How I’m Growing My Social Media

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Reading Social media growth advice is a lot like trying on swim suits. We hate to do it but it’s necessary. You try on dozens before you find the perfect fit for you! That’s why I’m sharing How I’m Growing My Social Media.

HowI'm GrowingMySocial Media

There are no magic answers. It’s a process which takes time but  you CAN shorten that time with a few well placed tips.

How can you shorten growth time without spending money to promote posts?

It is my desire to keep my money and not pay for social media promotion.  Of course, you will encounter a need from time to time, such as sponsored content, when you may wish to implement the option of paid promotion. It’s not my preferred method to grow my social media though. I’m growing my social media and my blog subscribers through the combined use of content, audience engagement, hashtags, scheduling tools, plug-ins and consistency. 


Write good content and do it often. 

However you schedule your blogging time is relative to your lifestyle.  You need to determine how often you can publish content and stick to a regular schedule. Your subscribers will come to expect that you will show up in their inbox on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or whatever your post schedule may be. 

My goal is to publish three times each week. We all need goals, don’t we?

Audience Engagement

You can’t just post to social media and keep going. You must engage in conversation or interaction with your audience. Clicking like, commenting and sharing other bloggers posts is part of that engagement. 

All social media sites use that nasty “A” word, algorithm which basically means a set of rules has been applied to the way they calculate your use of their site. They want everyone to work and play well with others. 

Three important factors about social media engagement

  1. Don’t drop a link and run
  2. Interact often with your followers and those you follow
  3. Share other blogs content preferably with the 80/20 rule (80% their content and 20% yours)


Hashtags help a lot! Let’s use a blog link up party for example. As part of the Merry Monday Link Up party team, we share content by using our hashtag #merrymonday. You can find our party each week by simply searching our hashtag on any social media. You may even find that we have been sharing your content!

Hashtags are more important on some social media sites than others. 

Hashtags and Instagram go together like peanut butter and jelly! The same goes for Twitter. You should always search the most popular hashtags for your post prior to sharing.

I shared this photo on Instagram to promote a Valentine’s Dollar Store Craft challenge for which I crafted those cute Valentine candy jars. I wanted to promote the hot cocoa bar, my Mod Podge craft and the craft challenge blog hop so you can see the hashtags I used for this photo. 

I click my own hashtags and go ‘like’ photos from others. I also take this time to follow more like minded bloggers which I found through my hashtags.

Utilize Scheduling Tools

I remember when I first learned there was such a thing as scheduling your social media shares! I felt liberated. 

Viraltag is a great scheduling site for your  Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. My Pinterest followers really skyrocketd when I started using Viraltag regularly.

BoardBooster is another marvelous tool for managing just about everything about your Pinterest account. I’ve heard a lot of good things about BoardBooster. I’m still new to it but so far, I am happy. I’m ‘cleaning up’ my boards with the help of BoardBooster after which I plan to schedule Campaigns. 

Other schedule sites include; Hootsuite, Tailwind, CoSchedule, Facebook Scheduling, JustUnfollow, and Buffer.

Plug Ins do the work for you

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins 500 by 500 at

Use plug ins to add Social Media Follow and Share Buttons to your site. Find my 7 Must Have WordPress Plug Ins here.

Make Fabulous images

There should be 3-5 images or graphics in each post. Some posts simply do not require that many images, we get that. In that case, make 2, one for Pinterest and one for other social media shares. Becoming a better photographer is also a process. Don’t let it stress you out, just keep working to get better.

Pic Monkey and Canva are the two photo editing and graphic design resources I use. Both have free options.

Be Consistent

Do not disappear.  If you disappear from time to time or for an extended period of time, expect to lose followers. Scheduling tools will help you to stay present on your social media when in reality you are too busy to be parked in front of a computer. Life throws us all a curve ball from time to time and that is OK. 

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I’m growing my social media through a combination of efforts including

  • regularly posting new content
  • audience engagement
  • hashtags
  • scheduling tools
  • plug-ins

Do the best you can. You will occasionally enjoy a viral post which will cause your social media to experience a sudden growth spurt. I gained hundreds of newsletter subscribers and Facebook followers within days when this post went viral unexpectedly. I knew some of them would leave when they figured out that I don’t write on that topic all the time. The majority of them stayed.

