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Make Your Own Blue & White Pumpkin Candy Dish

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Our new Blue & White Pumpkin Candy Dish was a quick and easy craft using a Dollar store pumpkin. You have seen those Dollar store pumpkins made over a bazillion different ways.

Make your own Pumpkin Candy Dish using a Dollar store Pumpkin and a pretty napkin. Decoupage Pumpkin Candy Dish

It’s great to be able to create frugal Fall decor with the many ideas we can adapt to suit our own home decor preferences. I’m loving my new Blue & White Pumpkin Candy dish because it matches the blue and white decor I keep building into my kitchen and breakfast nook.

We just painted the kitchen yellow and hung blue and white valances in the breakfast nook. I have been adding little touches of blue and white functional decor. It is a process and our new Fall Candy Dish is part of the process for seasonal decor.

Welcome to the September edition of the monthly Pinterest Challenge where a group of talented bloggers get to actually create some of the things we Pin on our Pinterest accounts! It’s one of my favorite things to do as a blogger.

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While browsing pumpkin decor on Pinterest I came across this Pin on a DecoArt board. Inspiration struck and here we go! Theirs are all solid pastel colors which are pretty but I enjoy decoupage with napkins on Dollar store pumpkins!

Let’s meet this month’s Pinterest Challenge hosts!

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Paint the pumpkin first to cover that horrible orange. The pumpkin I used was in my craft stash. It’s one I used to practice painting on years ago. It looks terrible and if it could talk, it would have thanked me for the makeover.

White would be the ideal color to paint it for napkins with a white background but I left it this color because I thought with my napkin choice it would be fine.

How to make a Pumpkin Candy Dish using a Dollar Tree fake pumpkin


Using your sharp craft knife, cut a wide circle around the top. The inside of these pumpkins is hollow so that makes it ideal for using as a candy dish or creating a centerpiece. 

Check your cabinets in the kitchen for small bowl with a lip that you can sit into the opening without it falling through. Ramekins are a good size for these small pumpkins.

Always pull apart the layers in a decorative napkin when using them for decoupage


Decoupage Tip When using pretty napkins, always separate the layers first.

Decoupage is one of my favorite mediums to work with because you can create such beautiful things without needing to be an actual drawing artist. 

More Decoupage Pumpkins 


Working with napkins is a delicate process using Mod Podge.  First off you need to know there is no right or wrong way. Do it however it works best for you. I have torn the napkin, cut the napkin and as with this project applied it in big sections. It all works.

I always like to apply the Mod Podge to the surface and then use the wet brush to smooth the napkin into place. 

Transform a $1 Styrofoam pumpkin into a beautiful Blue & White Fall Candy Dish. Easy tutorial for making your own Pumpkin Candy Dish for Fall decor. #pumpkin #falldecor


Once the napkin has been completely applied and the Mod Podge is dry it is time to add the Jute. I used E6000 to glue the Jute into place in between most of the ridges in the pumpkin. I brought the jute all the way down to the bottom of the pumpkin. 


The last thing I did was to cover all of the Jute on the bottom and create a soft bottom so it wouldn’t scratch the furniture. To achieve this I cut a circle out of a piece of scrap cardboard from a box. Then I cut a piece of white flannel to cover it and glued the flannel to the cardboard.

Then I glued the cardboard to the bottom of the pumpkin for the finishing touch.

It’s a small pumpkin so it won’t hold much candy which is fine too since the more you have the more they eat, right! It is just fun to have for Fall decor leading up to Halloween. 

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How to make a Pumpkin Candy Dish using a Dollar store pumpkin. Easy DIY Fall decor project. Decoupage and a napkin will allow you to create a Fall Candy dish to match your decor. #pumpkin

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Transform a $1 Styrofoam pumpkin into a beautiful Blue & White Fall Candy Dish. Easy tutorial for making your own Pumpkin Candy Dish for Fall decor. #pumpkin #falldecor

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  1. It’s so funny how horrible that orange is! Dollar Tree needs to take a hint from all of us bloggers and just leave them white. I do love using these pumpkins though, yours turned out great

  2. I love that you decorated your dollar store pumpkin with napkins that match your decor, Shirley! The end results is a piece that will work all year long and not just at Halloween! It truly is a lovely piece!

  3. Brilliant idea to make a candy dish with the dollar tree pumpkins. The blue and white pumpkin looks so pretty and the twine is the perfect touch.

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