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Poinsettia Christmas Wreath Tutorial

How To Make A Poinsettia Christmas Wreath Using Floral Picks

There are oh so many ways to make a wreath. Only one of these is using floral picks like this DIY Poinsettia Christmas wreath I made.


I love this Poinsettia Christmas wreath because the colors are vibrant red and gold. Plus the poinsettia picks are glittery for that bling Christmas feeling.

I used to make wreaths every season, long before I ever became a blogger. Many years ago I took a silk floral design class and made lots and lots of arrangements for family members as well as my own home.

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I became the designated person to create cemetery arrangements in our family. You know those can be so expensive. As a matter of fact, store-bought wreaths and flower arrangements can be very expensive which is why learning to make your own is a good frugal living trick.



There are only a few supplies needed to make our Poinsettia Christmas Wreath.

  • 5 Poinsettia picks (I found these at Hobby Lobby)
  • 5 Gold and Red Ball picks (Hobby Lobby)
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • 12-inch Wreath Form (Dollar Tree)
  • Spray paint
  • Hot Glue Stick
  • Hot Glue Gun

Step 1 Paint

Begin by spray painting the wreath form red and allow it to completely dry. I wanted my wreath form painted because with this particular wreath design, the form will show in places and I didn’t want it to be green.

While the paint is drying, prepare your work surface. These disposable kitchen counter covers are great for working in the craft room too.

Step 2 Add the hanger

Glue the Ribbon for hanging onto the wreath before adding the picks. Make this the top of your wreath which will help to determine the placement of the picks.


Step 3

Measure and cut the stems to fit your wreath form so they don’t poke out the other side after being inserted into the wreath form. This is really a trial-and-error process with the first pick. 


Step 4 Lay out your design

Before you begin adding your picks, place them around the wreath form to get a general idea of how you want them to look.

I did this step in the store which helped me determine how many picks to purchase. I placed a wreath form in my shopping cart and then placed the picks all around it to get an idea of how many I might need.

Step 5 Add the poinsettia

Begin adding the picks but do not hot glue them at this time. 


Continue adding picks all the way around the wreath. I added the hot glue after I was satisfied with the placement of the picks. Just one small dab of glue is sufficient where each pick is inserted into the form.

Don’t be afraid to bend and shape floral picks. As long as you have a hot glue gun, you can fix anything that breaks.

Timing Tip

You can easily have the wreath completed in under 30 minutes if you paint your wreath form the day before so it will be dry. 

I found these gorgeous blingy poinsettia picks at one of my favorite craft stores, Hobby Lobby. The total cost of supplies used was about $25.


With proper care, you can continue to display your beautiful seasonal wreaths year after year. Do not store them in an outdoor building like a storage shed where they will be susceptible to rodents and the heat of the summer.

Ways to store wreaths

One way I have stored wreaths is to hang them on a high wall inside of a closet. I cover the wreath with a plastic bag to protect it from dust.

Another way to store wreaths is on a hanger in a closet on the closet rod, like this.

If you have attic space in your home, you can add a few nails to the high beams in the attic. Hang the wreath on the nails. Always cover your stored wreaths with a plastic bag to protect them from dust.

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  1. Wow!! These are such a great idea!! I am definitely going to have to try and make some of these, they are so beautiful!!

  2. Pointsettias are just lovely. This wreath idea is refreshing instead of strictly greenery. I’ve also seen people use pool noodles if they don’t have a wreath form!

  3. My parent’s new kitten (well, she’s a cat now!) destroyed their wreath last year. I was planning on making her one and this is by the far the prettiest tutorial I’ve seen! It’s absolutely stunning and looks totally do-able! Can’t wait to hit up the craft store! 🙂

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