My Personal Story of Hearing Loss and How You Can Get A Free Hearing Test

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Let me share my personal story of hearing loss with you and also tell you how you can get a Free Hearing Test

My Dad experienced hearing loss at a later age. That’s what we expect, that hearing loss mostly affects older adults. Hearing loss can affect any age. I didn’t pass my last hearing test a few months ago. My brother is completely deaf. Does it run in our family?  Actually, no. The reasons are all different.

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My brother lost his hearing over time as an adult. He communicates mostly via text and also on a hand held computer tablet. When he comes to visit me, I usually open a Word document on my laptop since I can type so much faster on a keyboard. Before my Mom passed away, we taught her to text so she could talk to him. She was quite the wiz with texting after no time at all. When he comes for Thanksgiving, there is always a crowd gathered around ‘catching up’, one is in charge of all the typing but he can see who is doing the talking. Technology is a wonderful thing, isn’t it!

I have a condition called Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) which has caused my hearing loss. I don’t need hearing aids at this time but can expect to in the future and I’ll be happy to have that assistance when I need it. I remember how happy my Dad was when he started enjoying the benefits of his new hearing aids that very first day! He felt liberated and we were all happy for him and us because now the TV didn’t have to blare so loudly.

Because I know I’ll eventually need hearing aids,  I’m excited about this new technology from Miracle-Ear®, GENIUS 2.0 with Speech isolation! It’s not my Daddy’s hearing aid!

You can have a Free Hearing Test courtesy of Miracle Ear Hearing Centers now. Go here to find a location near you and schedule your free consultation. Hearing exams should really be scheduled as regularly as normal medical check ups. 

Schedule a Free Hearing Test at the Miracle-Ear location nearst you

Miracle-Ear® is now Introducing brand new cutting-edge technology, GENIUS™ 2.0!  – with Speech Isolation.

Hearing should be as easy as possible in a variety of environments. They have combined three key technologies – digital noise reduction, directionality and amplification to achieve that goal.

Unique GENIUS 2.0 Features
GENIUS 2.0 is designed to deliver excellent music fidelity whether listening to music or performing.
Echo Guard stops sound from reflecting off of surfaces such as ceilings and walls in reverberant environments.
GENIUS 2.0 provides an improved listening experience for telephone calls.
The wireless CROS/BiCROS solution is designed for those with unilateral hearing loss. Available in the most popular style, the CROS RIC transmitter is worn on the unaidable ear and wirelessly sends the signal to any GENIUS 2.0 wireless hearing aid on the other ear, allowing the wearer to hear sounds from both sides.

You can learn more about our GENIUS 2.0 technology, schedule an appointment to speak with a Miracle-Ear hearing instrument specialist.

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To learn more about Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid options and schedule a Free Hearing Test, visit their website where you can find the location nearest you.

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  1. I think it’s great that you can get free hearing test! My hubby is unfortunately losing hearing in one of his ears :-/

  2. I think it’s great that they offer a free hearing test. I need to sign up for that and get my own hearing checked.

  3. It’s interesting to hear that you can lose your hearing at any time. I remember taking these in school but none as an adult

  4. I have a slight hearing loss and get it checked out every year. I love this new technology. Everyone should get a hearing test.

  5. Thank you for sharing your story. So powerful! I have stayed consistent on getting my hearing tested every once and a while but having a free option is so great!

  6. My husband has lost most of his hearing in one ear. It sometimes makes life more difficult for sure. It’s been way too long since I’ve had my tested.

  7. I have a neighbor who experienced major hearing loss as a child. I think it’s great that technology keeps improving and can help people who have struggled to hear in the past. Hearing issues affect a lot of people; your mention of tinnitus brought a friend to mind who is currently facing this issue. Hearing tests are very important!

  8. Hearing loss is something that affects a few people in my extended family. I understand how difficult it can be to deal with this issue. A free hearing test sounds like something everyone should take advantage of.

  9. My dad has Tinnitus from his many, many years of farming and construction. The ringing can drive you batty. The Miracle Ear technology is amazing, what a life changer. Thanks for sharing the free testing.

    Life With Lorelai

  10. What a great service to write about, hearing loss happens. I know that I need to get my hearing testing, knowing I can find a way for it free? Perfection.

    1. Oh yes, Sarah, we should have our hearing tested just the same as having our annual check ups. It’s nice to know in advance before hearing loss becomes a problem.

  11. My dad has a great deal of hearing loss and I can say that his quality of life was effected. Ours too, come to think of it, since the TV had to be blasting for him to enjoy it. Soon as he got his hearing aids, all of our quality of lives improved!

    This new technology is amazing, isn’t it!
    Sinea ♥

    1. That loud TV thing is kind of funny and not funny at the same time. Now that my Dad is gone, we enjoy a good laugh at some of the stuff he did. When he finally got the hearing aids, life improved for all of us!

  12. It’s great to hear about all the new technology when it comes to hearing aids. These days, I have to talk a little louder when talking to my dad. He’s 83 and is beginning to experience hearing loss.

    1. We have to do that with my mother-in-law, especially on the phone, but she denies it being a problem. You can’t be a Free hearing test and that will tell the real truth. The technology is amazing these days!

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