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Closet Organization Made Easy With Rubbermaid HomeFree™ Closet Kits

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Closet Organization Made Easy With Rubbermaid HomeFree™ Closet Kits is a bold statement but I’m going to show you my before and after pictures as well as how easy the system is to install. 

There is something about the onset of winter which turns my thoughts to closet organization. We need to retrieve our coats from the back of our bedroom closet and have them easily accessible. I had my eye on an available closet for winter coat season and the makeover has been on my to-do list for a while. The big walk in closet in my craft room would feel sort of lonely with nothing but a few coats and jackets in there so I had the bright idea to transform it into a craft/coat closet. 


We are empty nesters living in  4 bedroom home and loving every minute of it. Our two girls are grown married and moved away. I have recently been turning an empty bedroom into my crafting and sewing room. As you will see in the before picture below, the closet in there had become a dumping ground for all sorts of odds and ends. Do you have a closet in your own home like that? I hated to even open the door.


It is actually a nice big walk in closet with plenty of storage room when properly organized. It was a brave move for me to show this before picture but since I love and adore my new well organized closet, I’m willing to let you peek inside so you can appreciate the transformation. As you can see, after everything was removed, there is plenty of valuable space for a well organized closet. We removed the shelving on the right. My husband is going to use it in his storage building so Yay, no waste!


We began our closet organization process by going onto the Rubbermaid Storage Planner site and playing around with the designs until we had created one to suit our needs. The Rubbermaid® HomeFree Series™ Closet Kits are for bedrooms and Rubbermaid® FastTrack® is designed for other closets. 

We organized 5 feet of space in our closet, which is actually a bedroom closet so we decided to purchase the Rubbermaid® HomeFree Series™ 3-ft to 6-ft White Adjustable Mount Wire Shelving Kit. See how easy that was. Decision made.


Then, we played around on the Planner site with the accessories options to personalize craft storage organization. We are keeping in mind that should this bedroom closet ever be used solely for clothing again, we will have selected options suitable for that as well. The Telescoping rods and expanding shelves make it quick and easy to reconfigure the closet system at any time. Once we were satisfied with our design, we were able to print our shopping list provided by the Rubbermaid Storage Planner.


List in hand, we headed out to Lowe’s early on Saturday morning to get our project started. Our Lowe’s has a nice selection of kit options as well as accessory options. Because we had our list and were already familiar with all the pieces, it only took a few minutes to select the items we needed.

In addition to the 3-6′ kit, we purchased two Rubbermaid® HomeFree Series™ Beige Canvas Sliding Divided Bin Kits, as well as the Rubbermaid HomeFree White Wire Sliding Tie & Belt Rack which was not on our list but we loved it. I can’t wait for you to see how I’m using it!


Installation is really easy with the Rubbermaid HomeFree Kit. Everything you need is in the kit and best of all there is no cutting!  Simply, measure, mark a straight line using a leveler for accuracy then drill the screw holes. All hardware is provided in the kit which is so nice.


Install the uprights which goes pretty fast. Then add your shelving and clothing rods. The many holes on the uprights will allow you to be able to adjust your shelving, bins or whichever accessory you select, to suit your changing needs.


One of my favorite features of our new closet is the Beige Canvas Sliding Divided Bins. They are versatile for closet organization. I’m using them for craft supplies but they would also be great for socks, underwear, sweaters, scarves or any accessories! The dividers are collapsible so you can configure them different ways. I’d love to put a couple in my master bedroom closet and I know the perfect spot! The drawer kit is complete with the uprights and all the hardware. 


Don’t you just love how I used the Belt and Tie rack! It holds about 16 spools of my thread. The bar pulls out for easy access. I love this little accessory. 

I store my seasonal wreaths on hangers by tying a ribbon around the top. It’s best to keep those inside rather than in an outdoor building where rodents or wasps could ruin them. The larger wreaths are hanging high up out of the way on a closet wall.

Our heavy winter coats are at the end of the closet, easily accessible. We have plenty of clothing rods and shelving in our ‘new’ closet but if we need to make any changes, it will be an easy fix with the versatility of the Rubbermaid kit we installed.

We had our entire closet makeover completed in time for a date night out! That’s how easy the Rubbermaid® HomeFree Series™ Closet Kit is to install.

Head on over to the Rubbermaid Storage Planner and design your closet. It’s fun and easy!


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  1. Wow, it’s so organized! I really need to do this for a few closets in our house. They are getting out of control!

  2. My house is really short on closet space. One closet is well designed, like what you did…the other…ok, that’s the crazy closet. It needs a lot of help with some shelving and such….can you come over?

  3. The Rubbermaid closet organizing products are something and the planner makes it much easier too. I am going to be checking out for sure and I love the idea of using the Canvas Sliding Divided Bins which is defenetly on my Christmas list this year. Thanks for sharing your awesome organized closet.

  4. I read your post early yesterday morning and picked up a kit after work we will get things organized this weekend.

    1. That is awesome Ranesha! Please be sure to share pictures with us over on our FB page! I’d love to see what system you are installing. We LOVE ours and plan to re-do our Linen closet sometime during the holidays with the FastTrack System.

  5. I love the redo or revamp – vamping up of your closet for a sewing and craft room. We had our master closet done with rubbermaid when we moved in and I couldn’t be happier with all the shelves we had put in. I can’t image not having all the space I do!

    1. That was a great idea to have your closets systems installed prior to moving in. We are going to do that should we decide to relocate in the future and use the Rubbermaid HomeFree Series since we love it so much!

    1. Sarah, that Rubbermaid online Storage Planner is so cool. We enjoyed the design process and when we got to Lowe’s, we knew exactly what we wanted and were in and out in minutes!

    1. Jacqui, I’d encourage you to go online and use the Rubbermaid Storage Planner to get ideas of how to redesign your closet to achieve more storage. There are multiple sizes and options to select from.

  6. It looks great, you really maximized your space. We have this same closet system in every closet of our home. Not only are out closets cute but they are neatly organized. One of our best decisions ever. Especially with having small children.

    1. You are so right! We both believe using the Storage Planner made the process stress free. We knew exactly what we wanted and how it should look in our space and were able to achieve that in time for a hot date that night!

  7. I love it! You need to come organize my master bedroom walk-in closet. 🙂 I love how you have a place for the thread. I really love how you’re storing your wreaths too. It all looks so good and neat and organized. I need to check out those kits! You did a great job!

    1. Thank you Alli. We love it too. Now I’m not afraid to open that closet door. I like being able to glance at my common thread colors and know what needs to be on my shopping list and my wreaths are safe indoors rather than in the shed outside.

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