4 Easy Tips To Take Control of Your Litter Box

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My 4 Easy Tips To Take Control of Your Litter Box will improve your litter duty experience considerably. Litter is only one aspect of  litter box duty! 

We live in a cat house! We have two cats and two litter boxes. We have two bathrooms, why shouldn’t they? Do you purchase your preferred brand of toilet paper? We do, so with that in mind, we purchase Heebly and Hoobly’s preferred brand of cat litter, Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze. 

Fresh Step Total Control with the power of febreze clumping litter

Cat owners are a kindred spirit. I don’t think it’s possible for another pet to be as entertaining as cats are. Have you seen any of the funny cat videos? I sort of chuckle to myself just thinking about the one with cats jumping straight up when they see a cucumber on the floor. I’ve got to put cucumbers on my shopping list!

Adoption day. Going Home

Our two cats are brothers. They suckered us into adopting them both by being overtly playful together and sickeningly adorable at the same time.  They won my heart hiding under the seat in the car on the way home.

Hobbs enjoying the fan inside the cabinet

Fast forward a few years and a few pounds. Hobbly thought he could help out when we had a plumbing leak under the kitchen sink recently. He needed to be sure the fan was drying things out properly, I guess!

My assistant keeps a watchful eye

He keeps me company when I’m crafting.

Oh No, I heard a noice

This is his ‘OH NO! I HEARD A NOISE face’, just before he runs to hide.

Hobbs in the laundry basket

Hobbly is certainly the one always getting into things.  Hibernating in the laundry basket is his morning ritual.

Heebly loves his favorite toy

Heebly has gone through three of these toys now! He recognizes  it’s sound the instant we turn it on no matter where he is in the house.

Heebly like to hold hands. He's such a lover

Heebly isn’t the mischievous one. He is very loving and wants to ‘hold hands’ at nap time. 

Hobbly is all tuckered out from a whole day of mischief.intelligentdomestications.com

Sometimes you just have to crash after a full day of playing and getting into things!

They both have each other's back

Though their personalities are very different, they always have each others back.

Along with their differing personalities, Heebly and Hoobly have different bathroom habits.

Heebly has a fear of enclosed spaces so no litter box lids in our home. You don’t want to know how we figured out he was afraid of enclosed spaces.

Hoobly wants a bathroom close enough to avoid having to take too many steps to get there. That’s why we have two litter boxes on opposite ends of the house. I daydream about owning a home with a sun room so I could turn it into a cat haven and take back my house!

They both agree on their preferred litter though,  Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze. No, it does not smell like Febreze, it has the “odor controlling” power of Febreze. The scent is actually Lemongrass citrus for a “fresher” aroma. There is also Borate Technology for superior ammonia control. Those of us who have to scoop the litter appreciate all this awesome technology, right?

We also appreciate the new bag which makes transporting and storing easier.

Find Fresh Step with the power of Febreeze at Sam's Club on the Pet Care isleThe first isle we visit at Sam’s Club is always the pet care isle. With 2 cats and 2 dogs, it’s no wonder, is it? We always find our Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze in stock at Sam’s Club. I’d go get the manager if they were out! That would be a cat-tastrophe! 

The Sam’s Club May Instant Savings Book  shares $3.50 off at Sam’s Club 5/11-6/5. You do not need the book or a coupon. This offer, like all sale prices, is already loaded onto your member card. You can find the sale at samsclub.com or pick up the Instant Savings Book at the service desk.

We were thrilled to partner with Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze to make a nice donation of $100 to our favorite cat rescue charity! I can’t tell you how excited I was to be able to make that phone call, meet the volunteers and visit the All About Animals Cat House in Macon, Ga. 

Fresh Step Donation from Intelligentdomestications.com

All About Animals Cat Rescue facility.intelligentdomestications.com

The All About Animals Cat House is the perfect environment for felines waiting to be adopted. Look at their playground! It was a pleasure to meet Adrienne to deliver the check and spend some time visiting the cats waiting to be adopted. Did you know you can donate your Paw Points to help shelters in need?

