Scarecrow Candy Corn Centerpiece

My Scarecrow Candy Corn Centerpiece was created for a Dollar Store Craft Challenge I participated in. It was the craft which inspired me to get in touch with my crafty side. 

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Fall Centerpiece created for the Dollar Store Fall Decor Challenge by Scarecrow Candy Corn Centerpiece

Scarecrow Candy Corn Centerpiece


  • Vase
  • Candy Corn
  • Scarecrow
  • Fall leave bunches
  • Floral Foam
  • Card Stock


  • Ruler
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Sharp knife or box cutter
  • Needle Nose Pliers


Supplies for Dollar Store Challenge. Fall Centerpiece.intelligentdomestications.comThe Supplies pictured were purchased but not all used. I had an idea but wasn’t sure about using a couple of the items I purchased. (I did not use that pretty orange raffia ribbon and bow for this project but you can see some of the raffia in my, Frugal Fall Décor with Mod Podge & Heat Bond project.) I did all of my shopping at the Dollar Tree. 

The total cost of the project was $13.00.  The only item not purchased was the vase and cardstock which were in my stash.

I measured and cut the cardstock to fit inside the vase, affixed it with tape then added the candy corn in the wall.intelligentdomestications.comFirst cut and fit the cardstock into place. I didn’t take the photo until after I had added the candy corn but I wanted you to see the small space left inside.  I measured and cut cardstock from my stash to fit inside of the square vase. It doesn’t look perfect right now but you can’t see this part in the final result.

Place the candy corn between the glass and the

Next, add the candy corn. I simply taped the cardstock into place with a small gap to be able to create a ‘wall’ for the candy corn to fit into. Place the candy corn into the ‘wall’ space all the way around.

Place the floral foam inside the vase and glue the scarecrow base to the foam.intelligentdomestications.comNow, add the floral foam and the scarecrow. I did not glue in the floral foam but you could. Then begin placing the leaf steams and floral picks. I wanted my Scarecrow to look like he was standing in a pile of leaves so I selected mostly leaf picks for this centerpiece.

Use a pair of snips to cut the stems to your desired length.intelligentdomestications.comA pair of needle nose pliers work great for cutting the stems to your desired length.

A foil pie plate works great to hold the hot glue gun.intelligentdomestications.comHow do you store your hot glue gun while in use? I like using a pie pan. My glue gun is probably about 20 years old but it still works!  Do you see that Made in U.S.A. on the handle?!

Glue the loose leaves onto the edge of the vase with hot glue.

Just before finishing adding the leaf stems, I hot glued the loose leaves around the top edge to create a finished look. I decided against using the ribbon you see in this photo. Trial and error will always help you decide.

Scarecrow Candy Corn Centerpiece 2 by

Our brand new Scarecrow Candy Corn Centerpiece has found his way into a pumpkin patch!

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