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DIY Double Door Dog House

How to build a dog house with double doors for two dogs. Our large dogs loved their new dog house and my husband enjoyed building it for them.
Double door Dog House plans sketch and a picture of the dog houseSometimes you need something that you may have to build yourself like this Double door dog house. Shopping online for a big dog house for two dogs proved to be a bust. We just couldn’t find the right thing for our fur babies. We needed an extra large dog house for our two big dogs.

This is a large dog house for two large dogs and it includes a bar across the inside roof for hanging heat lamps in cold winters so the dogs can stay warm. This is how we made a simple dog house out of wood for two dogs.

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About The Plans for This Double-Door Dog House

These are not detailed plans for how to make a dog house. They don’t include the base or the roof. He used the base from the old dog house which is approximately 38″x 96″.

The plans for the roof are not included but I will give the details so you can build it. When my hubby built this dog house, we were not planning to share it on the blog, that was an afterthought.

Because of the popularity of this extra-large dog house for multiple dogs, I have updated this article to include more step-by-step details. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Leave them in the comment section below. The plans are pretty straightforward. You may require moderate wood-building skills to build this big dog house.


  • 5 sheets of plywood 4 x 8 x 1/2
  • 12 pieces 2 x 4 x 8
  • 1 Roll Roofing Felt like this
  • 2 Packages of Asphalt Shingles
  • 4 angled rafter hangers
  • 4 adjustable angle brackets
  • 1 1/4″ screws
  • 2″ nails
  • Roofing tacks
  • 2 Heat lamps with clamps, like these

Tools Used

A big dog house being built

Where To Locate The Dog House

This location was selected due to the proximity to an exterior outlet perfect for plugging in the heat lamps. It is also located right next to the front porch facing the front of our yard so the dogs can still see the world go by.

This double-door dog house was built in the location where it will stay. It is solid wood and very heavy but a nice place for our fur babies to get out of the weather and stay warm in the winter.

We live in the country and our house sits far back off the road. The dogs don’t have a good view of any other houses or even the road. They like to police the yard for squirrels and any other creatures who have the nerve to invade their territory. If someone did pull up to our gate in a vehicle, their bark is different and we know to check.

A DIY Wood Dog House in the process of being built

The Base of The Double Door Dog House

The base was repurposed from the old dog house. It can be made of 2x4s and plywood. The total size is 38″ by 96″.

Our large dog house is resting on concrete blocks, like these, and was leveled prior to adding the walls because the ground is unlevel in this area.

Notice the overhang on the roof. That was designed into the roof plans for rainy days. It keeps the rain from splashing into the doors so the dogs can stay dry.

When To Install The Heat Lamps In Your Dog House

Prior to adding the front of the dog house, go ahead and install the heat lamps. We used clamp lights like these. They clamp right onto the ridge beam.

Create a hole in the back wall using a round drill bit, like one of these, just large enough to fit the drop cord through. Install screws as shown for securing the cords safely out of the way.

Be certain your heat lamps are high enough so your fur babies do not come in contact with the hot bulb.

Dog house heat lamps clamped on an inside beam
DIY Dog house being built

The Front of The Double Door Dog House

The front is actually in three pieces. You can see the seams at the peak of the entry doors. The front wall was screwed into place rather than nailed in the event that removal was ever necessary for any reason.

A Double Door dog house being built

Front Doors and Inside Divider

Notice on the inside there is a small divider between the two sides. Our boy dogs don’t snuggle with one another. The divider is removable and also optional. We wanted each dog to consider ‘his side’ to be his space and that did happen when they began to use their new sleeping space.

Our old DIY Dog House was the same size. The base for this one was the base for the old dog house. Our old dog house had one door on the front and there was a covered porch. The inside wasn’t as large and our boy dogs would never get inside together. One would stay on the porch, exposed to the elements thus the need for a double-door dog house. For a double-door dog house, we decided to place two doors on the front, one for each big dog.

A front view of a Double Dog House being built
A dog house being built

Building The Roof

Time for the roof panels. The back of the roof is all one entire piece of plywood. The front, however, is two pieces of plywood because that is what we had to work with. The overhang is 9″ to keep rain from getting inside the dog house. 

The roof is built to be detachable. It isn’t nailed to the frame. Because the dog house is solid wood, it’s pretty heavy. If you have a reason to relocate the dog house, removing some of the weight would be helpful and that did happen for us. We eventually sold this home and moved to another city.

The roof is covered with roofing felt, like this, and then asphalt shingles, like these. 

Dog House in the making.10.Find plans and instructions at www.intelligentdomestications.com

Their dog beds are similar to this one which is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and very durable. Our big fur baby boys are getting up in age so they are not quite as playful and never offered to tear up their beds. 