Now, on to those 4 Easy Tips. First, let me ask you, where do you store your pooper scooper? The thoughts of storing it anywhere except next to the litter box makes me shudder.

DIY Poop Bag & Scoop Holder

This is a super easy upcycle project with only two supplies needed. If you are storing your litter scoop inside the litter box, this could create an aversion for your cat(s).


  • Empty cereal box
  • Decorative Duct tape

Cut a cereal box in half and begin wrapping it in Duct tape

Cut the cereal box in half and begin to wrap the outside with Duct tape. I used a decorative tape with the industrial look since this is going to house the cat litter scoop. 

Continue wrapping with duct tape to cover the outside

Continue wrapping until the entire outside is covered.

Stuff with bags

Stuff the box with plastic bags and place the scoop in the top bag. 

Now, all you have to do is pull the top bag when scooping and continue until you need to refill the bags. 

Take Control of Your Litter Box with These 4 Easy Tips

If your cat has stopped using their litter box, it could be one of these reasons.4 Easy Tips To Take Control of Your Litter Box.intelligentdomestications.com

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  1. That’s awesome Fresh Start Total Cat Litter partner with you and donated money to your favorite pet rescue charity. Thank you for linking up with us at Talented Tuesday Link Party. Btw..your kitties are adorable!! Have a lovely week, Kim

  2. I will have to pass these tips on to my mom. She is always worried her house smells like litter box! And what a cute little cat!

  3. Your cats are adorable! They definitely know how to pose for photos. These are great tips to take control of the litter box. I don’t have a cat, but I will share this with my friends who have cats.

  4. I have always loved cats, but hated litterboxes! Such a pain. You’re right that the more often you scoop the better! Your cats are adorable, I loved the pictures! 🙂

  5. looks like you have some fun company while working around the house. Thanks for the litter tips! I don’t have a cat right now, but when I did the litter box was not my favorite thing.

  6. I do not even want to admit to how many times I’ve watched and laughed hysterically at the video of the cat being scared of the cucumber. Just thinking of it makes me chuckle! What a great idea for hiding the pooper scooper and bags. Upcycle projects are the best!

  7. Both of the kitties are so adorable. I’ve recently caught myself liking cats now. Your bag and litter scoop idea is nice! I wondered why I didn’t do that before. Thank you for the idea! I should try this one soon.

  8. Your kitties are to cute. We have three cats and like yours they each have their own personality. I am in love with your bag and litter scoop storage idea! I am off to make one right now. Why didn’t I think of that?

  9. We have several cats and several litter boxes. They are like children to us and we want the best for them. We do use Fresh Step with the Febreze and we love it and more importantly our cats seem to like it as well.

  10. Your cats are so cute. Love these photos. That’s so wonderful that Fresh Step donated that check. My neighbor is a cat owner, I’m sure she can use your tips listed here.

  11. I like cats, but can not have one because of allergies, but I am so glad that there are easy way for people to clean up their litter box. I have friends who complain about it all the time.

  12. We have had cats for years…and I mean like 38 years!! I just don’t get the issue people have with litter boxes. We have NEVER had an issue. Just CLEAN the box on a regular basis and you are good to go.

  13. That DIY poop bag is great! I always love seeing upcycled projects, especially when they turn out so well. Thanks for posting so many pictures of your super cute cats, too. Cats may have stinky potty… stuff…. but they sure are cute.

  14. I never tire of seeing your adorable cats and I love hearing about their latest antics. You’re right – the average house has at least 2 bathrooms these days – why can’t cats have the same? I have a feeling your little cuties are spoiled rotten. I know they would be if they were my pals. So cute!

  15. My mom is actually adopting a Russian Grey cat this weekend. She has all the supplies, but since we have never owned a cat I will share this link with her. #client

  16. I am a cat mom! We just went down to one cat after we lost our Bella due to kidney failure in November. Our current cat needs a new litter. I’ve always felt that our litter box has been out of control. Now I have some tricks to do that!

  17. What an adorable kitty! I love how they just plunk themselves down to sleep in the oddest places – what makes them comfortable mystifies me!

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