DIY Tea Cup Sconce Planter

Today I’m excited to be able to share our ‘new’ Tea Cup Sconce Planter!

It was a long time in the making from the time we had the idea until we finally found the perfect tea cups and all the project supplies.

Tea Cup Sconce Planter. Repurposed sconce. #Repurpose #PorchProject.intelligentdomestications.comOur summer projects continue in this household. We are almost completely finished with our Porch Makeover Project! I will be sharing the final reveal next week with Before and After pictures.

But first, you may want to go here to see the Solar Chandelier we created by repurposing a thrift store wagon wheel chandelier. It was a fun project which we continue to enjoy!

While shopping for the chandelier project, we found this beautiful sconce at a local Habitat for Humanity Home Store. We fell in love with it and even though we weren’t in the market for one, we quickly decided to purchase it for the Tea Cup planter we had on our wish list.

Sconce Repurpose project.Before.Stripping the wires and

We only paid $7 for this attractive sconce. My husband, Stacy stripped all the wires from it’s previous life as electric lighting. He also cleaned it which was very easy. We were very happy with the color so we decided not to paint it.

Sconce Repurpose Project.Apply glue,set saucer on and apply pressure.intelligentdomestications.comThe next step was simply to apply glue and place the saucer’s on. We used Gorilla Glue which has some great staying power. It dries white so don’t make a mess!

Sconce Repurpose Project.Apply glue to cup and place onto the sauce with slight pressure.intelligentdomestications.comI found these beautiful cup and saucer sets at Hobby Lobby on clearance! Only $3.40 for each set! I searched high and low in all of my favorite thrift stores but nothing just tugged at my heart strings. It was Stacy’s idea for me to check Hobby Lobby (that man LOVES to shop!).

Let the glue dry overnight before adding dirt and plants.

Tea Cup Outdoor Planter Sconce Repurpose.#PorchProject.intelligentdomestications.comI’m a big fan of Portulaca! I wanted a flower which has a cascading characteristic. Portulaca also will bloom with multiple colors of flowers on one plant but I selected one which is pink only. They tend to open during the day and close at night.

Upcycled Sconce into Tea Cup Sconce Planter.intelligentdomestications.comWe are both very happy with how our Tea Cup Sconce Planter turned out!

Have you been working on summer projects?

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  2. What a cute idea, love the way it turned out! I’ve got to be on the lookout for a pair, they look so lovely with the tea cups. I just love blue and white! Thanks so much for sharing with us!
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  3. I love how “how of the box” this project is. So creative! It’s being featured on this weekend’s That’s Fresh Friday. Thanks so much for sharing it last weekend.

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