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35 Snack Dessert and Drink Recipes Using Bananas

Don’t toss those ripe bananas. You can make more than just Banana Bread with them. Our collection of 35 Recipes Using Bananas is proof of the wide variety of snacks, desserts and beverages you can make with bananas.

Bananas are great as a natural sweetener in many recipes and in some you won’t even need to add additional sugar. The more ripe they are, the sweeter they get.

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35 Snacks Desserts and Beverages You Can Make With Bananas

Overripe bananas are good for more than just making a sweet bread. Scroll this list of 35 delectable recipes made using old bananas to see for yourself.

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Bread Recipes Made With Ripe Bananas

We purposefully left out the Banana Bread recipes in our list because, well you can find lots of those. We wanted to share more ways to use overripe bananas than just bread recipes. HOWEVER, the list would not be complete without at least one or two, right! So keep scrolling for two of our favorite breads using bananas.

Easy Banana Bread Recipe. We call it Banana Nut Bread but you can also call it Cinnamon Banana Nut Bread and it's an easy recipe that you stir with a spoon! #bananarecipe #homemadebread #bananabread

This Easy Banana Bread Recipe can be stirred by hand, no mixer needed. It’s versatile with options in the recipe like using cinnamon and nuts or not.

These homemade from scratch muffins are a good source of fiber for breakfast. No mixer required because they are so easy to mix by hand. This recipe uses fresh ripe bananas and one naturally sweet apple and Only 1/2 cup of sugar. They store well and make a good start to your day with a fiber filled breakfast. #applemuffins #easy #muffins #applerecipe
Apple Banana Oat Nut Muffins

In a hurry to get out the door? Yeah, we get that so I make these Apple Banana Oat Nut Muffins from time to time for a hearty on the go breakfast for my fellas.

Is it breakfast ideas you need right now? Try any of these.

These Low Carb Baked Ham & Egg Muffin Cups can be eaten in your hand. No fork needed.

Our Mini Peach Parfait recipe could easily be adapted for bananas but we love it with fresh ripe peaches in the summer. We put it in a jar and take it to work with us.

We especially love serving this Crescent Roll Sausage Breakfast Casserole when we have overnight guests. Everyone loves it.

Have you ever had that breakfast cup at Chik fil a? The one with eggs, chicken and gravy? We love it so we made our own version in this Chicken and Cheese Eggs Skillet recipe.

Another out the door and hand held hearty breakfast is our Baked Egg & Veggie Muffins.

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