9 Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes To Make At Home

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a collage of chocolate desserts for Valentine's Day

I have been digging through old cookbooks in search of  Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas to make for my family. 

We are usually pretty low key for Valentine’s Day around our house. Of course we have always enjoyed giving gifts and sweet cards to one another. That sort of thing is always nice to do but after so many years, the idea of spending money just to follow tradition isn’t as appealing as it once was. We dine out pretty much anytime we want to. That is one of the benefits of being empty nesters. ~wink 

Here’s how we celebrate Valentine’s Day at home

Keep the meal simple

My hubby and I enjoy cooking together and take pleasure in planning meals for special occasions. A few years ago, we came up with this simple pasta dinner for our Valentine’s meal and have been sort of sticking with it for a while because it is so easy.

Set the mood

It’s fun to create a sweet vibe by doing some simple table decor. I use what I have and try not to buy anything special for the table.

Here are a few of my past Valentine’s tablescapes we have enjoyed.

I do still have these dishes I used for my Vintage Valentine’s Tablescape in my China cabinet. They are special to me.

This tablescape is super old and apparently I was only blogging a few months when I shared it. Wow, oh the memories but I love how I used the old cards that year. Maybe it’s time to do that again.

This is my current favor Valentine’s tablescape I created. I love those flowers and the simple centerpiece with candles. The mood was perfect.

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Serve Dessert

You must serve dessert for Valentine’s. I think that is a rule we all must abide by. Homemade is best which is why I have complied this list of luscious dessert recipes you can make for Valentine’s Day at your house.

Did you notice in my Valentine tablescapes there is always dessert on the table?

Let the drooling begin!

9 Valentine's Day Desserts To Make For Your Family


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