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Unique Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything

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Are you looking for Gifts for men who have everything? Yeah, me too so I created this list to help all of us. Just say no to more shirts and socks!

Unique Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything. Stop buying shirts and give your fella something fun.

Selecting gifts for men can sometimes be difficult. Women, me in particular, enjoy buying nice clothing for our fellas. It’s easy, they always need more clothing items and we like picking out what they are going to wear, right? 

But sometimes we reach a point where he already has pretty much everything. No need to buy another drill, another dress shirt, or any of those common gifts for men. 

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Unique Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything

I have always heard that the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. My husband proves that statement to be true. We used to have a difference of opinion when it came to gift giving. I always wanted to buy those things folks need more than what they want. Giving gifts folks want more than need yields more appreciation and happy faces though. 

Have you ever been ‘the one’ who gave those gifts to your children or grandchildren they laugh about later in life? I have. So let me tell ya about the time I had the bright idea to give my grandson a box full of classic books. It was his 10th birthday and he is 20 now. No one will let me forget but in my defense, there was a video game he wanted under all the books.


Remember those super popular Bacon Flavored Toothpicks from a couple years ago? Well we found a product for men who love Bacon that takes the game to a whole new level!

unique gift for men Beef Jerky Flower bouquet
Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet

Women are not the only ones who deserve a bouquet of flowers! The Manly Man Co. created a bouquet men would appreciate, made of beef jerky! How cool is that for a unique gift idea?

Gifts For Men Who Have Everything


A great deal of research went into the list of 40 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men, in triplicate you might even say. A few of these items were gifted in our family stocking tradition and were a big hit. The Bacon Flavored toothpicks were huge! 

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So of course we do not only have gift ideas for men, we have a few for women too! These 15 gift Ideas for women are all under $50! Think in terms of pampering and letting her know she deserves to be pampered.

15 Gifts Women Really Want for under $50

Here is how we stuff a whole bunch of stockings on a budget. It can be done if you are strategic.

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