What is your favorite social media site right now?

HowI'm GrowingMySocial Media

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  1. This is a great reminder how little things can make a big difference! Pinned and shared. Thanks for linking up at #OverTheMoon! I hope you will join me at #Wonderful Wednesday. I need to go back at look at the first scheduler you talked about.

  2. I really, really want to get a handle on social media. I’m just not utilizing it like I should. It’s a leaning process that takes time. Thanks for these tips. I will definitely save these so I can refer back to them when I start focusing on social media more. Thanks!

  3. Really useful stuff here thanks! I can’t believe the 80% / 20% sharing rule. I better get sharing and shut my mouth more! #Brillblogposts

  4. Some good tips here.

    I hadn’t thought to use Canva for photo editing as I saw it as mainly for infographics and my blog whilst statty at times doesn’t really lend itself to that. I’ve only just started to explore using free stock images to help add some variety without violating copyright and your post is a good prompt to keep doing that. It only really hits home when you try and ‘pin’ a blog only to get the ‘no images to pin’ message!


  5. Really great advice! I got a bit overwhelmed when I first started blogging ‘properly’ and as soon as I started organising myself and scheduling in posts and tweets, it helped me massively and meant I could step away from the laptop when I needed to without feeling like I was missing out!! 🙂


  6. Great tips! I need to focus on Pinterest, I wish they had a scheduling tool that was free for Pinterest. Definitely need to look into this. Pinning and stumbling. Happy Wednesday!

  7. Wonderful post! Only one of my blogs is on WP, and I feel lucky to be able to use an automatic Twitter poster for that one, as well as Publicize. I find that with my Blogger blogs, my posts automatically shoot onto Google+, and once I go back and use hashtags there it helps a lot. I’m going to try Board Booster 🙂

  8. This post really worked full circle with great tips! I’m pinning for future reference! I’ve heard about the scheduling apps, but I haven’t tried any yet. I’m definitely going to have to do that though. Thank you for sharing!

  9. These are great tips! I’ve been blogging for eight years and still feel like I’m trying to figure it all out sometimes. These tips will definitely help people who are just getting started or feeling stuck! And you’re right, different things work for different people!

    1. It can become overwhelming sometimes, just trying to keep up with the many facets of blogging. I totally understand how we all get off track from time to time. Content is king though. It’s all for naught without the good quality content.

  10. This is fabulous! I love hearing how others make social media work for them. I’m very guilty of inconsistency. I get going on one social media platform and neglect others.

    1. Amanda, I think we all, out of necessity, have to neglect certain social media sites sometimes. I think the best thing to do is focus more attention on those which drive the most traffic to your blog.

    1. Carissa, it’s a process. I’ve only been blogging for just over 2 years. I don’t know if I will ever be able to apply all I’ve learned or even remember it all! Thanks to Pinterest for letting me save all these great thoughts so I can refer back! 🙂

    1. The best thing you can do is to make yourself a schedule and stick with it. You may need to plan to post once or maybe twice a week for a time. I hope you find a few scheduling site that will help you organize your blogging schedule.

  11. You are so correct – it could be so overwhelming! I am doing some of these but I need to be more consistent with others. Also, I need to look into those scheduling sites you mentioned for Pinterest and FB. I have them on my to-do list but have not gotten to them yet. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Zan, I procrastinated for such a long time about using the Scheduling sites. After I finally started using them, I felt liberated AND I saw an increase in traffic on the blog and followers. There isn’t any one magic answer. It takes a combination of efforts. I would encourage you to go ahead and enjoy scheduling sites!

  12. Facebook and Pinterest send the most traffic to my blog. I use Boardbooster, Tailwind and Buffer. I’ve found that connecting with fans on Facebook has really helped my growth. That and sharing great content with big, bright, clear photos. I also think that posting regularly is also a vital key to success.

  13. I am still working on the photography part. I just purchased new lightening to help and next i’m looking to a new camera. I really do need to learn how to use a scheduling system so my post can go live during peek times.

    1. Rebecca, I’m still working on the photography also. I’d really like to take a class, that would probably make a big difference. Scheduling tool really do liberate you!

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