Covering The Door In Cold Weather

After doing a little research we settled on using clear bubble wrap, like this as a door covering during the coldest time in the winter.

We attached the bubble wrap over the door and then cut long, wide slits to allow the dogs to walk in through it. They went right in. We live in the deep south so our winters are not usually brutal. Between their bubble wrap doors and their heat lamps, they enjoyed their dog house in the winter.

Dog House in the making.12.Find plans and instructions at www.intelligentdomestications.com

All done! I’m happy to report that both dogs went right into their new house and curled up in their beds. 

Now their new home needs some paint!

Double Door Dog house with side by side doors
Double-door dog house with side-by-side doors
Pinterest CTA

Free dog house plans for 2 dogs (not detailed plans)

Meet Our Fur Babies

We are proud parents to 2 large mixed-breed dogs, both living outside, and 2 indoor tabby cats.

We lost our sweet Phoebe Lee, our beagle basset mix to Canine Cancer. I wrote about that experience here.  She had a very nice dog house with a covered porch that my husband built many years ago for her outside time but she lived inside with us during her cancer journey. 

Unfortunately, our 2 boy dogs just refused to get in it together and snuggle. Hence, a brand new double dog house was custom-built just for them.


Orbit. He keeps his tennis ball close by at all times. You never know when a game of fetch might break out.

We adopted Orbit out of a box at a shopping center almost 10 years ago now. Just a puppy when he came to live with us,  He is literally the perfect dog. Orbit is a mixed breed which is the very best kind of dog if you ask me.

Six Toe, a mixed breed, is about 12 years old according to the Vet. He suffers from a bacterial skin infection which has cost him a large portion of his hair. Med’s help, but the hair will never grow back. His name is Six Toe because he actually has 6 toes!

He was a stray who took up at our house a few years ago very frail and hungry. He is a sweet boy whose favorite part of the day is mealtime. His appetite is tremendous, especially for his age. After getting a bath, he goes and rolls around in the dirt for a good 15 minutes while we watch and laugh. He turns himself in circles rolling around in the dirt! 

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Pictures of a Double Door Dog House

Update 9/26/2020 to include printable sketches and a supply list.

UPDATE 10/10/19

We bought a new home and moved in the summer of 2017 and this dog house came with us. The fact that the roof came off separately made moving it much easier.

Sixtoe went to live in doggie Heaven in late 2017. He lived a very long, about 17 years, and happy life.

In June of 2019 Orbit left us for doggie heaven. He lived almost 18 people years and we have missed him terribly. In August 2019, we adopted two puppies to fill the void in our hearts.

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Update 12-30-21

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  1. Pets are family, loyal and loving and bring so much joy to our homes. I know how you feel about missing them forever. When asked if animals go to heaven, Pope John Paul said of course there is room in heaven for all gods creatures. I so hope to be able to be with them again.

    PS fun dog house.

  2. My name is Rachel Murphy and I’m a news editor with Care.com. We would like to include this dog house tutorial in a round up of DIY dog house plans for our website. May we have permission to use a photo of the completed dog house in our roundup? This would include a photo credit attributed to Intelligent Domestications as well as a direct link back to this post and the website. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for asking Rachel. Yes, please share with a link back. I just sent you an email. We actually painted the dog house white and I simply must update the pictures!

  3. Approximately how much did this project cost? I love the idea, we have a black lab and a German Shepard/Beagle mix who are outside doggies.

    1. Lacey, thank you so much for stopping by. This project was under $200. The most expensive item was the roofing material. It’s been a while now and we can’t remember exactly but know it was under $200.

  4. Wow can you send your hubby here to build me one too 🙂 It doesn’t get super cold in SoCal, but it does get cold enough where we put the dogs in the garage at night They would love this house to sleep in at night and we wouldn’t have to get up super duper early to let them out.

  5. Looks like a cozy little house to me. Great job to your hubby for building it! I do not have a dog…but there have been talks around here lately about dogs for the kiddos. Not sure if I could handle the extras, yet!

  6. I love your double dog house! Your husband did a great job! And your fur babies are so precious. Max is also an outside dog. His house is the large igloo looking thing, but he loves it. We just installed a wireless fence system and he’s caught on real well!

    1. Thanks, Alli. We actually purchased 2 of the Igloo dog houses. Both of our dogs refused to go inside. That is one of the reasons Stacy made big doors for these boys. They like to keep a close watch on squirrels and rabbits so they need to be able to see. They have the perfect view from their new location.

      1. Our dogs don’t like their Igloo dog houses either. Kind of a waste of money and I only find them in there if it is raining. Otherwise they like to plop down on the dirt or grass.

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