Buckner’s Family Restaurant Jackson, Georgia

Make plans now to stop at Buckner’s Family Restaurant in Jackson, Georgia if you’re traveling the I-75 route south of  Atlanta.

Buckner’s Family Restaurant has been around through three generations of family owners. We have been making the 40 minute trip to dine there several times a year for quite a few years now. 


Buckners Family Restaurant in Jackson, Ga. is a fun place to enjoy a nice visit and a good meal with family and friends

The ambiance begins before you enter this famous country style buffet with home cooking served family style. Plan to snap a few family pics in front of Ole Elmer, the giant chicken who greets you at the entrance.

Buckners Family Restaurant has a fun ambience

Upon entering, you’ll be find the wall of fame,  graced with photos of the many celebrities who have visited Buckner’s Family Restaurant through the years.

Buckner's Menu and Pricing

Right next to the wall of fame is everything you want to know including menu and pricing. Take note of the preferential treatment given to cash customers!

Buckners Family Restaurant. You may have to wait in line to be seated. It's a populare place

After paying first, you’ll enter the line waiting on a table. I have seen the lines stretch out the door and into the parking lot! The good news is that the lazy susan tables will seat up to 10 people so the line does move quickly.

Round lazy susan tables

There are three dining rooms, all of which are rather large and adorned with fun wall art and busy with the hustle and bustle of the wait staff. They put the food right in front of you on their lazy susan tables! If your bowl begins to look empty, don’t worry, they will refill it for you.

Lazy-Susan Tables at Buckner's Family Restaurant

The tables are already set up with everything you may need to enjoy a good home cooked meal. The raised center is the lazy susan which holds a pitcher of Sweet Tea, seasonings and sauces as well as napkins, fresh cut scallions, paper trays for the famous Peach Cobbler. That’s where the food will go too!

We generally go with a crowd of friends or family and fill up one or two tables. However on this particular trip there were only three of us. We expected to be seated with strangers and we are fine with that but we actually wound up having a table to ourselves!

Buckner's Famous Fried Chicken

Take a look at the delicious meal you’ll enjoy  beginning with their famous Fried Chicken since that is what people seem to talk about the most. You may even find a the wish bone if you’re lucky!

BBQ Ribs, Brunswick Stew and Barbeque

My personal favorite has always been and continues to be their shredded BBQ. Now Buckner’s is also serving Brunswick stew and Baby Back Ribs!

Yeast Rolls, Slaw, Green Beans and Corn

We ‘put a hurtin’ on that slaw! That’s southern talk for we sure did eat a lot of that slaw! I could easily make a meal of the slaw and BBQ but it would be just be a shame not to at least get a little taste of some of everything else too, wouldn’t it? I wish I could, maybe next time!

Butter beans, Peach Cobbler and Whole New Potatoes at Buckner's Family Restaurant in Jackson, Ga. jpg

Those Baby Lima Beans are just like Momma used to make! The Peach Cobbler is definitely worth looking at from all angles and where can you go for fresh simmered Boiled Potatoes?


Buckner's Famous Peach Cobbler served in their little paper bowls already on the lazy susan table for your convenience

It’s really hard to say what the best part of the meal is at Buckner’s Family RestaurantThere is a good argument going for the Peach Cobbler! It’s something to look forward to, that is for certain. The little paper bowls are on the lazy susan so you can dip yours full or not so full of homemade dessert. That will depend on if you saved room for dessert!

Buckner's Family Restaurant is worth stopping in or even going out of the way to visit. Just south of Atlanta off I-75. You can see them before you get to their exit

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