of the day to deliver this happy moment.

It’s a make ahead dessert folks! Make it a few days in advance of a special occasion and serve a homemade dessert everyone will love.


  • Cups Heavy Cream
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Vanilla extract
  • Heath English Toffee Bits* (shopping link below,affiliate)
  • Homemade Chocolate Sauce
Ice Cream in a blue bowl with chocolate syrup being poured over from a spoon with chocolate syrup being pou


  • Water
  • White sugar
  • Unsweetened dark cocoa powder
  • Vanilla extract
  • Salt
Close up image of an old fashioned chocolate ice cream soda in a tall glass with whipped cream and a cherry on top and chocolate sprinkles on a white background with a red towel on the counter

Make your Chocolate Syrup first and allow it plenty of time to chill in the refrigerator before beginning to make the no churn ice cream recipe.

Hang onto this chocolate syrup recipe because you can use it on many desserts where drizzled chocolate is desired. We also use it in our Homemade Chocolate Filled Ice Cream Soda.

English Toffee Bits

English Toffee Bits are most often paired with chocolate. We know a good flavor combination when we see one, don’t we.

You can also use them in cookie recipes and as a yummy add-in to your coffee, hot cocoa or latte.

If you have trouble finding the English Toffee Bits at your grocery store, order them online. I have included a link (affiliate) in my Recommended products under the recipe.

sweetened condensed milk in a mixing bowl

Two Key Ingredients

There are two key ingredients for making homemade no churn ice cream; heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk. After those, the flavor combinations are up to you.

A pinch of this, a teaspoon of that and you can make flavors your family loves.

We begin the ice cream by beating the heavy whipping cream with a mixer until light and fluffy. Then we fold in the sweetened condensed milk with vanilla extract added. Download or print the full recipe below.

Ice Cream in a bowl with toffee bits and chocolate and toffee bits drizzled on top
No Churn Chocolate Toffee Ice Cream

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Ice Cream in a bowl with toffee bits and chocolate drizzled on top

No-Churn Chocolate Toffee Ice Cream

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Additional Time: 1 day
Total Time: 1 day 25 minutes


  • ½ Cup water
  • ½ Cup white sugar
  • 1/3 Cup unsweetened dark cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp real vanilla extract
  • 1/8 tsp salt


  • 2 Cups Heavy Cream
  • 1 (14-oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tsp real vanilla extract
  • 1/3 Cup chocolate syrup, chilled, divided (recipe above)
  • 2/3 Cup Heath English Toffee Bits*


  1. To prepare the chocolate syrup, combine the water, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and salt in a small skillet set over medium heat.
  2. Whisk vigorously until the sugar is dissolved and the cocoa powder is thoroughly incorporated into the mixture, approximately 2-3 minutes.
  3. Remove from heat and cool completely. Cover and store in the refrigerator in an airtight container until ready to use.  
  4. Pour heavy whipping cream into a large mixing bowl and beat on high until light and fluffy. Use a spatula while mixing to scrape the sides of the bowl to ensure all of the heavy cream is whipped.
  5. Set aside.
  6. Pour sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract into a large bowl and stir to combine. Lighten the condensed milk by gently folding a small amount of the whipped cream into the bowl. Do not over mix.
  7. Add the rest of the whipped cream and fold into the mixture until thoroughly combined.
  8. Pour half the whipped cream mixture into a 9”x 5” loaf pan and spread into an even layer. Drizzle half the chocolate syrup and spread 1/3 cup of the toffee bits evenly across the top
  9. Spoon the remaining whipped cream mixture on top and spread until smooth. Repeat process described in Step 4 with the remaining chocolate syrup and toffee
  10. Insert a butter knife into the mixture at one end of the loaf pan and pull it back and forth across the length of the pan to incorporate the chocolate and toffee throughout.
  11. Cover with some plastic wrap and gently press across the top to
    remove any air bubbles. Place in the freezer for a minimum of four hours, or
    preferably, overnight.
  12. Remove from freezer 10-15 minutes before serving to soften. To serve, scoop into individual bowls and top with additional chocolate sauce and toffee bits, if
    desired. Enjoy!


Prepare the chocolate syrup in advance to allow adequate time to cool
and chill prior to using in this recipe.

Garnish: Additional Heath Toffee Bits and chocolate

*Can be ordered online or substituted with crushed English toffee.

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