20 Clever Uses for Your Vacuum Attachments  

20 Clever Uses for Vacuum Cleaner Attachments. Make cleaning your home easier by putting your vacuum attachments to work for you. #cleaningtricks #homecleaninghacks #housecleaning #cleaning
20 Clever Uses for Vacuum Cleaner Attachments. Make cleaning your home easier by putting your vacuum attachments to work for you. #cleaningtricks #homecleaninghacks #housecleaning #cleaning
20 Clever Uses for Vacuum Cleaner Attachments. Make cleaning your home easier by putting your vacuum attachments to work for you. #cleaningtricks #homecleaninghacks #housecleaning #cleaning
20 Clever Uses for Vacuum Cleaner Attachments. Make cleaning your home easier by putting your vacuum attachments to work for you. #cleaningtricks #homecleaninghacks #housecleaning #cleaning
20 Clever Uses for Vacuum Cleaner Attachments. Make cleaning your home easier by putting your vacuum attachments to work for you. #cleaningtricks #homecleaninghacks #housecleaning #cleaning


Be sure to use your extension wand along with the attachment to make baseboard cleaning much easier.

Another trick I use for baseboards is to mop it while mopping the floors especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Printable checklist for Spring cleaning your home
  • Cabinet doors
  • Door thresh holds
  • Window Sills and screens
  • Books
  • Fans
  • Speakers
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Sofa and Chairs
  • Curtains
  • Baseboards
  • Air Vents
  • Sliding door tracks
  • Fireplace hearth
  • Cob webs
  • Kitty litter
  • Refrigerator and Freezer Coils

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  1. I want a clean house this summer as I am having a lot of company coming to visit from out-of-state.

  2. My best cleaning tip would be to keep on top of the messes and don’t wait till it gets too overwhelming!

  3. My biggest cleaning tip is to turn on upbeat music. If the music is slow, we tend work slow. If it’s upbeat and peppy, we tend to follow suit. (At least, I do.)

    I would love to win this vacuum because I always end up with 2nd hand, barely functional vacuums that don’t last long. I’ve recently been laid off from an office job I’ve worked for 15 years and am looking into becoming a housekeeper. My grandma was am independent contractor for many years and I remember going along on her jobs once in awhile. I’ve done a few small jobs lately and each time it reminds me of those days I tagged along with her. I think she would be proud of me for trying to shift careers and following in her footsteps. (It’s silly, I know.) But this vacuum would give me an amazing start to my cleaning arsenal.

  4. We have endured a very troubling and heartbreaking winter that has taken a very emotional and financial toll on our family, we are all Rising Up and pulling together to re-structure our home and our lives.
    God gave us the strength inside ourselves and now we all have to put that strength into action, not only for ourselves individually, but for each other.
    We have lost a-lot but are slowly rebuilding ourselves and our family and making our home Stronger Together one small item at a time! Thank you and Bisell for the chance to possibly have one less need, and one more thing in our home Clean and Comfortable! <3

  5. I love using the attachments to clean my curtains. I often times forget to clean them then the next thing you know you look up and there is a layer of dust caked on! I like to vacuum them every few months to make sure they don’t get gross and it prevents me from having to wash them as much too so less wear and tear on the curtain.

  6. Well my daughter has had hives since saturday. I must keep a clean summer house dur to seasonal allergies. I feel so bad. She is only one. I hope its not our dog. Thank you for the chance. Im sweeping w a broom at the moment cuz of our older hand me down finally bit the dust thk u

  7. Well with 4 kids a dog and a grown man child lol i def have my hands full and a clean house is a must not only to teach my kids how to clean and keep house fro when they are moved out i have a 1 yr old that loves to taste EVERYTHING lol. IM using a broom to sweep my the carpets right now as i had an old dirt devil from the 50s lol plus i miss singing and sweeping (believe me im sure its a sight to see lol) Happy Mother’s Day

  8. “To pick up cat hair, put on a wet rubber dishwashing glove and wipe your hand over surfaces. The hair will stick right to it.”

  9. My house is all stuffy from winter and animal hair is rolling around the floor like tumbleweeds. I want to freshen the house up for summer.

  10. This vacuum sounds amazing. I want a clean house!! I could get around all the grooves and corners with this.

  11. This Vacuum sounds terrific.

    My cleaning tip is to remove everything (clutter) out of the room and only bring in what you need. Have bags/boxes handy to put the things in you no longer want, that go to another room or for just plain trash .

