My Summer Den Decor For Under $2

My Summer Den Decor For Under $2 added an especially nice look to our Patriotic den this year.

sofa pillows

I’m sharing my new Patriotic Envelope Pillow Covers I made using thrift store fabric. It was a steal at only $1.50!

I lucked up at one of my favorite thrift stores when I found these red, white, and blue fabric pieces. They were precut into big squares which just happened to be the perfect size to cover my sofa pillows. I don’t know if they were meant to be for quilting, probably so but I used them to make Envelope Pillow Covers for a little summer decor.

Of course one of the least expensive ways to change den decor is changing out your pillows. Go here to see the envelope pillow covers I made last fall using men’s plaid shirts.

Envelope Pillow Covers are not too hard for a beginning sewist to make. If I can do it, you can too. Just hang in there and be proud of yourself.

Step 1

First, get your measurements.

To get measurements from your current pillows, lay the pillow down onto a flat work surface and measure across adding about an inch to each side for seam allowances.

Step 2

The back fabric will be cut into TWO PIECES to create pocket.

Measure one side of the two pieces  about 5 inches larger than the other piece to allow for that overlap.  See bottom right photo. Trim any excess.

Prior to pinning and sewing the front and back pieces together, you will fold over, iron and stitch the hem of the envelope pieces where you will insert the pillow. For a more finished look, you may like to fold it down twice. Be sure to press it flat with the iron prior to sewing.

Now, pin the right sides together. To make it easier, I like to line up both of the back pocket pieces nice and neat and then pin them down smoothing constantly as I go to avoid wrinkles when sewing.

Sew right sides together leaving at least 1/4″ seam.

I always have a companion when I’m sewing. He keeps a watchful eye on the outdoors but occasionally likes to stretch out and touch whatever I’m working on.

After sewing all of the right sides together, press the fabric again and turn right side out.

You may want to press the seams down one more time.

Insert your pillow and you are done!

For under $2, I was able to create a whole new look for our summer den decor by making a pair of Patriotic Envelope Pillow Covers.  

I enjoyed using red, white and blue for summer decor this year. You can visit our God and Country themed Simple Summer Mantle post here. My Patriotic Tablescape was really fun this summer and that post is here.

My Grandma crocheted the afghan many years ago. I don’t usually take it out but thought it would be perfect for our Patriotic den decor this summer.

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Envelope pillow covers tutorial

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  1. These pillows came out great! I never think to look at the fabric area at my local thrift store. It always seems like such a mess, but there may be some ‘gems’ hiding!

  2. That sure is a steal. I love that you can make the covers yourself. I am not good at sewing/stitching but I once tried my hand at a no-sew idea and it went all wrong. Your den looks lovely and cozy with them. BTW: Your site is coming along nicely.

  3. Your Americana pillow covers are beautiful! And I’m loving that they cost less than $2 to make. I’m constantly changing up my pillows on the sofa and I always use pillow covers to change things up each season. They cost way more than this, so I need to actually learn how to use my sewing machine. Great job!

  4. These are just darling! I’m totally fawning over your velvet pumpkins too! I wanted to make some last year but velvet is so expensive. I will have to see if I can find any old velvet shirts. I had many when I was a kid!

  5. What a great idea! I always overlook the fabric section at Thrift stores but looks like you found a steal.

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