Thanksgiving Plan Ahead Week In Review

Stress Less This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is now only 13 short days away! So much fun and excitement is in the air! We have been sharing with you a Stress Less Thanksgiving Plan with free printable check lists and recipes. Check out our Free Printable Planning Guide pages (links below) which you can assemble into a notebook like the one we featured here. There are individual printable pages for a blank Menu plan, shopping lists, November calendar with note space, master checklist and more.

Stress Less Thanksgiving Free Printable Planning Guide

Stress Less Thanksgiving Free Printable Planning Guide Part II

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Boil a whole chicken in a Dutch oven to make broth.
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Buttermilk Cornbread


This week I have gotten my chicken broth cooked and in the freezer for the Cornbread dressing. You can find the recipe for Buttermilk Cornbread and  Cornbread dressing here.  I will simply thaw the cornbread and the broth Wednesday night to make the dressing Thursday morning.

I shared an easy recipe for a hearty cold weather meal in a pot called, Biscuit Dumplings which you can find here.

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Biscuit Dumplings


I also did a trial run on a recipe fellow blogger, Kristen at The Road to Domestication posted during her Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever series. The recipe is for Cranberry Relish. We have always used canned cranberry sauce in my family but don’t you agree this looks delicious and beautiful in the pot! It is very simple and easy to make. Kristen has provided a link to print a beautifully embellished copy of the recipe here. Your house will smell so much like fall while this is cooking!

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Cranberry Relish

My Thanksgiving Planning Guide Notebook has been put together. The November Calendar is already full, a couple of items have been checked off of the shopping list and several make ahead ingredients are thankfully, in the freezer! I hope your week has been productive also! Are you planning ahead for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Planning Guide Notebook
Thanksgiving Planning Guide Notebook








Thank you for sharing!

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  1. I’m really impressed! I only have to help with desserts, bread, and a salad, so not all the responsibility falls on me! I just put things I have to do on my yahoo calendar, and have it email me if I have to remember it. I am not good at keeping slips of paper these days.

    1. You know what they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Whatever works best. It is really nice for families to share all of the cooking responsibilities for Thanksgiving. It would be entirely too much work on one person! My Mom used to do it all though.

  2. We make cranberry applesauce here. One way is to put in an apple or 2 per bag, cook the whole thing, then run it through a foodmill. That is Hubby’s prefered method. I like a texture. SO I will peel and dice the apple, toss it in with the berries to cook, then add nuts! i usually cook it before Thanksgiving, but have a boatload, so it freezes for Christmas!

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