  12. I love the idea for using the attachments to dust the knick knacks! Talk about a time saver! It’s fantastic!

  13. What awesome ideas for using your attachments! My best Spring Cleaning tip is to take it one room at a time when you are doing deep cleaning.

  14. I don’t have this vacuum, but I do use my attachments all the time. I go crazy when people don’t put the attachments back and I can’t find them…lol.

  15. My vacuum is D-e-a-d, dead. 😉 I’m doing an attic to basement, patio to garage clean this spring, so I can pull out everything I never use for a yard sale. I know I’m going to have a dusty, dirty disaster on my hands for a while.

  16. I love using my vacuum to get the dust off the walls and even the lamps. It makes those jobs less tedious and annoying. LOL. This vacuum looks great. We just got a brand new vacuum a few weeks ago too.

  17. We have all tile and hardwood flooring and I feel like no matter how much I sweep, mop, pick-up, I can never combat the amount of dirt and pet hair roaming around. It literally makes me nuts! I need a great vacuum that can be used for tile.

  18. I don’t know what I’d do without a vacuum! those are a lot of clever uses for a vacuum, never knew there could be 20 different uses… love it!

  19. Great ideas for using your vacuum for more than the carpet. I love how your kitty helps inspect your work! LOL Our cats run and jump under the bed comforter every time the vacuum comes out of the closet. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  20. My cleaning tip: Dust with a damp cloth. This grabs the dust and prevents it from flying all around, making a bigger mess. Thanks for the chance.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  21. A decent vaccuum cleaner is essential and something I don’t mind paying a little bit more for. Buying a cheap vaccuum is such a false economy. This sounds like a good one.

  22. Looks like a great vacuum! I am constantly vacuuming, with 6 kids and tons of pets its something I do daily a few times. My favourite cleaning tip would be getting the kids and husband to HELP!! you can never get enough help!

  23. That looks like a nice vacuum! I like your picture frame tip.I would have never thought of that!

  24. My favorite cleaning tip would have to be mixing a little vinegar in with all that I clean with. It really does the job. I clean the house every week but it needs a full clean this summer!

  25. Choosing the correct vacuum is always a big deal for us. My husband loves to vacuum and I am sure he would love something like this for the attachments. Whenever I vacuum I never use the attachments. This sounds really awesome and for under $50 is a real deal!

  26. I want a clean house this summer as my daughter is currently in the “I love putting everything in my mouth” phase.

  27. How smart to use it on your pictures. I feel like when I dust them, I just push the dust into the corners, so I will try this.

  28. This looks like a really good vacuum cleaner! I’m behind on my spring cleaning and need to get with the program. I love that you listed 20 uses for the vacuum. It’s a lot less work on me when I have the right tools for cleaning.

  29. There is an annoying little space between my stove and the countertop which seems to attract crumbs. It use to make me crazy and the only way to clean it was to pull our the stove. But I discovered a new use for my cake tester! The long metal tip fits right down into that crack and I can lift all the crumbs right out!

  30. I really do not have any cleaning tips, as I absolutely despise it. I do it, obviously, as I do not want a messy house, but it’s one of those things that I really dread. Cannot understand one bit how some people absolutely love cleaning. With summer coming (I’m not convinced – it snowed today and supposedly it’s spring :/), I’d love a clean and fresh home, as it’d really help to reduce the allergies. Plus, I have an incredibly hairy dog that seems to shed constantly, so I’m definitely in need of a new vacuum to keep up with all the hair tumbleweeds I’m always chasing after. Thanks so much for the chance to win. Truly appreciate it.

  31. I use vinegar so many things here clean well . plus do not have the harsh chemical sell around . Plus just newspaper too clean glass windows . I am trying too get my place organized clean this summer. Just in case I have company

  32. With a four dog household, I feel like I’m sweeping the floor all the time but they are completely worth it:) As for a cleaning tip it’s helpful to start from top to bottom and for a deep spring clean it’s good to start in one room and then move to the next and not all at one time.

  33. I want a clean house this summer because its so full of dust and cat hair. Expecting some out of town guests and need to clean up

    1. Oh My Goodness, are you describing MY house? The cats are just nice enough to allow us to live here! But my new Bissell PowerForce Helix bagless is already making clean up easier for me.

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