Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Game Free Printable

Are you looking for a fun game for your annual family Christmas party? This Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt will do the trick!

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt Game with Free Printable.www.intelligentdomestications.comWe played this Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt as a prelude to our annual family Christmas party (to get the excitement started early) and it was a big hit! If your family is in any way competitive, there will be lots of excitement!

This is a photo scavenger hunt. No one has to bring back anything. They will be uploading their pictures to a site so a Smart phone is needed.

Christmas post

Needed to play

Smartphone for taking and sending pictures

Social media event page (Facebook or Instagram make it very easy to upload pictures and have an ongoing conversation)

How to Play

We started the game about a week before the actual party.

We created an event page on Facebook where everyone could upload the pictures as they found the items on the list.

I kept track of everyone’s progress myself but they can also see each other’s progress on the event page. (It is entirely possible that a very competitive person will wait and upload all of their pictures at one time!)

Variation: You can make the rules however you wish to suit your crowd. If you want to pick teams and all load up into vehicles and head out to do it all in one night, you can!

Because we did our family scavenger hunt game competition over a week’s time, there were text messages flying, ramping up the competition for the whole week!


If you really want to make it competitive, wait until the day of the party to release a couple of additions to the list so that everyone has to find those items on the way to the party



Tacky Christmas lights

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~Merry Christmas~

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