We Changed Our Dry Cat Food, See The Reaction!

We Changed Our Dry Cat Food! The reaction of our cats was a big surprise for us.  Are you like us, looking for a more healthy cat food? 

Cats are so entertaining. In some ways, they are predictable. We already know they are going to exercise their right to be a snob about pretty much everything. We changed their litter, once and they showed us good reasons to never do that again.

I was really glad for the opportunity to accept this sponsored post for Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend because we have been trying to find a more healthy food for our cats. Not just any food, but one they would actually be happy to eat. We trust the Purina brand because they make cat food with ingredients which serve a healthy purpose.

Hobblee sitting in the Amazon prime box.intelligentdomestications.com

Our first bag of Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend arrived really fast from Amazon Prime. Of course I placed the empty box on the floor and Hoblee jumped right in. Our den floor looks like a recycling bin because of the bags and boxes placed there for the cats to play in. 

Heeblee and Hooblee all snuggled up

Heblee and Hoblee are brothers, both 5 years old now.  We had to adopt them both together. There was no way we were going to separate brothers.

Watch their reaction to their new Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula in their You Tube debut video.

The healthy benefits of Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula are all great like 40% more protein and ingredients to promote healthy skin and coat, vision and digestive health too. But the biggest selling point to us is the blend of crunchy kibble and meaty, shredded pieces which you can see in the video they immediately fell in love with.

Which cat food do my cats prefer.intelligentdomestications.com

Their ‘old’ brand of food is on the left. Heblee has his head buried in the nearly empty bowl of  Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula on the right.

Heblee and Hoblee digging in to their new Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend food.intelligentdomestications.com

Will your cats actually eat a healthier food?

Yes, they will if it’s tasty and appealing with that perfect blend of crunch and tender shredded pieces. My cats love it. We were pleasantly surprised!

Hoblee is licking his lips after eating Purina Pro Plan Shredded Chicken.intelligentdomestications.com

Hoblee gives his new food ‘one tongue up’.

What happened when you changed your cat’s dry food?

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  1. I was grouchy tonight so my husband searched ‘dancing cat’ videos and I immediately cheered up. I can see cats dancing over healthy food like this, in fact, I half expected your brothers to get up and cha cha. They’re adorable.

  2. I bet my Oreo would love this food! I’ve got to get her some the next time I’m at the store. I love that it’s purina a name I trust!

  3. Your line “We changed their litter, once and they showed us good reasons to never do that again.” really made me smile. I can just imagine how they showed their displeasure.

    My cats love dried cat food though my eldest (14 years) is beginning to find chewing hard.

  4. Your cats are so cute and fluffy. We don’t have cats, but we did switch to Purina Pro Plan for our dogs. Good stuff and they really like it.

  5. What a sweet cat! I haven’t had too much experience with owning a pet before, but this looks like a great way to treat your cat well! It is important to find a food that works for both the owners and the pets.

  6. This sounds like great food for cats! Our cat is so picky about his food that it’s tough for us to make a switch of any kind. Maybe we’ll have to grab a small bag of this one to try for a bit to see if he’d like it though!

  7. We have been cat-sitting a lot lately so it’s been interesting to see what cat owners eat. We commonly see Purina so that’s a good sign we are on the right track! Your cats are quite the models, must be the food helping their shiny coats!

  8. First, I love the pictures of your cats. My cats run when they see the camera. I have never tried the Purina Pro Plan and will be looking into making the switch. Your cats are certainly enjoying it so I am sure mine would also.

  9. I love that Purina is coming out with pet food that is healthier for cats. I love that your cats loved the new food. I had not seen this cat food before, sounds perfect for any house cat.

  10. First off I am a super cat lover. We had two, but sadly just lost one for kidney failure. But we have one left and she’s pretty awesome. Cats are tricky, they either love or hate food. What a fun reaction! Enjoy those furbabies!

  11. Aww! Love that you kept those two together. We used to have an orange tabby named “Jinx” and your little ones remind me so much of him! How are they responding to the change in cat food? Have you noticed a huge difference in their fur?

  12. I am cracking up laughing at one tongue up. The pictures of them playing are go cute. I remember watching the Purina commercials since I was a little girl. Glad to see they are still a hit.

  13. My cats and dogs will ONLY eat purina. It’s funny after so many years of trying brands they all reached the same verdict and love purina!

  14. They are so adorable! It looks like they really enjoyed their new food, I have heard a lot of good things about Purina but have never used it.

  15. Your cat definitely seems to fall into the “If I fit, I sit” category. My sister’s cats are always climbing into boxes. So important to give your pets good quality food that they like. They seem like happy kitties!

  16. We don’t have cats but I do know Purina has been around forever so I am sure it is good. Your cats look happy.

  17. Your kitties are so handsome! 🙂 I don’t have a cat right now, but I was raised in a cat family (we usually had 3 at a time!) so this is rare for me. We love Purina as a brand, glad your kitties enjoyed the switch!

  18. Our cats really seem to enjoy ProPlan shredded blend. They can be picky, and one of them has some tummy troubles, so we have to be careful what they feed them. So far we have had success with ProPlan.

    1. Oh I’m glad your kitty with tummy troubles is able to enjoy ProPlan. Our cats are in love. I wasn’t sure at first because, well you know how cats can be! But they love it!

  19. Your kitties are so cute! Love the video. We have three cats and have tried different foods for them. I have never tried the pro plan – don’t know why – we feed it to our dog! I think I will have to remedy this. Love seeing how excited your cats are to try this.

    1. Be prepared to switch. I didn’t think our cats would appreciate any changes in their food but now they are ProPlanCats! The shredded blends looks good, I can see why they love it.

  20. We don’t own any cats. But I like your cats reaction to the new food. I like the part where his head is buried eating all the new food and savoring the taste. So glad they are able to get a healthier more nutritious meal.

    1. He stuck his head down in that bowl and didn’t look up. I was pleasantly surprised. I’m still entertaining myself by putting their old food in one side of the dish and the their new Purina Pro Plan in the other. They empty their new food completely and come get me. Lol

  21. What cute cats! They are adorable and I loved seeing their reaction to their new food. I’ve always loved the Purina brand. It’s a brand we can trust for sure. After seeing these pics, I want a cat. 🙂

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