How To Wear A Watch With Style

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Thanks to Jord Wood Watches for sponsoring this conversation about styling our wardrobe with a watch.

Ladies you are not alone when it comes to styling an outfit. Men enjoy that process as well, especially a well dressed man. That is why selecting accessories like watches is so important.

Tips for buying and wearing a watch with style. #woodwatch #jordwatches

Before you buy a watch for yourself or as a gift for that special someone in your life, take these thoughts into consideration.

You don’t want your gift to wind up on a closet shelf never to be worn because it didn’t match anything in their wardrobe or even worse, it was boring and not fashionable!

Tips for buying and wearing a watch with style. #woodwatch #jordwatches

A few things to consider when selecting a watch.

While your first thought with matching your watch to an outfit may be the strap, you will want to also consider the color of the face of the watch. It’s fabulous that we have more choices now than days of old.

Colored watch faces are very fashionable and attractive. They allow you to go beyond just matching the band to your wardrobe. Fashion conscience folks will certainly collect watches with multiple combinations of bands and face colors. Yes, owning multiple watches is perfectly acceptable. 

Tips for buying and wearing a watch with style. #woodwatch #jordwatches

The deep natural tones of wood watches allow you to achieve fashion etiquette of matching your watch to your shoes and belt.

Wood watch bands are more natural than metal and allow you to make a different more bold fashion statement. 

Tips for buying and wearing a watch with style. #woodwatch #jordwatches

Select a Watch with versatility and style. One of the beauties of wood is the natural blending of dark and light tones in a single piece. Those blended wood tones will match multiple outfits giving you that versatility coupled with style.

You don’t really want to wear a divers watch with the black rubber band and secret code options on the face to your business meetings or formal events. You could however wear the same Jord Wood Watch to an backyard BBQ that you wore to a business meeting earlier.

Tips for buying and wearing a watch with style. #woodwatch #jordwatches

Timepieces are no longer worn for the sole purpose of telling time. They allow you an added touch of fashion to any outfit.

Be dramatic! Wearing a watch allows you the opportunity to stretch out your arm and check the time which is much more fun and dramatic than pulling out a cell phone which doesn’t create a fashion statement at all. 

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Tips for buying and wearing a watch with style. #woodwatch #jordwatches

In the real world, we don’t actually have dozens of watches in our wardrobe in all different styles, colors and metals. That is why affordability paired with versatility are important factors to meld together. 

While Jord Wood Watches are priced well for the fabulous quality, I am thrilled to be able to offer you a chance for $100 off the price right now! It’s a perfect opportunity for gift giving! Everyone who enters will automatically receive 10% off!

I have gifted a Jord Wood Watch to my husband and one to my son-in-law. They both love their Jord and enjoy wearing it. We have always been impressed with the quality, craftsmanship and style. This year I will be gifting one to another fashion conscience male in my family who has expressed admiration for the other two. Follow me on Instagram where I will be sure to share when the time is right in late December!

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Tips for buying and wearing a watch with style. #woodwatch #jordwatches

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