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Frugal Date Night At Home Ideas

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When it comes to date night at home ideas there are many options to choose from, that isn’t the problem. Finding one that we are not tired of doing is more the problem. Then there is always the budget to consider.

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A Couple slow dancing in their kitchen for a date at home event.

It is always fun to create a cozy date night at home for movie watching. Of course, you can just turn on a movie and plop down on the sofa, but it’s more fun to create an atmosphere and set the mood so let’s do it!


The most obvious date night at home is dinner and a movie so let’s do that one first. We have ideas to give this date night at home a little boost to be more fun rather than just sitting in your usual places eating microwave popcorn.

Pick out your movie together. You can watch free movies on TV depending on which subscription service you have. Red Box is still really cheap and can be done either On Demand or at the kiosks.

During the Corona Virus pandemic we discovered that we could rent movies on demand which had been in the theater prior to the shut down. It cost a little more, something like $15 but that is a seriously cheap movie date in the comfort of our living room.


  • One cozy blanket for two like this sherpa one
  • A couple of pillows
  • Finger foods like chicken fingers which are not messy
  • Beverages (chill a couple of fun glasses in the freezer if you have time)
  • Disposable serving ware (no cleaning required)
  • Ottoman or foot stool for two

A tray of finger food  sitting on an ottoman in front of a sofa. The sofa has a cozy blanket, a Red Box movie and a TV remote control on it. There are chilled glasses with cola on the tray along with a candle.

This is a fuss free date night in, so no plates, just finger foods! Disposable paper cups are great for serving chicken tenders. We actually made grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when we had a movie night at home, here are the details of that date.

I even cut a sandwich into bite size pieces and speared them with some pretty plastic red heart picks. 

A few of our date night movie favorites are;  50 First Dates, The Holiday, Dirty Dancing, Grease and Sweet Home Alabama.

A couple cooking a meal together in their kitchen. He is chopping tomatoes while she looks on. Ingredients on the counter suggest they are making homemade spaghetti


Have you both had your eyes on a new recipe idea you want to try? Turn it into a date night event! Cooking at home is significantly cheaper than eating out. It doesn’t have to be fancy y’all. You can make your own pizza if you like! Find fun ideas in this cookbook.


  1. Choose the menu together
  2. Create the grocery shopping list together
  3. Then go buy the ingredients together
  4. Set a pretty table using what you have. (see our Tablescape ideas)
  5. Prepare the meal together
  6. Sit down and enjoy your meal!

Not quite ready for the date to end after the meal? That happens to us a lot so we build a bonfire in the back yard and sit close to one another and just talk. We enjoy using our Solo Stove for bonfires, it’s one of my husband’s favorite toys so he is always happy to fire it up.

A couple sitting in comfortable chairs side by side planning a trip together. They are using a big map and a laptop to look up travel information. Their are in their sock feet sitting comfortably


You will need:
  • Maps
  • Computer, ipad or Smart phone
  • Pen and paper if you like

A few days before your Virtual Vacation

  • Agree on a theme such as beach, mountains, exotic or adventure. 
  • Brainstorm places you would like to visit but never have. Select one.
  • Create a simple menu of finger foods to set the mood
  • Choose a couple of clothing items you would need to make it fun such as wide brim hat, safari jacket, swim suit, hiking boots..you get the picture. 

Poolside resort. Private Curtained sitting areas by the pool with two cushioned lounge chairs


Add some atmosphere to the table using what you have on hand; candles, tiki torches, a blue tablecloth to represent the ocean, toy boats if it’s a cruise, you get the idea.

Fruit cut and styled in the form of tropical palm trees on a white plate

Set the table with a spread of the finger foods you chose. Include your favorite beverage for the occasion.

Go change clothes! Put on the clothing items you selected to set the mood for your virtual vacation idea! Are you going in a swim suit with a pretty cover up and a cute wide brim hat? Will you be wearing hiking boots and a safari jacket? 

Start searching the map and the internet for that location. Having the map makes it more visible and realistic than just looking at the computer screen. This world map is nice to have for such activities.

Use Google Arts & Culture as a search resource. You will find virtual visits in abundance. 

Take a Google Earth tour. You will find 360Β° views from all over the world.

A young couple putting a puzzle together on a small table next to a window


Hang on, don’t keep scrolling just yet! Let’s make this idea a little more fun! Finishing a puzzle gives you a sense of accomplishment and we all love to feel accomplished. It also fosters an opportunity for casual conversation.

Use these tips

The key to quickly finishing a puzzle is to be well organized with the puzzle pieces before you begin.

  • Use a large baking pan with sides to containerize certain colors or shapes. Covering the bottom of the pan with white printer paper helps to be able to see any dark pieces on the dark surface of the pan. You can easily pass the pan to one another for searching and sorting.
  • Sort the pieces by shape and color before you begin
  • Further sort by lining all of the pieces up in neat rows according to shape for each color
  • Sort out all of the edges and begin by putting those together first.

Our favorite brand of puzzles is Ravensburger. This one on Amazon is very popular!

a couple holding hands standing next to a red pick up truck


You do need a truck for this one and a nice night when the weather is great for being outdoors.

Line the bed of the truck with blankets and pillows or an air mattress like this one. You see where I’m going with this already, don’t you. Well, maybe you don’t.

Stargazing is what I have in mind y’all. Hold hands, dream aloud together. Make plans. Reminiscence. The idea is to be home but not in the house. Enjoy your alone time.

Driveway date. A couple sitting in the back seat of a car


This one is a nice idea for couples with children. You may want to wait until you put them to bed or an older child can watch the younger ones.

Nothing complicated with this date night at home idea. Turn your car around in the driveway so it isn’t facing the house. This will help you to not feel anxious about needing to get back inside. 

Sit in the back seat so you can sit closer to one another and just enjoy some quiet time alone. Talk, listen to music, tell jokes to one another or make plans. Just enjoy your alone time outside of the house.

A couple sitting close laughing at something on a cell phone which he is holding in his hand


Here is what my husband and I do to create our laughter date. He opens You Tube on his phone and finds a comedian we both enjoy. We listen and laugh together. It’s one of my favorite things we do together and it is super simple.

Check out Christian comedians;  Mark Lowry and Chonda Pierce on You Tube.

You can tie this idea in with Dinner. So Dinner and Laughs instead of dinner and a movie. We often sit on the swing on our front porch after dinner and listen to comedians and laugh together. You could also use the Laughter Date idea for the truck bed date or the driveway date. It is intentional living when you plan to have a happy time laughing together. 

Date your spouse at home with little or no money. Cheap date night at home ideas are always welcome here. Share  your ideas with us in the comments! Scroll down for a few more date night at home ideas you can use.

Date Night At Home Ideas

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  1. You always have some great movie night ideas! Nothing like tasty and biscuits! I love how you and your hubby always take time to do these things. It’s also great that there is less prep and less clean up. I have not seen that movie but with Red Box you definitely get to enjoy a movie at home without all the fuss.

  2. I love watching a movie with the hubs when we’re having a date night at home. A free movie is even better! I’ll have to add the finger foods you shared because they are all my husband’s faves.

  3. Love this! We normally have our “Family night” on Thursday nights and then a date night on the weekend with just the hubby and myself.
    In the summer we head out to the back yard and roast marshmallows and hot dogs on the fire pit.
    So much fun!

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