Menu Plan #52 Easter Leftovers

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Menu Plan #52 means two things to me. We have been sharing menu plans for a solid year now and the perfect timing for that anniversary is Easter leftovers.

Just for fun I thought I’d share our very first Menu Plan from one year ago. I’m being brave because the format has seriously improved since then.

I started these meal plans for several reasons; I wanted to challenge myself to wrangle in overspending at the grocery store and to keep a constant flow of new recipe ideas happening in my kitchen and shared on the blog. My next goal is to be able to write an entire month of menu’s at one time! Can I really plan that far ahead? We shall see.

Creamy Corn Chowder with Potatoes and Ham soup recipe

We have a brand new recipe on the blog for Creamy Corn Chowder with Potatoes & Ham. It’s a great way to use some leftover Easter ham.

The grocery store had 10 lb. bag of potatoes for less than $3 which means I’ve incorporated potatoes into the menu several times this week.

Using leftovers makes this meal a Budget Stretcher.

Budget Stretcher meal planning

Leftover Ham Casserole

I simply call this my Leftover Ham Casserole. 

Stir soup and milk together until well blended. Pour into a casserole dish which has been sprayed. Stir in the pasta and ham slices. Bake, covered at 350° for about 20-25 minutes until heated through. Remove from oven and top with shredded cheese and french fried onions. Return to oven just to melt the cheese. Serve and enjoy!

Budget Stretcher meal planning
Homemade Easy Chicken Marsala recipe

Easy Chicken Marsala served on a bed of homemade mashed potatoes.

Chicken thighs were on sale at the grocery store so I bought a big bag. I’m cooking chicken thighs for this marsala recipe and tomorrow will be searing some for our salad buffet.

The last of the potatoes will be used up tonight. 

Budget Stretcher meal planning
Thursday 59
Salad buffet weeknight dinner

We will be so ready for a different meal and happy to see the leftover ham all gone so we’re planning a Salad buffet. We usually do this fairly often in the summer. I try to keep all the fixins in the cabinet. 

Our buffet consist of  pan seared chicken thighs which I season with salt, pepper, sage and paprika, Chopped boiled eggs, cut up fresh mushrooms, french fried onions topping, dried cranberries, store bought salad mix, and thin sliced Vidalia sweet onions. 

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie recipe

It’s about time for one of those cook once eat twice kind of meals. Because chicken was on sale and we love this dish, Homemade Chicken Pot Pie is our Friday dinner and Saturday lunch.

Menu Plan #52 Easter leftovers

Monday: Creamy Corn Chowder with Potatoes & Ham

Tuesday: Leftover Ham Casserole

Wednesday: Chicken Marsala

Thursday: Salad Buffet

Friday: Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

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Menu Plan #52 Easter leftovers

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