Using Drawers To Organize Game System Accessories

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If those video game controllers and head sets laying all over the place drive you crazy then this information is for you! We are a kindred spirit because I hate it too. This is my solution to organize game system accessories.

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Using drawers to organize game system accessories and supplies. How I organized our game system accessories with drawers on a TV console. #howtoorganize

This week we have been doing drawer organization in our Office, Craft and Living Rooms. I chose to organize game system accessories because that is the problem which drives me crazy in our Bonus room.

We kicked off the first week in the kitchen! I created a Junk Drawer in my Kitchen because we did not have one. Click the picture to see how I did it for free.

How to create a well organized junk drawer for free. How I used boxes to create an organized drawer. #drawerorganization

The Problem

The struggle is real with those game system accessories. If you have game systems in multiple rooms of your home, there could potentially be head sets and controllers taking over the house.

Because we have only been in this home a few months, we had the opportunity to select furniture to suit our needs for the Bonus room upstairs where we had hoped gaming would be banished to.

The Benefit of Drawers on the Console

My criteria for a TV Console for the bonus room was that it had to have drawers for sure because I do not like things sitting out. Do you remember when game system controllers had wires before the marvelous invention of wireless controllers?  

Using drawers to organize game system accessories and supplies. How I organized our game system accessories with drawers on a TV console. #howtoorganize

Plastic Organizer Bins

We already had a few plastic organizer bins tucked away which was great. I made a quick trip to the Dollar store for a few more to fit inside of the two drawers on the TV Console. The drawers are not particularly deep but they just happen to be a perfect fit for the accessories we currently own. 

Batteries are a must to keep on hand. If you have ever had a child in a panic because their controller battery gave out in the middle of a very important game, you know what a real emergency feels like.

Using drawers to organize game system accessories and supplies. How I organized our game system accessories with drawers on a TV console. #howtoorganize

Even though we do not actually own an X-Box, gasp, there are X-Box games kept in our home for the grand children. When all the grands come to visit they always bring several X-Box systems with them and set up in multiple rooms on different TV’s to play against each other. That just cracks me up!

Notice I put the TV remote in the drawer too. I wonder how long it will take them to find it. 

Our college freshman grandson who lives with us has all of his X-Box ‘stuff’ in his room which will be getting organized soon in the bottom of a big TV cabinet. I plan to use a couple of collapsible bins for that purpose.

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Using drawers to organize game system accessories and supplies. How I organized our game system accessories with drawers on a TV console. #howtoorganize

We found our TV Console table at a local warehouse store at a bargain price. It has a bit of an industrial look which my hubby seemed to like. I like the drawers and shelving for bonus room organization. 

That one empty spot on the top shelf is where an X-Box apparently belongs. Thank goodness there is a spot for it! The big basket on the left is full of many cords. They were abandoned after the great move and hubby feels we should hang on to them ‘just in case’.  

Of course when the kids are playing video games, they park themselves front and center on the sofa and immediately begin yelling at the TV. What a hoot!

And to think it all started with Pong which I remember playing well. I have never saved the Princess but I did cross the street safely as a frog and I can beat my husband every time playing Guitar Hero!

The right piece of furniture, drawers and plastic bins are keeping our game system accessories organized!

Next week we will be sharing Drawer organization ideas for Bathrooms. We have two bathrooms with no drawers but I have a solution for that too. Be sure to come back see what I have done.

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Using drawers to organize game system accessories and supplies. How I organized our game system accessories with drawers on a TV console. #howtoorganize

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  1. Wow! I remember the days of game controllers and cords all over the place. Just like your grandkids, my kids come home sometimes and they bring the X-Box with them. It is funny. These are boys in their 20’s. LOL! The organizing looks great. You did a good job and the drawers are definitely a must to hide them.

  2. Our game stuff just lays on top of the cabinet, tv, or DVD player. It’s always such a mess. I like how you organized your drawers. I love using small baskets.

  3. I love organizing my drawers and cabinets like this too. So glad you shared with everyone. Thanks for sharing on To Grandma’s House We Go!

  4. That’s a great idea! I usually just shove everything into the cabinet and close it fast before they all fall out, lol! I’ll definitely have to give this a try! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. This is a great way to keep all of the gaming accessories well organized. I love your tv cabinet. I had to laugh that your husband wants to hang on to extra wires “just in case.” My husband says that about a lot of stuff. I’ve convinced him that all “just in case” items have to be stored in the garage. Those dollar store bins sure do come in handy for quick and easy organizing.

  6. We have a cabinet, but the video stuff never stays inside since the kids use it daily. I wish they would put the stuff on the shelf at least, but that’s wishful thinking…lol. You did an awesome job getting everything so neat inside the drawers and I can dream 🙂

  7. The drawers look great. I also don’t like stuff like that sitting out and you are a super sweet Grandma. I enjoy video games every now and again, but have never fallen in love with them. I love the industrial look of the tv stand.

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