Here’s The Meat Summer Meal Plan #17

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Our Summer Meal plan this week is meaty with grilled pork chops, baked chicken and even a flat iron steak!

SundayGrilled Pork chops with Peach Mango Salsa and Grilled Corn on the cob is what's for supper!

We begin our Summer meal plan this week with grilled pork chops and a yummy fruity salsa. A perfect summer food combination.

We’re having Grilled Pork Chops with Honey Sweet Peach Mango Salsa


CRockpot Smothered Mushroom & Onion Flat Iron

Crockpot Smothered Flat Iron Steak and some California vegetables.


I use ground turkey for the meat and we make this week’s Taco Tuesday night easy with a kit from our favorite brand.


Breakfast for supper! We tend to do this more in the fall and winter but we’ve been in the mood for it lately so, it made the menu this week. We’re going all out by serving Grits, eggs, sausage and biscuits.Thursday 59

Baked Chicken served with succotash on a bed or rice is a nice weeknight dinner idea
Baked Chicken Leg Quarters and Succotash served on a bed or rice

Our Baked Leg Quarters recipe is another easy chicken recipe we love. It’s almost like our easy Crockpot Beef Tips, everyone gets to the table a little early when it’s what’s for dinner! 

When I used to manage a southern cooking restaurant, I learned a lot of kitchen tricks from the cooks. One of those tricks to baking leg quarters was to place a few tiny little bitty pats of butter around the chicken prior to baking. It makes the skin more crispy. Of course, that’s an optional step! You can remove the skin prior to eating but leave it on during the bake time so the chicken won’t be dry.


We’re ordering pizza and planning a date night at home! No cooking!

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SaturdayThere is an unwritten rule that BLT sandwiches must be eaten in two's and should never be made without Duke's mayonnaise

BLT’s are a summer staple at our house. We never get tired of them. Saturday’s are a good day for sandwiches!

Meat Lovers Summer Meal Plan

Our Summer Meal plan  this week includes some especially yummy grilled pork chops smothered with a coffee rub, flat iron steak smothered in the crockpot, ground turkey for Taco Tuesday, Sausage on breakfast night, baked chicken, Bacon for BLT’s and of course there will be some pepperoni on pizza night!

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