Easy Garden Party Decorations and Favors

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I’m so excited to share my Easy Garden Party Decorations and Favors with you! Because frugal fits my budget, I love a good upcycle project!

Spring invokes an aura of life, color and fresh starts, doesn’t it. Don’t you just want to go outside and share in the glory of it all with your friends and family! Picnics and outdoor social events abound in the spring. 

Garden Party Decorations and Favors include Individual Herb plants for your guests to take home.intelligentdomestications.com

We will be having friends and family over to enjoy the first dinner party of the season. I’ve checked the decorations and party favors off my to-do list with these super easy upcycle projects. 

It all started with a routine trip to the grocery store.

Diet Coke Uniquely Mine can be found on the soft drink isle at Kroger.intelligentdomestications.com

While shopping at Kroger recently I saw this display of the Diet Coke It’s Mine bottles. The myriad of colors inspire creativity, don’t they? You just want to plan a party around these beautiful bottles! The ideas immediately begin to flow!

I was really intrigued by these colorful bottles and being the inquisitive person that I am, I headed over to the Coca Cola website to see what these Diet Coke It’s Mine bottles are all about. Coca Cola always has a purpose with a meaning to their new campaigns and I wanted to know about this one. You can go Here  to see what I found.


My first thought was how pretty those bottles would be with a pinwheel twirling in them! I love it, don’t you! The bright spring colors of the bottles and the spinning pinwheels create such a festive atmosphere.

I might add that we enjoyed drinking our bottled Diet Coke It’s Mine in the 12 oz. glass bottles because you can get them really cold in the refrigerator! It was a bonus to be able to upcycle the bottles.

Garden Party Decorations Easy Upcycle project with Diet Coke It's Mine bottes, sand and pinwheeles.intelligentdomestications.com

DIY Herb Garden Party Favors

I love planting a fresh herb garden in the spring. Herbs are so easy to grow! I decided to give all of my garden party guests their own little herb plant for their kitchen window. These are super easy to put together and can be done in advance so you can check the party favors off your to-do list!


  • Empty Diet Coke It’s Mine cans (the number depends on your number of guests)
  • Potting soil
  • Herb plants ( I used Basil and Curl Leaf Parsley)

I tapped into my ‘Uniquely Mine” inner self and felt brave enough to make my very first You Tube ‘talking’ tutorial video! Check it out for the step by step process. 


My garden party decorations and favors inspiration came from a routine trip to Kroger. Have you seen the Diet Coke It’s Mine display at your store? I wonder how you will be inspired to upcycle those festive bottles and cans.

Easy Upcycle DIY Garden Party Decor and Party Favors at intelligentdomestications.com




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Thank you for sharing!

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  1. These are very creative in thrifty decorations for the garden. Looks like an affordable way to spruce up the garden make it look really cool.

  2. This is definitely colorful. It screams spring and summer. I can see myself doing this along with my kids.

  3. I saw those bottles in the store the other day and caught my eye. They are so fabulous. Love your ideas to use them as decor and as party favors!

  4. I love those!! So colorful!! Great idea for a party this spring. I had to pick up some of those coke bottles to use for my vases. Love them!!

  5. I love that you re-purposed these pretty bottles and cans instead of just tossing them! The colorful pinwheels are such a fun touch!

    1. Look on the beverage isle for them Stephanie. They will be in the attractive display as shown in the photo above. I did find them just outside of the beverage isle in one store but they were close by.

  6. Those pinwheel Coke bottles are just adorable. What a great way to give them a second purpose and keep the bottles and cans from going into a landfill.

  7. I have not seen this sisplay in our store yet but will keeep my eyes open. I love the idea of sending guest home with a n useful party favor. Very clever

  8. I love your garden party decorations and I love the Diet Coke Bottles! I still have mine up from last November. Everyone loves them. Those herbs in the cans are awesome! What a way to make a herb garden colorful! Love it!!!

  9. Shirley, These are adorable and would look wonderful for a family BBQ! Thanks for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday! Pinned and tweeted to share.

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